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  1. STEAM_0:1:120942854 this is your steam id. Selcouth banned you Cardinal just extended it, I will be forwarding this to them.
  2. STEAM_0:1:155417485 I will be visiting my grandparents for the holidays. I deserve the rank because I am special.
  3. Goon Chunk Popcorn Run Fast SWEP Airpods Fidget Spinner Crescent Rose Benny's Saxophone Zip Ties The Bible Deagon Dagger Batclaw PD Lockpick Duck SWEP King Spawner King Portal Clown's Bike Horn Micheal's Knife Impound SWEP Bilibili Thrower Santa's Presents Useless Item Egg Thrower Armor Gun Handcuffs In Hand Chicken Grenade Russian Roulette DogBite Hazmat Console Wabbajack Patrick Plushie Motorola Flip Phone Jinx Lockpick Melon Grenade Miku Plushie Admin Stick Admin Keypad Checker Mad Milk Dab Dark Night Fists From my bank and inv. Sorry if I repeated any that someone has already pointed out
  4. I like orange slices because they taste good mmmmmmmm
  5. IG: Spartan Discord: Bartholomew#8830 Halloween: Playing games with the boys
  6. I will be denying this appeal due to the user not responding with more information.
  7. If what you say did happen, why did you feel the need to put that in your reasoning? It is unrelated, you only beg to be unbanned, giving no real reason as to why you should be unbanned. You clearly didn't take this appeal seriously. You had a chance to come back from a perm ban, but you decide to go ahead and do that. It seems to me like you only have bad intentions. I don't want you coming back -1
  8. It might be because it's a gun that is no longer on the server
  9. Will anything come of this? From Walters response it's clear there will be changes but we haven't seen anything.
  10. Bartholomew


    Just do it
  11. Been a while since I've seen you active! I'll totally join, been wanting to get into a more active group
  12. In my own personnel experience, you were never toxic to me, nor have you ever done me wrong. I can't recall a time in the past when you did something even remotely this horrible, wishing death upon someone, especially is such a horrific way is unacceptable. Seeing as your a long time player, you knew that saying that wouldn't end good for you, you admit that by saying you should have been banned for 2 weeks. Taking into your ban history into account, there are cases that are quite similar to this one, such as The Soviet Joker, he didn't have an extensive ban history, but because he made a stupid decision to say death threats, he was banned. The reason bring this up is because I thinks it's dumb when you use that as an argument for a shorter ban. But, even after saying all this, I do feel that you truly want to come back, and you have made an effort to self evaluate yourself. For this reason I am +1 for a ban reduction. I think you need more time to learn your lesson and to come back a better man.
  13. I think just a basic description of how all the legacy jobs work and what they do would be fine.
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