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  1. Some more revolvers would be nice, honestly.Â
  2. I'll dm you the information, since I don't really feel like posting it publically lol
  3. Oooohh, no, I'm not referring to my hacked account (Previously Abizaga2#1816) But the... actually even older account I only started using again after the fact. I really do appreciate that you guys banned the old account though. It was way too risky keeping that on the server with the hacker in control of it.
  4. Oooohhh sonit WAS because the account got hacked before? Wait phishing links??
  5. So I tried to join off a link sent by Coba and Eagle, but the link said I was banned. I was on not too long ago, left of my own volition, without a word. At least I thought so. If not, I haven't really been actively saying anything ban worthy or really much of anything on there.
  6. Yee. Here's hoping for a successful revival. This gang is vastly important to me, and I entrust you in full with it's revival and plan to keep checking in, albeit as the still largely retired former boss, so I will probably be mostly doing my own thing.
  7. Yoo wos good sucuhcuh the zucuhcuh
  8. Hecc it the mob's forum is still up so we may as well put it to use right?
  9. This is an old thread but the update to the op is relevant to the gang.
  10. Lol trash ass youtube banned the account 😞
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