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  1. I don't think it would be very fair at all for EXCLUSIVE pets or pets otherwise unobtainable by the general public to have a Gameplay/Combat advantage, ESPECIALLY in the scope you described I don't think that would be very fair at all. Established, long-time players (who remind you are most likely to win the raffles where pets can be rewarded) are already hard to compete with since they have CCs, gang/level perks and talents, talismans/food, etc so giving them new powerful abilities in the form of pets would make things much worse. I wouldn't be against giving them a unique ability but allowing a different pet that's more easily obtained have the EXACT same ability though. That way your unique pet can still do something cool without overpowering every other person because they weren't lucky enough to win and/or new to the server. Edit: I really like the goon pet btw, I love goons!
  2. i mean some can be "weaponized" but I don't think it should be allowed to say slurs or just harrass people I think those rules should stay
  3. I am late to this topic considering the 77 PAGES of responses but i don't get why this is controversal. I think if we had a more inclusive and less ""aggresssive"" community we would probably retain more players and be more pleasant to the developers so they wont have to cope with doordash with all the negativity you guys spread
  4. if this is the case that might be cool, like you prestige enough and get bonus talent points that you otherwise wouldn't get?
  5. this is not a bug???? this is literally INTENDED behaviour. Mr bones has access to like 10 different text to speech sounds and voices
  6. I think just because a bunch of these rules aren't enforced, doesn't mean we should remove them. They're probably their for a reason, probably because they caused a sit that took 4 hours because they went back and forth and there was no specific rule so they made one. Staff just need to enforce rules other than "RDM" and "NLR"
  7. not anymore sugar removed it. Also meth smoke is less pay 2 win because most of the time when you get hurt by meth it's people doing a little bit of trolling in the sidewalk
  8. they made it so smoke, a job who's whole purpose was being protected from gas grenades and who WEARS a gas mask is no longer immune to gas grenades so I doubt that they would add this for a cosmetic anyone can wear.
  9. these suggestions don't really make a lot of sense to me
  10. I think you're confused about what he's reporting. The issue he's reporting is normally PD Camo makes you invisible whilst inside of a PD and a couple of seconds afterwards. However, due to the way !sleep works, you could effectively teleport anywhere but still be invisible because you were previously inside of the PD.
  11. Can't speak about the CC stuff cuz I am not a weeb but the price on a lot of the items are kind of high. Like i'm literally giving away trisha's launchers and blood extractor cuz I got too many of them...
  12. all im saying is its annoying and pd is uncordinated at the best of times + titsrp pd has a reputation for being braindead so its very unlikely they'll work together. All im suggesting is for ways to prevent camping and doing nothing but demoting people to annoy them
  13. TL;DR: Being randomly demoted and being unable to play a cop again for 2 minutes, for no reason and with no warning is confusing, annoying and also hard to counter if there isn't an active dupe/mayor in the PD. Especially when multiple hackers are camping together. The Problem: pretty much whenever nobody is being the mayor, it's very rare for people to hang out in the PD lobby where the mayor screen is located, especially when the server is low on players such as weekdays or early mornings. This means that essentially the Hacker can hide in the PD lobby until his hack phone is filled up and demote a cop everytime it is, this is especially worse if multiple hackers are doing this together. It is very difficult to counter-act this behaviour because unless you purposely sit in the mayors office doing nothing but keeping hackers out, it's impossible to tell if a hacker has breached their way into PD or not AND you receive no warning if you're about to get demoted, you simply do. if you combine this with the semi-recent addition which requires you to wait 2 whole minutes to be a cop again after you were unlucky enough to be randomly demoted without warning it makes it very hard to go in and *remove* the hackers that are camping the mayors office. Potential Solution(s): *Make it so that this hack option (or being able to hack the screen at-all) is only available when their is a mayor active, because usually the mayor is the only cop job that WANTS to sit in a guarded room all day. This would prevent hackers from just camping inside of the mayors office all day, meaning if they were to demote a random cop they probably would need to instead sneak in and then sneak out which is what I believe the intended behavior is anyways. *Make it so that this hack option has a cool-down that is slightly LONGER than the time it takes to acquire the needed hack power to incentives the hackers not to camp the office as they'll probably be caught before they have the chance to use the hack option again. Once again incentivizing them to leave and return after a while instead of camping.
  14. this is gonna get me hate but I don't think juggernaut's minigun is OP, it's only really OP when enchanted so it should be blocked from enchanting like other weapons that cause issues are. If you nerf the base stats itself it'll make it more useless, especially now that a talent has been added to allow cops to spawn with 150 armor (half of juggs), it makes the juggernaut class a pretty weak class especially with the reduced movement speed!
  15. forget reading your mind! Then the people of TitsRP would have to think (shocking). Instead, let's create an AI that can automatically predict whenever someone wants to sell something on the marketplace and automatically sell it.
  16. give us a list of blacklisted props!!! also the vanilla rdm zone can use blacklisted props (the big houses)
  18. I mean everyone has a price but sugar is pretty fat so it might be 1000$+ worth of doordash
  19. it was some nice editing I will say that
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