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  1. This man is a deceiver.
  2. I still have blurr's resignation saved to my google docs, +1
  3. Guys check out this picture of Spiderman
  4. How about both sides of the argument turn off the screen and do some pushups. Yall this is a VIDEO GAME on your COMPUTER. Your arguments are trash on both sides. Shut up and just don't be retarded. Sal preaching like he a Chud Messiah of "bullying builds character" Meanwhile dyln is saying that their playtime on a videogame was traumatic enough that their mental health spiraled. Y'all both bitches and need to get over yourselves
  5. turn off the screen and do some pushups
  6. When I built Peanut Butter's Memorial, I hadn't took into account a text screen for it as this was really the first memorial the server had. I don't play anymore, however it would be a good touch to say who it's for, like how Kotos's is.
  7. um make basing fun and not boring, no 1 bases anymore!! cop r op, make them slower and dummer add a gun that costs $15 fartrp dollars and does 100000 dmaage a bullet but only ccs can have it moar gang perks!!!!! i want a new pet of a naked hot woman to follow me around!! i want stocks to be brought back, it will work this time! add sex swep and prostitute!! erp is good !! let me buy 15 printers, i am bad at raiding these r my suggestions, as u can see, they r very good!
  8. I feel as this would become nitpicked by new staff who will not fully understand the rule, which would lead to needless warns for someone going "/ooc f u whoever killed me!". I believe taunting is fine for the dynamic of the server. This helps create cliques and and make gang wars that more appealing when 2 people on opposing sides are in a headlock with each other. We shouldn't restrict roleplay in that way. This seems a little weird to read. Trespassing is not raiding....yet you get a raid cool down for the base??? It cannot be both ways. If you would like to make a TRESPASSING cooldown for a base, that would be okay, and then trespassing and raiding will be completely seperate. Trespassing cooldown should be at most 5 minutes, as players do randomly walk into people's bases near pd/use them for cover from gunfights. This should be 10 consecutive seconds. So saying a person is loitering for 5 seconds, if they come back in the same life and do it again, they only have 5 seconds remaining of the 10 second loitering time, this is to prevent minges.
  9. Damn how were these acquired ???
  10. It's not a glitch, it's a feature. Punch any spawned prop/entity
  11. stop using an art tablet and start using a wiimote like all the pros you fucking scrub
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