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  1. If your intention was to not make me look bad you would of included the rest of it but you didnt?
  2. To start off I always destroy plots after finishing farming and before you started the raid I had destroyed the entities as I was done farming, the screenshot you provided does look bad on my part but after that I do mention I blew them up before he had raided but clearly he has failed to show that trying to make me look as worse as possible also not to mention you actually stated you were alting? which is unrelated but thought I'd mention it. https://cdn.upload.systems/uploads/zZpxzLcz.png And for suiciding I had accidently pressed my MOUSE5 button with my thumb which is my kill bind and also does look extremely bad on my part but it's understandable if something occurs.
  3. Zeus

    Warn Appeal

    lmao I was there when you did it, you made the choice to punch him and it doesn't really matter if it was 2 damage or not and the healing him well that doesn't matter if you did or not
  4. I don't really take suck ups on this server. As someone who has been ban over 10 times I might change my mind on that -1
  5. I raid new players and steal everything then I give it to ASHBY who then farms for hours
  6. -1 Haha firstly where do I even start with you? firstly your friend is stuck alone on the server? so that's unrelated and also. You were very disrespectfrul to people in chat. And "1 guy once after he killed me (Out of pure salt)" Seems like revenge rdm. And Bypassing bans is something you never do cause we are strict with bans and etc.
  7. You were a great mod and a good friend sad to see you leave but u made a lot of valid points about the server P.S - I am rossie bear and can u add me to cc stuff plz thank you
  8. could have a grace period for new players
  9. To add to this that was added way before the warn and to verify check logs of props or something
  10. Your Steam Name: Zeus Your in-game name: Rossie Bear Your SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/5564778/ Name - Sal Is Epic SteamID - STEAM_0:0:419352872 DiscordID - Pmoney#0461 Why were you warned/banned?: having a building sign up and got warned because they couldn't shoot me when crouching thru Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : Ok so where do I even start I was having people look at my base seeing if they like it but people couldn't shoot me but I can shoot them ik theres a rule on this but at the time I had a building sign up and the shooting thing couldn't effect anyone due to me building and not having a actual base up. I had put this sign up at around 6:40 in AEST time (just a estimate) and ASBY had looked at my base and said he couldn't shoot me which I asked him if he could. I also had no raidables so yea. Who warned/banned you and for how long?: Sal Is Epic Evidence Time Of Warn - https://gyazo.com/a2d5aab5034d2bf684cbadb1140bfa79 Warn - https://gyazo.com/bc4305eb77f361af7b06b135dccf2135 Building Sign - https://gyazo.com/a7a152d9e0abb7c36c29c9cc397df0d8 Also Squank can confirm I had a building sign up before I got warned Fixed the whole thing posted in wrong section
  11. Whats up kotos its rossie haven't seen ya +1 for this lad He never meant any harm i'm also all for giving second chances
  12. Zeus

    Admin chat system

    Lmao I give up I just can’t do this right Well if you look at staff guidelines it clearly shows examples of what to do and what not to do us staff members have to know who did it and what they did not just say "mass rdmer plz help admin"
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