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  1. oh, 45 mins ago was a different time
  2. Force Take is a necessary evil. Forces players to not sit on their OP cc all day. Perhaps the Force Take talent should only be restricted to those NOT in your gang, to prevent stack ups like how Silver said. Having your friend forcetake you and then you're good to go for most of the day is broken imo. I will say that Force Take has made me play more jobs other than my CC and I've had quite a bit more fun on those job.
  3. hid post due to new information coming to light? I can't admit I'm wrong?
  4. econ reset problems solved
  5. Something to add, Dyno/One of the bots are able to grant "permaroles" meaning that if you leave and rejoin for whatever reason, you will retain your roles. I think Silver requested that "Chang" be a perma role on him back in 2018 cause he would leave the discord so much. All you gotta do really is remove the role from him and find the command to remove the PermaRole.
  6. IRL grind for in game grind. Sugar even said custom content was a mistake. Changing that now would kill everything. And it's not really you spending $30 and getting 250mil. I have never gotten that much off my custom content and have 3 of em. at most I have probably gotten 50mil over the past year from it and it goes straight back into the server from me buying weapon slots for my CCs. It's not an instantaneous "250mil". It's a trickle. It's not printing money out of the air. It comes from other players who spent time in their base getting their money. It would be the same as me holding like 60 mil worth of leggys that took me 5 minutes to make and you just buy them. The only difference is that I added a third party addon to the server for other people to use if they wish. They're not forced to buy it. They buy it out of their own volition. And you can already inject money into the economy by just buying suga. I think P2W in this aspect is good because you COULD grind in game if you don't have a job nor have any other thing to do in life/no pressing responsibilities. Me however, I have a job and work 5-6 days outta the week and barely have time to grind and process drugs on TitsRP to make a minuscule amount of money, when I could add a model, enrich the server with said model, and also get some cash back from it. Doing the grind IRL for the pay off in game. I can see what you mean about it being bad though, hence why buying T3's for the server was removed. economy so fuckin saturated rn
  7. and run into the same problem. Say he adds 3 buttons on a processor that you have to press to reset the processor so it will print guns again, people would get bored of that too in a week
  8. in the words of sugar himself: "How do you make staring at entities and pressing e fun."
  9. I understand you're passionate about this, but taking digs at people ain't cool. I wouldn't call it an issue, more of an alternative source of income. Some people mainly play CP and earn all their money through that, or just from fishing. It's the player's preference really. People worked hard IRL to pay real money to put a model in, why shouldn't they get some income from it? People have their own preferences of doing things on the server. I just think people shifted their views from basing to doing other stuff cause they realize the raiding/basing dynamic is just not that fun to them anymore. That or they've just been absolutely destroyed by more experienced players basing/raiding that they just don't feel like it's worth going through the effort of getting good, when they can have just as much fun doing other stuff with less hassle.
  10. Why would I want to sit in a base all by myself and press E on something and repeat that for 6 hours and get money, and have no fun, when I could get by on 300k and have a shit ton of fun roleplaying with cops and other people and stuff. Basing is boring. Roleplaying is fun. To me at least. Can't really force people to base.
  11. Maybe you should join Bass Pro Shop gang then. 👀
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