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  1. wingman

    TitsMC Ideas

  2. The second clip was recorded in front of rubik, if he said something worthy of a ban then you think he would have done something as a super admin right?
  3. Chesmond STEAM_0:1:150965558 racism
  4. [Superadmin] Rubik: gay nigga [Moderator] (OOC) Koda: I don't like fuel anymore. [VIP] (OOC) Jewann: go away *** | PM from Sixnut: love you kitten | PM from Fuel McStubbins: So, you're gonna stop harrassing me in PMs or consequences will be arised. [VIP] (OOC) Frisco: get fucked idoit | PM from ajax5206: you're lucky im lagging [VIP] (OOC) Frisco: fuel you dont have legs. You act like I havent seen that wheelchair you roll around in | PM from Hot Loli: 1 mil and an ass pic [VIP] (OOC) Seno: ajax5206 youre sped as fuck | jewann kicked OMG Silver Reason: RDM in a sit. [VIP] (OOC) LeapingGrasshopper22: you type like a depressed fat weeaboo white girl [VIP] (OOC) MysticVII: chesmond is black irl [Moderator] jewann: annoying naggers "where is the E in jewann" - jewann [VIP] (OOC) DANUTERCISD: sexual relations between a human being and a lower animal [VIP] Bruhgga McNuggets: how is it so SMALL [VIP] (OOC) legal NigStubbins: true Chesmond is a real gang banger [VIP] (OOC) Original Robo Gangster Dumbass: i'll lick your bald haed [VIP] Sixnut: just a couple of apes looking for a goood time [Admin] Kilobyte McStubbins: dick and butthole is cool [VIP] (OOC) Big Dick nigga: fuck you april you gay ass nigga [VIP] OG BOT Dumbass: I LIKE HUGE COCKS [VIP] (OOC) The Donger: I dont need sex cause I have ERP all the time [VIP] (OOC) Frisco: no radd was sucummed to the urge to fuck kilos ass jewann: if i lose my money because of this im gonna wang slap sugar (OOC) Wiggens: someone told me you were dangerous and a minority [VIP] (OOC) White Crow: EVERY EGIRL ON TITSRP CANT RAID ALL THEY KNOW IS BE LESBO FISH AND LIE | PM from Titus Livius: I will rape you [VIP] Seno: government free money | PM from Kilobyte McStubbins: i just hit myself in the nuts and im in exterme pain [VIP] (OOC) USN peepoo: chesmonds penis is a pyramid [VIP] (OOC) Don Carolus: i dont like israel [Moderator] (OOC) Hot Loli: Haha nword funny [VIP] YoshE: You wear a diaper chesmond [VIP] USN peepoo: Leave her alone [VIP] (OOC) radd: im stealing all the minorities money [Admin] (OOC) Chesmonds dick: YOOOOOOOOO [VIP] Wrench: this is the way of life allah intended [Moderator] (OOC) Big Bookies: Young monkey [VIP] ZestyBoi: I will always simp for chesmond [VIP] (PM) Syn Nickel: I'm sorry Chesmond I love you with mouth [VIP] (OOC) CH13F K33F: cuz ur jailed nigga i do what i want [Moderator] (OOC) Hot Loli: Chesmond let me out of the cum jar please [Moderator] Big Nibba Mario: just let me vibe without muslim shit [VIP] [Advert] Pepsi Tits: I love Being Pegged [VIP] (OOC) b00nk: OG you just a fucking stupid tryhard that ruins this server that i pray for the day you get banned [Superadmin] (OOC) Doc McStubbins: My IQ is sub 5 [VIP] (OOC) zzzlil yeet: whoever hid my parcel, i hope your first born dies of cancer [Moderator] (OOC) A Friendly Canadian: does this mean e girls r gonna sound better 0_0 | PM from Donkumi: lets make out later [VIP] (OOC) Mario Luigi Spitzarello: i am deadass trained rapist | PM from OG ALT: wagwan biff ting i asked for bbm you know the slidew YoshE: If it's heads I brush my teeth, if it's tails I don't. YoshE: FUCK it's heads. (OOC) YoshE: epic
  5. STEAM_0:1:150965558 ERP with you of course I was the first person on the server to harass you when you started buying tons of suga
  6. wingman

    50MIL Giveaway

    Kanye got it in the bag
  7. IGN: Chesmond disc: wingman#5381 halloween: rapeoween
  8. they cant be destroyed when in spawn, but they arent placed in spawn, simply walk closer to them (to where you are outside of spawn) and you can destroy them. Once again im going to ask, why did you only report me?
  9. staff said its allowed since there is an exit still open, and they are destructable by fists as well.
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