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  1. Staff have decided that this is a valid warn. DENIED
  2. As it stand now in in the accessory vendor the options to buy a mask take up multiple categories in the shop, my suggestion is to make a category simply called mask so when you go into eyes, or mouth it isn't flooded with masks.
  3. I've had the issue of having many almost filled water barrels flood my inventory. It'd be nice to just combine them and clear up some space. +1
  4. I do agree that for the work you have to put into getting it, it's quite boring. Even a color change from white would be all that's needed.
  5. looks like it was just a one time thing, relogging fixed it.
  6. I'll try relogging and see if that fixes it, all I did was hop on get on PD Commander and that happened
  7. I don't see how there is any bias here, you were in the wrong so he warned you for it. I've forwarded this to Sum Bear
  8. I don't see what I can gain from this, and for that reason I'm out. -1
  9. Last time I did one of these I was still in grade school, sounds fun! Sign me up
  10. Handcuffs In Hand
    PD Lockpick
    Impound SWEP
    Let me buys these off you. Contact me on discord I will pay good price. eden#7321

  11. This look like a lot of fun! But it seems like I got some catching up to do, good luck to you all!
  12. STEAM_0:1:120942854 this is your steam id. Selcouth banned you Cardinal just extended it, I will be forwarding this to them.
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