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  1. I agree with TYZ here. I'd like to see a bit more of the evidence. If possible, link the prior two minutes before the RRDM happened. I'd like to see the alleged attempted kidnap and the hit being placed. I'm not gonna give a judgement until we're sure we have the full story.
  2. The laws you had were FailRP. Disallowing people to walk on the sidewalks isn't allowed, it's actually in the MOTD. Sharia Law isn't allowed. You were allowing your officers to fine people for not wearing Hijabs and being a woman without a man present, that definitely isn't allowed. You were making the server unfun for anyone playing that wasn't a police officer, no staff were there to do anything about it, so you were votebanned. The ban is over, and David isn't gonna have his VIP revoked. This should have been a player report to begin with tbh, not a ban appeal. denied
  3. With the evidence provided above, I'm gonna -1 for any punishment to David. From the MOTD: -Your laws must follow some sort of RP guidelines. Making them stupid will result in you being demoted and or kicked. No one likes a dumb mayor. -Your laws must not be so harsh where it makes other players leave the server. They will vote you as an unfair Mayor in which you will be demoted.
  4. Don't ask players for money through our forums smh
  5. I get where you're coming from when you said that if you did the same thing you wouldn't have been unbanned. Unfortunately, the appeal was handled before anybody could really give much input. imma go ahead and close this since it's turning into a bunch of bickering and insults.
  6. I don't think you were meant to be permd, think someone just fucked up and didn't choose the length when they extended the ban for umbak so it defaulted to indefinite. I'll get someone to look into it.
  7. I agree tbh. It's been brought up a few times in meetings, I think it's an issue with Garry's Mod in general. Sorry that we couldn't really do anything here, I'll go ahead and close this.
  8. It isn't that at all. There is a literal bug with textscreens where 9 times out of 10 the name shown is not the name of the person that placed the textscreen. It happens with props as well.
  9. I'd say that if you would have stayed until the sit was over, you wouldn't have gotten banned. Leaving in the middle of a sit is gonna result in a ban 99.9% of the time. I'll wait to see what Yung says before I give any vote.
  10. Firstly, every darkRP server these days has some dumb pet system. Secondly, if they are given buffs at all, that's stupid. Thirdly, I just don't like the idea.
  11. In order to megabase you must have a party of at least 3 of the same job, your party must own all of the front doors of the bases in the area that you're megabasing, and it may not be in a highly populated area of the map.
  12. Okay good. Still though, you cannot megabase in highly populated areas and you must own the front doors to every base in the area to classify as a megabase. A skybase is not a megabase, and you cannot block other peoples bases with a skybase. I was told that you made a base with someone elses base inside of it, care to explain exactly how the base was set up?
  13. The jobs that are KOS are listed in the MOTD. This exact scenario is why everybody, especially newer players, should read the rules instead of immediately closing it when they load in. If you guys know who it was that was telling people to RDM sharks, maybe we could get something done about that. But again, the rules are the first thing you see when you load in. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, read them.
  14. Jesus is the only class that can skybase. You also cannot megabase in a highly populated area of the map, down the street from PD would classify as this. Megabasing is usually done in the suburbs, industrial, or back where the casino is (idk what to call that area). It's actually in the motd that you can't megabase in highly populated areas. It is also in the motd to listen to staff. So if none of you guys were Jesus and you were "megabasing" in the sky down the street from PD, none of that is allowed. Idk if you were punished in any way, it doesn't seem so from what I've read. It seems to me that Koda was doing his job. Also, you must own at least the front doors of all buildings in the area to megabase. So when you said "We were sky basing so we did not find a need to claim the buildings that our base was next to.", that's not allowed. Idk about that one. From what I've gathered based on what's been said, you guys didn't know the rules and Koda did his job. Unless you have some spectacular evidence of Koda abusing his power or being crazy biased, this is gonna be closed soon.
  15. Were any of you Jesus at the time?
  16. The first thing you see when you join the server are the rules. Nowhere in them does it say that you can RDM sharks.
  17. What do you mean no base was claimed by you or your party members?
  18. One person goes "they'll nerf them!" The next person goes "p2w p2w!" smh y'all ain't happy with anything
  19. The odds aren't worth the price/grind in the first place. If they're nerfed anymore they'd just be tier 2's, just remove them at that point. If anything, making them buyable through the forums store would create incentive to buff them. If they're making a good bit of money from them, why wouldn't they wanna add better stuff?
  20. It's more like the only way to get tier 3's is to no-life the server. Not everybody has 12 hours a day to sweat the leaderboards and sit in a proc base farming XP. An alternate way for people to get tier 3's isn't a handout, it's balancing them to where potentially everyone can get them if they really want them.
  21. I did that the other day, nothing happens. You just gotta wait until it lets you switch again.
  22. Bruh I thought I was the only one this happened to. Was about to buy a new mouse lolol. Idk what causes it tbh, just happens randomly throughout my play.
  23. What evidence did you have? You could have looked at the location of the damage to see if Malicious was near the doors of the base. You brought him in the middle of the raid, how were you able to infer that he wasn't raiding? Why would you spectate him after you punished him instead of spectating before you ever brought him? This makes complete sense. This also makes complete sense. All in all, I think this sit was handled poorly. Blood is a new staff member, things like this happen. It's not a big deal tbh. With that being said, the warn should be removed. +1
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