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  1. December 6th Major Changelog [Christmas Update] Added Christmas Battlepass Added the ability to skip levels in the battlepass Added a bonus item / level if you complete battlepasses when they are active Added a new scoreboard Added new cosmetic item: Fishing Bobbers Added new type of item: Crafting Plan Added new item: Jackhammer Added a new accessory crate: Weapon Accessory Crate Added the ability to hook boomboxes onto the back of Jeeps Added how long it took you to complete the battlepass Re-added a nerfed Material Grenades under the name Redox Grenades Made Sonar grenades more powerful Made it so lightsaber force leap cannot be used in combat Made it so you cannot place bounties or hits on dead or afk players Made it so typing !gang when not in a gang will show an error message Made it so paid battlepass boost is 20% instead of 15% reduction Fixed an issue where particles may stop rendering Fixed an issue where sometimes when fishing, you wouldn't get a fish Fixed some weapon damage calculations inside of Gun Dealer shipment menu Fixed a dupe explolit
  2. See if this is fixed today! I made some improvements to prevent this from happening.
  3. Omg put me in Kdawg / kdawg#0001. I want to see a video of you rolling after!!!
  4. KDawg

    Ban Appeal

    We do a little post thanksgiving trolling. Everyone has been unbanned!
  5. KDawg

    Ban Appel

    We do a little post thanksgiving trolling. Everyone has been unbanned!
  6. KDawg

    Consol ban?

    We do a little post thanksgiving trolling. Everyone has been unbanned!
  7. KDawg

    Koda's Appeal

    I have no reason to believe you're not cheating. Everyone who has ran the same bytecode as you seems to be banned on other servers for hacking as well. I don't really care though. Unbanned!
  8. You are unbanned! Sorry to see you were banned for this 3 years ago, that is wild. Welcome back
  9. KDawg

    Ban Appeal

    It is not too difficult to bypass the anti-cheat if you know what to download! This is also you're second ban from cheating, bad boy!! Some people just like to tinker. I will unban you though. You can't possibly be banned a third time right!?
  10. November 15th Changelog Added the ability to purchase a 3x job xp reroll in the Suga shop Added help menu option to disable pets from rendering Made improvements to the coinflip system Fixed an issue with the Seeing Double talent Fixed an issue where Mafia demands wouldn't auto accept or decline themselves if nothing happened Fixed an issue when using smoke grenades Fixed an issue where quests would be in a "claimed" state even when you didn't claim them Fixed a bug with Holy grenades when dying to them Fixed an issue where the marketplace would not show up as expected when joining Fixed an issue when looking at pollution Fixed an issue when you closed the lightning quest menu Fixed a rare issue when seeing the chat bubble Fixed a rare issue when using the leveling menu
  11. When did this happen and is this your account? https://steamcommunity.com/id/communismisnotallowed/
  12. November 14th Changelog Added the option to disable camera flashes in your F4 menu Made it so Holy Grenades now prevent you from using enchanted guns in your inventory Made it so listing an item on the Marketplace defaults its suga price to 0 Improved new popup uis Improved backend connection to databases Fixed an issue where sometimes the F4 menu would not work for some players Fixed an issue where bounties would not properly reset sometimes Fixed an issue where the leveling menu did not update properly in the new f4 Fixed an issue where you couldn't change supporter tags Fixed various pet issues such as rendering effects and properly cleaning them up Fixed an issue where the abomination would sometimes not stop "Kill this thing" Fixed an issue where the gambling help screen did not auto appear if you disabled gambling Fixed a rare bit miner issue
  13. This would require an exponential amount of effort considering if 70+ people complete the battlepass that would mean making a lot of pets to ensure everyone is getting their titsrp nft I don't understand why you would want this. It seems confusing to complete level 38 randomly because you got a specific fish when you haven't reached level 10 yet. This would also require a large rework into how the system works internally. You completed the BP twice within 11 days of it being released, why do you want it even easier to complete and degrade the value of your awesome titsrp nfts? It is possible to add changing colors but maybe it would be more fun to unlock chat tag colors you can apply
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