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  1. If there's not a public base sign, it ain't a public base lol. Some of these suggestions are alright but the one about making trespassing not KOS is pretty dumb. Sounds like you're running into people's base without permission and dying for it, my suggestion would be to not go into someone's base without permission. The reason it's immediately KOS is because anybody can immediately run in and raid you. It's an even playing field.
  2. What's untrue though? People pooled together a billion in DarkRP to unban you, and you exploited on an alt what, two weeks later? You literally just said that you were told toxicity would get you banned but weren't told anything else, so you just figured exploiting would be chill lololol. You've gotten hella chances and you've blown them all, that's about as true as it gets. I like kilo and all, but he ain't the one that should even be barking up this tree. He put a big chunk into your unban money to begin with, and he also has a past when it comes to permabans. As do I admittedly. The difference between me/kilo and you is that when we were given a chance, we didn't turn around and start exploiting almost immediately after being unbanned lol.
  3. "They said I couldn't be toxic, they didn't say I couldn't exploit on an alt!" Can't tell if that's comedic or if you're living up to your name lol
  4. At the end of the day, at this point I could care less. I know that this is a fake apology just to make it seem like you put in an effort, it doesn't hold much weight when you were in the shoutbox starting shit again just a few weeks ago yanno. You put in the effort though I guess so it's all good. I just couldn't care less to worry about any bullshit that happened when I was staffing here. This is up to you guys, I'm not concerned with any staff stuff anymore.
  5. This playing victim shit is kinda funny too. I ain't ever had a mentality over you or anybody else in this server. I ain't better than anybody here. Just as you aren't better than anybody here. I've literally never had anything against you whatsoever, and I was legit shocked when you said the shit you said because I would never say anything like that to you or anybody else. I liked you forreal, then you get brought into the chat and immediately start fuckin wilding. That ain't on me, that's on you. If you think that I walk around thinking I'm better than anybody at all, you got something wrong with your head. That's the last I've got to say about this.
  6. Also, you said I was talking shit to you. Literally all I said to you was that you resigned. Which you responded "I was paid $40 by Reiko to". That's legit all I said to you, then you went on this fuckin wild spasm of shit.
  7. Mans was in the shoutbox not even a month ago like "I told the dad to kill himself, I say what's needed to be said I am a prophet of god". I usually am pretty forgiving, but sixnut is honestly a garbage person. Shoulda been taken out of the community completely.
  8. cobaselic

    Secret Santa

    Put me in and give me sixnut so I can mail him a copy of the bible
  9. Not necessarily true. If the master pet tried to bite him and missed, he is allowed to kill him. I really wish that there was a video or something though, because right now it's just he said she said.
  10. cobaselic

    Discord ban !

    The day after everybody was posting the screenshot of that report, which is word for word what you said, and sugar told everybody to knock it off and stop going crazy about it, you decided to post it in the player ads. You also bypassed the filter by editing it and making it say fa(ggot) lol. You had your homie dm me on discord about it instead of doing it yourself, so idk whatchu mean when you say we could have worked it out. Next time, don't stir up drama. denied
  11. That statement there makes me skeptical of the validity of this appeal. Of course Foul is gonna be asked to give his input on this, it's his ban. If you were targeting him for 5 hours, you should have been banned to begin with. As I already said, you should have been banned to begin with. He is involved in this ban, he is allowed to give his input. Don't tell people what they can and can't do, "digital sheriff wanna be". All in all, I think that this is a poor appeal. It's sketchy that you told us not to let Foul respond. It's sketchy that you told Gaben to "let the admins deal with it", while simultaneously insulting the guy. Unless you can provide evidence that this ban is false, -1
  12. Pretty much what Yung already said tbh. I don't see this as a false ban, so it's really up to Chapo at this point. If he wants to give you another shot he's free to do it, but it's a valid ban. -1
  13. How bout you enter your own giveaway and win the Battle Pass
  14. cobaselic


    Make a ban appeal if you wanna be unbanned
  15. You recently had your appeal denied and the associated alt forums account banned, also had multiple discord alts banned just a few days ago. You Ain't welcome here
  16. I gotta agree with LeGerbs here. I've always fucked with you Koda, you're a good dude and you were a great staff member. But, you fucked up big time. With you being such a good staff member, it really caught me off guard to hear that you had been exploiting all that money and didn't report it. Like LeGerbs said, you're held to a higher standard than others would be for this. You were an SMod man. You worked hard to earn trust and respect and you basically just threw it away. I can't in good faith support this appeal. I'm sorry man, -1
  17. Killing him, the guy that uncuffed him, and the other dude at the end of the video is smh.
  18. Imma go ahead and deny this appeal for the reasons stated above.
  19. Idk why this got hidden but yeah I received the same clip that crow shared. Shows you cuffing the dude, him getting uncuffed, you running upstairs in the PD and switching to bounty hunter behind a closed door, running out and then mowing him down. You then run outside, rdm the guy that uncuffed him originally, shoot someone else, and then the clip ends. You said in the discord that you were banned for defending yourself, that was a lie lololol. Explain again how the ban was false? In all honesty, you shoulda been banned for MassRDM.
  20. Again man, without evidence there isn't much we can do. We can't just go off of someone's word. If that were the case we wouldn't have a staff team lol, anybody could be like "cobaselic big stinky demote!".
  21. Do you have any evidence at all? If not, this report ain't gonna go anywhere. You can't just be like "He Sucks!" and expect us to be like yeah bruh lets demote him smh.
  22. Well whatcha wanna do here? Staff weren't taking sits, nutterz asked waffle what he should do, waffle asked me, I said to call a vote. I also said that if staff ended the vote and told them to call a sit, to report said staff member on the forums because it shows blatantly that they were active and ignored the sits. So, nutterz did exactly that. The vote wasn't ended, which was a good indication that they were either afk or busy at the moment. It was a valid vote, nutterz went through the proper process, and you were votebanned. You're tryna get someone punished when 1: they did nothing wrong, and 2: they have evidence of you doing exactly what you were votebanned for. I do believe that this is the end of the report, and I'm ready to go ahead and deny. I'll wait and see if you have any final statements before I go and wrap this one up.
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