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  1. So fellas, it finally happened. The AS VAL has been dethroned in the recent weapon rework patch. what weapons will you be switching to now?
  2. I'd trust that man with my god damned life +1
  3. We have a lot of CC weapons on the editor, and it'd be nice to know what weapons are reskins of what. could also help differentiate the non reskin weapons on the editor, too.
  4. I agree with this. There's an open spot at the fountain where three other npc's (postman, CC editor, and RSB buyer) circle around the fountain itself, i feel like he could go in the empty spot thats not taken by an NPC! +1
  5. So today I finally purchased my first CC weapon, the AS VAL, after months of grinding, and it got me thinking: What was the first CC weapons you guys bought and why?
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