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  1. I dont see why people dont just mute them to begin with, if you are crying about being harassed then YOU should take the first step in muting/ blocking the other player. I've seen plenty of cases where someone cries about harassment while actively trying to interact with the person who they claim is harassing them. This is just an objectively false statement. Many games, namely valve games, allow you to say anything you want to other users and leave it up to the community to moderate itself. The only times you get bans on steam community is either if the game itself bans you, or if you are seriously threatening people.
  2. Masterful Farm: good Processor Dominance: higher chance for better loot from procs or chance for increased quantity up to 7-8 Pretty penny: the chance to get suga from xp should be upped again, its too rare for the perk to matter NIce Guy: doesnt decrease the amount of suga it costs to buy VIP it should be lowered to 2.5 mil / 150suga Fish Master: could also apply to carbon rod Wide Awake: who uses this Good Ear: good Junk Launcher: should be default perk Extra Bullet: good Blood Sucker: fine Precious Life: literally just too meta Two is Better Than One: the more people around you when you place a c4/timebomb lowers the timer by 4 seconds per person down to a minimum of 10 seconds Force Mug: increase mugging price for ccs and this is useful Force Drop: everyone uses this to force drop their friends, at this point it kinda doesnt need to exist. You could hange it to where you can be force dropped again after 2-10 hours, but you cant be force dropped by the Same Person within the same reset. Feather Hands: doesnt work, but was pretty good Dead Silence: make all raiding tools not make sounds (blowtorch, c4, lockpick, keypad crackers) Experienced Cop: maybe just half the cuffing speed instead of being instant Persuasive Fine: shouldnt exist I Basically Live Here: should be a default perk for non-cc cops, maybe 10 minute cd Free One: spawn with bacta grenade instead of healing mist grenade Slow Down: no one uses but it is honestly a good perk Instant Backup: same as i basically live here Steel Grade Cuffs: should just be harder to break out, people random cuff with this perk and you are left there for upwards of a minute Down But Not Out: just precious life for cops Bad Boy Finder: fine how it is Morpher: size change should just be a default for silly jobs Slippery Snake: no one uses but its fine Wow: no way to make this useful Power Stomp: bugged, and not that good when it worked Reinforced Legs: fine, be allowed for more than just silly jobs Alter Gravity: should be toggleable the same way as morpher Where is the Bathroom: perfect perk doesnt need change Pocket Sand: good perk Take the Pain: pretty sure its only for silly jobs, would be good if anyone could use it
  3. wingman


    OMG gang quests should scale with number of gang members because there are many gangs that are filled with hundreds of people. Lets say the quest is to farm 5k wood, then with 2 people it scales up to needing 8k wood, then with 3 10k wood. This keeps people from just having literal randoms slave quests for them, and also incentivizes people to not have gangs full of inactive players. For quest rewards you could have a perk that gives every gang member a 1.5x xp buff for 24 hours or a week.
  4. Wow green you seem to own multiple pets that dont have perks that you bought knowing they didnt have perks, i wonder, why did you buy those to begin with, was it maybe because they were rare and limited time???
  5. They are worth something because they are 1/1 1/2 or 1/6 or so in the case of the reaper pet. Rare things are worth something, do you not understand that concept?
  6. Fish pet makes fishing speed nearly double, bunny pet gives xp egg drops, zombie bunny gives xp drops and does flashbang effect. These perks are very small so i think they are fine, but as an owner of the bunny pet, i think for fairness it shouldnt have a unique perk!!!!
  7. They are limited time hence you cant buy them, if the owner of the penguin or zombie bunny pet arent selling them, but they have a good perk, then there is no way to get it!!!!!!!!!!
  8. If limited time pets have effects they should be super small and not something that would feel like you are missing out on for not having!!!! Once again both my pets are limited time pets and i still think this change is just better overall!!!
  9. Pets that are time limited, like those given away in limited amount from events, or those sold in the suga shop like the halloween pets, SHOULDNT HAVE PERKS!!!! This gives an unfair advantage to pets that aren't accessible to more than a handful of lucky, or rich players. Pets that are able to be acquired at any time like the fishing pet, hobo pet, or the mini mod, should be allowed to have perks because anyone can get them at any point with enough grinding. Second, I think you should be able to select the pet perk from the inventory, while being able to choose what pet you want displayed. I have both the bunny pet and the ghost pet, and I prefer the look of the ghost pet, but the bunny pet is just better because it has a perk!!!! Anyway if you disagree feel free to stop playing on titsrp, because you are probably irrelevant.
  10. add ability to - rep people as well (i hate most of the users that are in the discord)
  11. what angle should the pet be though???
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