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  1. Oh yeah nice someone went back and changed the reasoning of the warn, very professional
  2. There's no stretch, I was warned for an invalid reason. You guys are free to give me the valid warn. Again I know it's hard to read but I've already said this multiple times.
  3. Oh so You guys changed the warn? Isn't that double punishment?
  4. I know It's hard to read, but if you try realllllllyyyyyy hard, you'll see that I said the "unrelated post" warn was false and that i would gladly take the "posting on a report as non-staff" warn.
  5. Again, that's literally the valid warn. This is literally an appeal of a false warn. I've said I would accept the valid warn.
  6. You're missing the point of this appeal, you may not agree with what I said, but it was still related. I Literally said that if I got a warning for that it would be right.
  7. Though I may not be staff anymore, what i posted on the report was 100% related to the topic. I posted something along the lines of "I guess you have to unban jacket because what he said was done in another discord". The whole point being that people have been punished for things done in separate discord servers. Jacket is one, Frisco is another. I'm sure if i tried hard enough I could find some other examples. So to say that you can't punish people for something done in a separate discord has been proven untrue in the past. If he would have warned me for posting on a report as non-staff, I could see that. But a warn for unrelated posts is again, just blatantly untrue. He also threatened to just deny this himself off the bat after telling me to make an appeal, so that ain't good.
  8. When you were first banned is the key. You had 2 appeals in 2020. You alted after they were denied. Your forums account has been unbanned for awhile now. You 100% could have appealed instead of having your buddies cry in the dev stream. That "my forums account was banned" shit ain't gonna slide because it just isn't true. Like I said in my original response, you should have tried this appeal first.
  9. Hmm, you made two appeals since your original ban. Both in 2020. But you had no way to appeal?
  10. A mistake is something that you like accidentally do. "Ah shit man I gave you 10k when I meant to give you 100k, my bad" is a mistake. Crashing the server multiple times and teaching others to do it is not a mistake. You did it intentionally. You 100% did it maliciously. Alting several times is not a mistake. You chose to do that. "Yeah but Coba you alter", true. You've stated this is a prior ban appeal. But what I did had 0 negative effects on the server. Misjudgment, maybe. A mistake? Very far from it. You were a high rank here man. People liked you. People respected you. You fucked all that up for what? A giggle? To come here now and be like "awh please man lemme get a chance man" is honestly sad to see. You had a chance. You were somebody here. And you decided to ruin that.
  11. Your last alt wasn't very long ago, and instead of making an appeal you had your friends whine in the dev stream to get you unbanned. You crashed the server multiple times and taught your friends to do it. You then went on a "server crashing spree". Luckily for you, the conversation where you said those exact words to me has mysteriously vanished. I'd say if you truly wanted to play on the server you wouldn't have alted twice. Hell, you wouldn't have crashed the server and all that to begin with. But Forreal, the icing on the cake for me is that instead of trying to make a genuine ban appeal, you had your friends get sugar to unban you in the dev stream. Only now once sugar was made aware of what you actually did and banned you again are you trying to make a genuine appeal. For me, too little too late. Shoulda done that from the start. -1
  12. I don't think propsurfing should be allowed with just one particular item. To me it's either allow propsurfing as a whole or don't allow propsurfing, and I don't think we need a bunch of goofballs surfing around the map. Also, I do believe that you can spawn the gamerhover board prop, kinda like how you can spawn in the boombox prop and shit. I think it'll just cause confusion that isn't necessary in the first place. -1
  13. Cobaselic

    Rad Ban Appeal

    Macros are a big no no. Almost crashing the server is an even bigger no no. For these reasons, my support of this appeal is gonna have to be a tremendous no no. -1
  14. +1 advert warns are dumb Neither Fuel's nor Walter's opinions are valid
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