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  1. My comment on scout not having any hipfire spray
  2. ADS doesn't slow you down and multiple other guns in the server shoot straight with no ADS. Lets remove scout sniper cause it shoots straight and doesn't have a spray when hipfiring. Your demeanor is that of a pouty child
  3. This is sometimes a visual glitch, I've seen numerous people have this happen, usually from desync. I've seen some people able to hold guns with cuffs on, but on their screen, they wouldn't have cuffs. This however looks like it's just failing to stop the player
  4. I would like to state before staff jump to conclusions that context means everything. These look really similar to RDM zone logs, minus the jump in timeframe HERE which can be looking in bank, Alt tabbed, etc: and notice the quick succession of kills. if it was truly NLR, wouldn't it of had more time to navigate to where the NLR was being broken outside spawn and locating the players? Also notice the changes in weapons. Warn me if you need to, but I felt this would be overlooked by some staff and it would be too late to bring up later.
  5. Useless post. ANYWAY, I believe this could have pros and cons. PROS: This could allow cops to passively gain income a lot faster, would generally cause them to base together which means tougher PD raids. CONS: Cops could spawn the stuff when they aren't allowed to and logs would get very stressy for staff, cops would never be taxed so that means basing as a cop is now the meta, as well as having the full force of cop mains coming down on you when you try to raid them, as well as return to pd perks being used in that way.
  6. Having fun as staff is a perk for being staff. I miss staff events and stupid shit happening, like jailing a mass rdmer and letting people shame them
  7. <----- Player since 2018, only 5 warns, no valid bans. If you're dumb enough to break the rules, you get the smackdown
  8. Not exclusion, you're still able to comment on his reports and whatnot, just not confirm/deny them for him. It's a simple non-bias method. If my brothers were staff on TitsRP (long stretch) I wouldn't accept nor deny stuff for them as that would look exceptionally bad for me.
  9. That's understandable, but it still does not look good for either staff. Nepotism is almost impossible to avoid in a workplace/job, cause they're your blood, yknow
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