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  1. Hey Queso, I banned you during the sit because I waited for about 17 minutes and 33 seconds. I had other sits to deal with as well. To be completely honest, I would've loved to sit and wait for you to come back after you weren't there for, 1H to more and get your side as to why you did what you did. As Lean has already given, the mp3 file of what you have done, which was telling a player to kill themselves, and in my eyes, I don't see it very cool that you don't care that you said it in the first place. As Lean said, it is your voice, it is recognizable, and the fact that you told him that you
  2. Hey Shark, no need to be sorry at all. I give some opportunity and I gain insight on whether or not the raid was interrupted enough to the fact that what you were doing was warn worthy, which I knew that it was. Me asking the other player, which I do for everyone, is to give a good opportunity for the other player to know that what you did was wrong, and that you wouldn't do it again without giving an actual warn, and me just telling you exactly what you did wrong and to not do it next time. In the case that it was much worse, I wouldn't ask for the other players insight, and I'd do what I nee
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