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  1. wingman


    happy birfday
  2. they cant be destroyed when in spawn, but they arent placed in spawn, simply walk closer to them (to where you are outside of spawn) and you can destroy them. Once again im going to ask, why did you only report me?
  3. wingman

    Report on Chesmond

    staff said its allowed since there is an exit still open, and they are destructable by fists as well.
  4. wingman

    Report on Chesmond

    Why'd you only report me when there were multiple people involved? Either way there was an exit still open, and you can shoot deployable shields. Also its not like i can remove them any better than any other player can since I would have to shoot them just the same.
  5. wingman

    Ember Ban Appeal

    I am fairly sure that ember didn't kill anyone outside of the base, we were both in a discord together and I was present during most of the raid and never saw him kill anyone outside of the base. Also, as far as i'm aware he didn't kill anyone inside the base either and sorta just witnessed the raid.
  6. wingman#5381 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/691117596292153394/707060177635115068/310.png
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