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  1. Once again, staff still not clear on what the rules mean. The absolute state of titsrp staff....
  2. When you demote the Mayor in the Suga Shop, they are currently able to instantly re-become mayor if they run again and people vote. This is not a good thing since if you got a bad mayor in office, his entire little entourage of cop mains will repeatedly vote him back in. There should be a cooldown on when you can run for Mayor after being demoted, either by Suga Shop, or Death. This should be added for balancing.
  3. TitsRP mafia elite are scrounging this post. The only use for bank for the common player is to throw money in it and hope it doesn't get raided. Which it does, so you lose money regardless. Bank really does need a rework. Perhaps there could be a mechanic for Bank manager to randomly select a bank account and "tax" it. Banks do this in real life anyways. He can throw all sorts of fees and whatnot on the account and make money off it. Also I believe that if you're an institution in game where the police are supposed to come defend you or it's failrp, that should mean you can't have illegal ents. Perhaps there should be map cameras that show the inside of the bank vault outside.
  4. Or you know, have a thing to detect illegal ents in the bank, which make it to where police cannot defend bank raids if there are illegal ents inside.
  5. Literally Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V. the absolute state of mods today
  6. How about this, I make a Plugin Vanilla MC and NOT exploit on the server
  7. If you had CC items and left for an extended amount of time, your items get removed and everyone who bought them can get a refund via the CC Editor. If that user comes back on, if they didn't have the money in their account to pay back people, they accrue a debt to the CC editor that they must pay before they can use it again. I would like to suggest that instead of making one large payment all at once, that you can periodically pay your debt off here and there. This would incline players to pay it off sooner rather than later and get back to their CC editing. Example: You owe 67 mil to the CC editor. You pay 5 mil for today, your remaining debt is 62mil. You still can't use the CC editor, but it made a sizeable dent in your debt.
  8. Usually means either an alt of yours got banned (not saying that you do alt), or someone on your IP address got banned from the server.
  9. Sewer

    TitsMC Ideas

    can you fuckin implement an actual server shop so I can spend my hard earned titbucks on something other than towny plots. also fix snowberries and kelp, you can't eat them anymore.
  10. Sewer

    TitsMC Ideas

    Need some chunkloader plugins if possible. But set up a max we can have so people don't make lag machines. Would also like to see automated mining, like Turtles.
  11. Four years yet latest ban is on June 7th, 2019....
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