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  1. You were warned for posting on Tuss's ban appeal, not your own. If you would have read the warning you would know that. You are not helping yourself right now.
  2. After discussing this report with the staff team, we've come to the conclusion that citizens can steal. They cannot raid bases, but they can passively steal items dropped by other players. In the same sense that they are allowed to do illegal activities such as print money, grow drugs, and kidnap if they have the necessary tools. I'm gonna go ahead and deny this report. Make sure you're extra careful when dealing with your inventory around other people.
  3. You were banned for IRL threats. So in 2018 you told a bunch of people to kill themselves on the forums and in 2020 you get banned for IRL threats. 2 year span, zero change. Just from your history (and you requesting a permaban), I don't see why we should give you another shot.
  4. Jack did his job as a staff member and showed the very toxic things you said to other players. You told multiple players to kill themselves and requested a permaban, and that makes Jack biased for showing the other staff? At first glance of this appeal I was all for a +1, but then you went and said all that. Jack is not out to get you, they merely showed the full story of what you said to other players since you completely left it out of the appeal and tried to say you were just joking. Some advice for your future ban appeals, don't accuse staff members for targeting you just because they pointed out the fact that you told 3 members to kill themselves. -1
  5. Wilhelm is having trouble signing into the forums, so they've asked me to post evidence for them. The following pieces of evidence are the initial Attempted MassRDM/RRDM and the sit that followed: I know people are gonna say "they kidnapped someone". Sniipes didn't see who kidnapped the person, so they chucked a sticky into a group of people. That ain't good.
  6. Okay Sal you've said all you needed to state oj this report. Thank you for posting footage, it's greatly appreciated. No need to continue posting.
  7. Yeah I'm with sixnut on this one. If it would have been a couple minutes later that would be different, but respawning and coming right back is definitely breaking NLR. In general, don't return to the person that killed you. +1 to have Toosii warn themselves for NLR.
  8. I agree with what you're saying here. But in this case, sniipes should have been banned. At least for attempted MRDM. Josephine most definitely should have banned them. I would be +1 to go ahead and ban sniipes for a week based off of the videos given. As for punishing Josephine, like I said earlier, I think this is a good chance to make sure staff members know that we're here to make sure everybody follows the rules, including our friends. I don't see a real punishment being necessary, just a conversation on making sure that everybody gets the same treatment. Picking favorites is a good way to have people accuse you of being bias.
  9. I stopped doing this when the Uncle Grandpa model was removed. Nothing's been the same since.
  10. If you can find the footage, I recommend making a report on sniipes as well. That way they will be punished as well. Sounds like they had multiple cases of MRDM/ARDM that they somehow slithered around, which ain't cool at all. Josephine should have banned sniipes if they did in fact do what you're saying they did (which I'm not trying to say didn't happen, just gotta wait for the footage). Ray Ray's already stated that they saw it happen and sniipes was pulled before they could get them. I think this is a good opportunity to state that letting your friends slide when they've broken major rules (multiple times apparently) is not only uncool, but it's abuse of your staff powers. We're here to make sure everyone follows the rules, homies included.
  11. This is turning into a "I don't like malicious for this reason" thread. There is no evidence against malicious for any of these accusations, so I'm gonna go ahead and deny this. Gather proper evidence, make a proper report, and we'll go from there.
  12. Unfortunately without any evidence I don't see this report going anywhere. But malicious has been notified of the report against him, we'll wait and see what he has to say.
  13. You went into heavy detail and you seem genuinely remorseful for what happened. Tbh, seems like a clusterfuck of events in the first place. I don't see why you shouldn't be allowed back, especially with the detail and effort you put into this appeal. +1
  14. Been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time. +1
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