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  1. How bout you enter your own giveaway and win the Battle Pass
  2. cobaselic


    Make a ban appeal if you wanna be unbanned
  3. You recently had your appeal denied and the associated alt forums account banned, also had multiple discord alts banned just a few days ago. You Ain't welcome here
  4. I gotta agree with LeGerbs here. I've always fucked with you Koda, you're a good dude and you were a great staff member. But, you fucked up big time. With you being such a good staff member, it really caught me off guard to hear that you had been exploiting all that money and didn't report it. Like LeGerbs said, you're held to a higher standard than others would be for this. You were an SMod man. You worked hard to earn trust and respect and you basically just threw it away. I can't in good faith support this appeal. I'm sorry man, -1
  5. Killing him, the guy that uncuffed him, and the other dude at the end of the video is smh.
  6. Imma go ahead and deny this appeal for the reasons stated above.
  7. Idk why this got hidden but yeah I received the same clip that crow shared. Shows you cuffing the dude, him getting uncuffed, you running upstairs in the PD and switching to bounty hunter behind a closed door, running out and then mowing him down. You then run outside, rdm the guy that uncuffed him originally, shoot someone else, and then the clip ends. You said in the discord that you were banned for defending yourself, that was a lie lololol. Explain again how the ban was false? In all honesty, you shoulda been banned for MassRDM.
  8. Again man, without evidence there isn't much we can do. We can't just go off of someone's word. If that were the case we wouldn't have a staff team lol, anybody could be like "cobaselic big stinky demote!".
  9. Do you have any evidence at all? If not, this report ain't gonna go anywhere. You can't just be like "He Sucks!" and expect us to be like yeah bruh lets demote him smh.
  10. Well whatcha wanna do here? Staff weren't taking sits, nutterz asked waffle what he should do, waffle asked me, I said to call a vote. I also said that if staff ended the vote and told them to call a sit, to report said staff member on the forums because it shows blatantly that they were active and ignored the sits. So, nutterz did exactly that. The vote wasn't ended, which was a good indication that they were either afk or busy at the moment. It was a valid vote, nutterz went through the proper process, and you were votebanned. You're tryna get someone punished when 1: they did nothing wrong, and 2: they have evidence of you doing exactly what you were votebanned for. I do believe that this is the end of the report, and I'm ready to go ahead and deny. I'll wait and see if you have any final statements before I go and wrap this one up.
  11. They're asking for the model so that maybe they could base the name off of what the model is ya big meanie. Call it Yung Meanie
  12. By the way, I was in the call with waffle at the time that he said this. He asked me what should be done if staff aren't taking sits, and that is word for word what I told him. Looks like You FailRP disconnected to avoid a kidnap, and returned to Nutterz over 3 times (which is MassNLR). So, as long as you're okay with it, I will vote restrict nutterz for 24 hours, and ban you for a week for MassNLR/FailRP. We still got a deal?
  13. At this point you're just picking out things to complain about. You broke the rules, someone called a sit, nobody took the sit. They called a vote on you for breaking the rules, no staff ended the vote. You got voted out. That's what happened, and now you're tryna get him in trouble. I'm telling you that nothing wrong was done, and you're tryna argue with me about it. But yanno, I can work with you here. I'll vote restrict nutterz for a day, as long as I can go back and see how many rules you broke and ban you accordingly. Deal?
  14. Did they take the sit or stop the vote?
  15. I'm gonna assume that if the sit wasn't taken and the vote wasn't stopped by a staff member, then the staff were afk. I'm not really sure what the point is here. Kinda seems to me that you just wanna get him in trouble for voting you off, when it looks like the vote was valid.
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