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  1. I agree on counter raiding/stealing raids being solidified as being not allowed
  2. Alright, since you seem sincere, and your only rule break is against me, I'll be ACCEPTING this appeal. Please take this as a lesson learned and dont RDM someone in a sit.
  3. So yea you are right, I was running around using a bind that said "fuck you"to people as mr bones(In a joking manner mind you, and many people were going along with it) and you had autowanted me , so I proceeded to kill you, and then you returned and arrested me after I had killed you. (NLR/RDA) So I brought you and accidentally hit my bind, which I was going to explain until you proceeded to gun me down for it. I was simply going to bring you and ask you why you arrested me after I killed you, but that kinda changed when you killed me lol. I'm down to reduce your ban, but one thing you need to note, is that killing someone in sitland during a sit will always result in a ban unless its a complete accident. I didn't mean to hit the bind in the sit, so I can understand why that might annoy you but that doesn't mean you can kill staff in a sit, but again you didn't even give me a chance to type lol.
  4. this is a solid idea, I think it would make this event more of an actual event not just "hey use ur op shit for a free few bucks and kill this dude" +1
  5. this and a perma opt out option plz, so you dont have to opt out every time
  6. So this report is just becoming a "he said she said" back and forth debate about what happened with 0 evidence to back up said claims, so I'm going to be DENYING this. Feel free to make another report when you have evidence.
  7. Active doesn't mean he wasn't busy with something else
  8. Tickets disappear after 60 seconds. Your sits weren't taken because staff were preoccupied at the time, and your tickets disappeared. It happens man.
  9. Thats all we are asking you to do.
  10. I banned you because 1. You have already been asked many times aswell as been banned already for this. and 2. I was going to bring you to a sit and try to get you to change your name, but coincidentally you left 40ish seconds or so after cock asian male said in ooc "so what about the other cock blue?" "the one with ai" and from that perspective it looked like you had disconnected after seeing that. Your ban will not be increased, and it will only be lowered upon agreement to change your name, and to stop imitating users, and trying to loophole ways around their names.
  11. Suicideblue


    I was gonna say this is why we have terrorist.....but then i remembered.... god i wish i had used terrorist back when sbc's were still useable
  12. Suicideblue

    Isaac Abuse

    Imitating a users name/impersonating a users name especially without their permission isn't allowed and with them having issues with it, and staff having issues with it, you'd kinda think it would come down to common sense that just because something isn't directly in the motd, doesn't mean its okay. Maybe you should have just changed your name, like the user who you were impersonating, and staff were requesting.
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