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  1. Name every player ever banned
  2. If he believes the ban is false, he can appeal. I don't think having the retard Brigade come and reeeee on the forums is gonna help him.
  3. If he believes he was falsely banned, he can appeal it.
  4. Has he thought about, idk, making an appeal?
  5. Staff members are NOT pedos! 

  6. I'd be a shrimp cause you owe me shrimp fried rice and imma get my damn shrimp fried rice
  7. Gonna bump this @Sugar TitsFix this or get me popeyes chicken sandwich wit de pickle
  8. Pretty sure he did this to me as well not too long ago. I'd say that's definitely abusing the list and loopholing the NLR rule.
  9. that's a lie homie, I updated the screenies to show it. You were also just banned because you continued it.
  10. you were muted for less than a minute an hour ago until peen cried in chat, and have continued to do it since.
  11. They were told to stop a few times, never did. Maybe it's died down in the time that it took to write the report, I guess we'll see when I switch back. Either way, this is pretty dumb considering that most of these dudes are long time players. I get the whole "we do a lil trollin" schtick but damn, this is hella annoying when it's going on for almost an hour. Update: they're still at it- https://imgur.com/a/8wCivXh They've been told to stop lol they just really miss the rage I guess.
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