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  1. Clickbait title lol. The issue with perma-opt out is that everyone will do it, effectively killing the VIP event. Just opt out when you log on. With that being said though (and since this exact topic was posted already this week), I'm +1 for any inventoriable weapon to be inventoried upon being selected as the VIP target.
  2. I've been playing since late 2016, I have 9 warns on my account. 50 warns is way more than a couple, and a permaban is completely justifiable. It shows that the player has no intention of following the rules. I'm not in favor of permabanning after a set number of bans, more so I would support the permabans of people that repeatedly get banned for malicious reasons such as MassRDM, MassNLR, any form of IRDM, or blatant toxicity/racism. Racism and toxicity seems to be the most apparently trend that I've seen, and it's kinda cringe to gigamute these dudes just for them to do it again after the mute is up. Then they get banned and hit the forums like "this staff member is biased". And then, as soon as their ban is up, they're going at it again. Those are the people that need to be ridden from the server.
  3. Cobaselic

    florhn appeal

    I'm getting insanely tired of people being like "well cobaselic did it". I'm not you, and you aren't me. Please, compare our appeals. Compare my appeals with anybody that's tried to use me as an excuse. The first appeal: the second appeal: I owned up to my actions. I never tried to wiggle my way out with excuses. Florhn, I have no issue with you. I think you did something stupid, but I don't think you should be banned forever. With that being said, this isn't a very good appeal. You haven't even owned up to what you did or why you did it. All you can say is "I'm better", but you haven't proved that in any way. -1
  4. @Tayters there's an NPC across from the spawn tunnel where you can opt out of the VIP event
  5. Really the only thing I can say is to always remember to opt out of the VIP event when you join the server. It would be nice if any weapon that could be inventoried would be upon becoming the VIP target.
  6. True. Adding an Auction function would be cool tbh.
  7. There is prop restriction if you build too close to the portal. If you build outside of the restriction, which that does look to be outside of the barrier, it's completely fine.
  8. What'd you post though. "Unfunny garbage" doesn't really explain anything
  9. I told you multiple times not to come into the base trying to arrest without a warrant. Your only response was to show you the exact rule in the MOTD. I also told you multiple times that you can contact a higher up if you needed. You refused to listen whatsoever. When I returned you originally, you were back at my base less than a minute later. 2 other cops had tried raiding me without a warrant, as you decided to join in when I was defending my base from them. Your excuse there was "I was outside". Yes, you were. But you were outside the door shooting at me inside the base while two other cops raided me without a warrant. That makes you a part of the raid as well. I bring you AGAIN, along with the two other officers, and tell you that you cannot raid someone's base without a warrant. After I return you for the SECOND time (without any punishment), what do you do? You come and stand inside of my base, as a CP, and watch as two other players try to raid me. You, AS A CP, stand on the INSIDE of my base, and no absolutely nothing about the raiders. You say "I'm not raiding", and just stand there. I throw a grenade to defend my base, that you aren't trying to stop criminals from attacking while you're INSIDE of the base, and then say "welp that damaged me I'm part of this now". You then proceed to start JOINING THE CRIMINALS in raiding my base. I had already talked to you twice before, so I told you "you just sat back and watched as these two raid my base, and now you're trying to raid with them. You are aiding criminals as CP, you need to leave.". You say "I'm not helping them, you grenade damaged me". I tell you that if you don't leave that you will be kicked,, you refused to leave, so I kicked you. So, I wanna get this straight. You consider me trying to explain the rules to you during TWO separate sits as misconduct? You consider me having to kick you because you REFUSE to listen multiple times as misconduct? If anybody showed misconduct here it's you. You were breaking rules. I tried explaining them. You refused to listen.
  10. Cobaselic


    Again, you have to prove that. And, yet again, you've already admitted to returning to the raid after you died the second time.
  11. Cobaselic


    You have to prove that. But on top of that, you already admitted that you did in fact return after being killed the second time.
  12. Cobaselic


    If you were close enough to the base, it is not RDM. If they are raiding your base, and you're coming to the base and get sniped by the raiders, you cannot return to the base. Your claim of it being RDM is something that you would have to be able to prove.
  13. Cobaselic


    What? So they started a raid and killed you? How's that RDM?
  14. Shouldn't concern you right now, seeing as how you're banned
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