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  1. IGN: Flaming Discord: NAZ#5514 Favorite Candy: Sweet Tart Ropes
  2. Didn't you just give a note warn to someone for accidentally rdm the other day lmao If you feel another player who accidentally rdmed deserved a warn then I feel you do too. Yes I know the situations pretty different but you get my point But also I don't believe a simple mistake should matter as much as some people think. It is just a warning tho lol really not that big of a deal but im +1 for removal
  3. no cap this some power trip stuff lol. A small accident like that shouldn't result in any punishment
  4. Video is more than enough evidence. He has done shit like this before to other players as well. But before I vote I need to ask, why didn't you make a sit for this?
  5. Lmao 5th MRDM ban.... Didn't you used to be staff? Idk honestly I personally believe that 1 moth for MRDM is kinda nuts but at the same time you knew from the last situation that your next MRDM ban would lead to a much harsher punishment and yet still decided to MRDM. I am neutral for now but leaning towards +1 for a 2 week reduction.
  6. Malicious has done this exact same thing to me, he is someone who continuously try's to get other players in trouble. If green wasn't there to witness what happened to me I most likely would've been banned as well, even though the owner of the base was fine with me being there. Honestly an undeserved ban at least from my viewpoint. +1 for complete removal of ban or reducing to a warn.
  7. “got banned for absolutely nothing” Was warned* for absolute good reason* -1
  8. +1 for reduction +1 for staff permaban
  9. 2018 a lil different tho. 4 years is a long time
  10. word ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ”we absolutely require evidence. Unless the player you're reporting has been causing many issues before, the report will most likely become invalid without any evidence”
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