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    Sure thing daddyo, you've been refunded.
  2. October 10th Changelog Added a new job: Trashman Added a trail and effect to the Ghost pet Added a trail and effect to the Reaper pet Added an effect to the Snowboard Penguin pet Made the Halloween map slightly brighter Made it so rerolling an applicable lootbox with the Rollermine pet will always add more loot slots to it Improved client performance being around flagpoles Fixed an issue where the hacker UI may not always be visible when it should be Fixed an issue where you could become a smaller model with 100 health Fixed an issue where the Halloween map was not added to force downloads Fixed an issue where the grenade launcher would be counted as a shotgun Potentially fixed an issue where you could respawn with the cuffing UI on your screen
  3. August 7th Changelog Serial Killer supports more than one person on the job Improved some crafting plan descriptions to be more accurate Fixed various errors that may popup
  4. I'll unban you. Not because I think you're innocent but because why not!
  5. I bet you had no clue why you were banned
  6. Marks a bug as a low priority, gets mad when it's not fixed in a few days You should make bug reports on Discord as well, I don't look at forum bug reports too often. I couldn't reproduce this issue. Although it wouldn't surprise me if you were hitting the "Reset Custom Slots" button every time you made an edit
  7. July 3rd Changelog Added the Beginner Battlepass. 55 levels tuned to show new people what TitsRP is about Added the ability to purchase crafting plans from the crafting menu Added 7 more quests Improved some quests descriptions and made some easier Made it so admins have more permissions
  8. June 27th Changelog Added an emote pack to the prestige shop Added some bp ents to lootbox loot tables Added back !level command Added an option to reroll picolas cage targets to the cereal monster Made it so Lamarr disables trail when crouched Made it so tier 3 lootboxes can give more tokens, can give more amounts in shipments & only give legendaries
  9. Muting them should be your go-to. You are in control of what you can see and hear. If you don't like it, mute it. Hate speech and bullying is not allowed but we generally won't take action on someone unless there is a good pile of evidence (harassment) and or if the conversation is extremely vile. That's not to say we don't care but a lot of things can be solved with a mute. If things are being said in OOC or other global chats, that is a different story. If you have doubts, send a staff member a DM. Â We'd like to help everyone, but you have to learn to help yourself first. On the flipside, I usually feel sorry for the people doing the bullying. It's rough not growing up in a home where you feel unloved and your under-educated. Usually, it's just a reflection of ignorance and their own struggles. Learn to not take it personal! Â Â
  10. June 19th Major Changelog [Summer Update] Added the Summer 2023 Battlepass. Enjoy 60 levels to grind! Added a new animation base which comes with 277+ emotes and animations to play around with Added several new items with the battlepass Made it so Mini Printer tokens will never explode by themselves Made it so the crafting bench can accept all ores Made it so skipping BP levels will increase in price every 15 levels rather than every 10 Fixed an issue where your inventory slot can perma bug out when picking up an item Fixed an issue where weapons were auto cleaned up after 5 minutes if left out Fixed an issue where some items did not have their expected rarity set
  11. April 25th Changelog Made it so the Serial Killer kidnap time is reduced from 50 -> 40 seconds Made it so most shotguns are more up to par with other weapons Made it so you can aim down sights while reloading a gun Made it so the boombox community tab holds up to 30 recently played tracks Fixed an issue where the "Sexy Dance" did not appear on the animation menu Possibly fixed an issue where mafia demands did not end when a player left the server
  12. No one likes shit ass. I will unban you at some point don't u worry
  13. April 22nd Changelog Added the first iteration of the RDM AI which staff will be able to classify sits for money! It won't do anything.. yet.. Added a selector when making an admin sit to easily select the people who recently killed you Revamped the RDM Zone score screen Made it so the Sprinkler has 55 uses up from 35 Made it so SLogs will now display more information when tapping on most logs Made it so the the New Guy can be played by new players who have less than 72 hours of playtime up from 24 Made it so there is no cooldown for XP when playing as the Hacker Fixed an issue where some selection menus could go outside of the screen Fixed an issue where some UI's would report times such as "01 Minutes 01 Seconds"
  14. "I never used an alt in gmod"   That list shows 14 potential connections. Someone DMed me saying you were an alt of MSI who is currently banned for being silly and I saw that you were linked to him so you got the hammer 🤷‍♂️  Feel free to DM me on discord if you have refutable evidence that you are not an alt of anyone but it aint looking good chief  EDIT: After speaking with you I decided to unban you for now!
  15. April 10th Changelog Reskinned the animation menu so it can scroll Made it so the HUD is now hidden when opening the spawn menu Improved description for talent point unlocking via the prestige menu Fixed an issue where C4 would explode like crazy Fixed an issue where some food had the wrong power descriptions Fixed an issue where rerolling your gang talent points would not properly show until relogging
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