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  1. Sugar literally made them a shared faction in a changelog a while ago..... are you reading this right....
  2. I was meaning if someone comes up with the excuse of stability and stuff, they should probs fix the current issues we have
  3. Toxic and Spams Dislikes forum replies to rep bomb people. -1 as a member of the community.
  4. >inb4 "Muh server stability/framerate >literally log 15 frames at fountain with a NASA Supercomputer
  5. If the man is willing to "oops left those permas out" then he's going to continue performing toxicity in another form. Anyone can say they change and ask for forgiveness and another chance. But if the offense is severe enough, then there should be no chance at all. Gosh shouldn't have been unbanned period due to me stating "No appeals." But that happened anyway and guess where he ended up. Seen too many deserved permas get undone. Don't let this be one of them. -1 As A Member Of The Community.
  6. wait master stalker has a disguise swep since FUCKING WHEN
  7. Ah, okay then. This can be closed.
  8. If the prop is nocollided, that just makes it even more abusable in raids this took place in an active pd raid. this is not building due to this being a swep. Nothing wrong here
  9. Report was placed before the hit FYI. Didn't stop you from marketing it as the quietest swep ever. What about in raids? Bullets can't push it if you're behind it.
  10. This is the REAL size of the bread item, as compared to me and the Spawn of Heck. This should not be allowed. Better picture to show how big it is.
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