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  1. There updated version of it because it sounded like I wasn’t sorry about it or wasn’t trying to make it serious I’m sorry.
  2. STEAM_0:0:244184884 I aint really doin shit this holiday but playing Gmod and TitsRP i believe i should have Supporter since ive been with this server since 2018 and ive been nice and chill with everyone on the server. That is why i belive i should get Supporter.
  3. lmao i made this because i was lookin at Parcel Guys Text And It Mentioned FedTits
  4. Its like cereal the prop isnt big and it doesnt cause any glitch or anything i would love to have it whitelisted so i can put in my house or shops/
  5. I think we should unblacklist the KFC Bucket Prop as it is small and is like the Cereal box the prop is used as a weapon but has a model which is build like the Cereal box it would be nice to have the prop whitelisted so i can put more props in my Base
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