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  1. word ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ”we absolutely require evidence. Unless the player you're reporting has been causing many issues before, the report will most likely become invalid without any evidence”
  2. -1 for unban or ban reduction. It’s his 5th MRDM ban… it seems he’s trying to loophole the rules to get out of a MRDM ban but from the way i see it, he mass rdmed.
  3. says he will stay out of topic because of bias. Proceeds to add to the topic anyway. Anyways, do you have footage or any type of evidence at all for the report?
  4. Lmao love the story but what specifically were you banned for? MRDM? MNLR? Ill forward this to drac0
  5. Honestly I think that the price for double XP should be raised, I don't think that buying double XP should end up making you profit, I think that double XP is a shortcut and overall should make you lose money or break even at the end of the 24h
  6. you super lucky it was only a warm honestly im +1 for further punishment
  7. Are these the same two players who MNLR your base and you told me to just give them a warn?
  8. I have told cooper multiple times to stop saying slurs and being overly toxic in ooc, gonna talk to some staff and see how they feel about this. Talked to some staff +1
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