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  1. It seems like this bug will be unintentionally fixed in the next update, since the bird is no-longer able to get stuck or generally get close to the roofs anymore
  2. yes this is true, but I don't think a pickup box gets deleted since it literally teleports outside the map when u eat it
  3. I don't see how this is a high priority exploit since you cannot reaaally abuse it it's just getting somewhere you shouldn't, and technically you're still inside the map you're just trapped between two skyboxes. KDawg might be able to hash something together but I think this is more than anything an error with the map and/or the way /size works.
  4. So for those who don't know let me give context. So there's this meme going around of taking this NSFW video of one of the cats from animal crossing doing an unchristian act of lust to the villager from that game, however the meme is that if you crop the video in a certain way it doesn't look like anything NSFW is happening and just that the "cat is ""dancing"" " because anything that could be NSFW is not in frame.
  5. in August 2018 he rdmed me in the kingdom and made me lose my legendary dogbite swep and got away with it, I have never gotten this slight against me.
  6. 2019? this bro was around the server before you even heard of gmod, he's even more of a titsrp boomer than me
  7. What? What the hell? Why would this be responsibility? There's a difference between showing cartoon titties and full on porn. We block pretty much all porn from being posted in chat and such That's just because the staff are bad, not because it's something we actively try to encourage I would have to agree with you on this one unfortunately, most admins don't seem to care if you do this or make anti-semitic comments which I think kind of sucks. These are actually no longer ok, some jokes were made before but we've removed them from the server. For example we replaced the Pedobear with Gru from dispicable me. The average demographic I would say I've seen in GMod and especially DarkRP is 13-19ish, so it's pretty much literally just a teen hangout, that's why the communities are seen as toxic and edgy because teens as a whole are pretty edgy and toxic I would know because I am one. That's why there are so many weeb models and furry models and awful meme models in the server, because that's what the average age group culturizes right now. Ultimately, it's more so preventing people who don't want to see NSFW content from being unwillingly exposed to it, especially since a lot of TitsRP players are under 18.
  8. I agree that the "for the children" arguments are kinda dumb on a server literally titsrp but that doesn't mean you should be getting the edgy 13 year olds to look up nsfw stuff either
  9. couldn't you just sign out of the forums and then sign in with the one you want to have for the forums? I may have misunderstood what you read though
  10. Yeah I like the idea of adding more slots however I also agree that it would require a lot of rebalancing since it would essentially result in people competing over treasure, which might not be that fun.
  11. I do agree that I think the raiding section of the MOTD needs some reworks, however I don't think forcing players to reimburse other players involuntary should be a thing. Of course it's always nice when they choose to do so but 9/10 times a rulebreaker if they're already going to get a warn/ban for the rule break might not see the worth in reimbursing players AND it makes the players who do go out of their way to make up for their mistake do so instead to try and avoid getting a punishment
  12. but for the cops it's super frustrating, especially since that gives the criminal time to pull out a gun and fucking shoot them all because someone across the map decided to do "a lil bit of trolling"
  13. It was fun playing with you man, I hope you have more fun in the future!
  14. While I personally think this would be better to have as a perk/talent, something that's ALWAYS active because it's a bit silly having your one and only option of getting cereal be stolen from you, however I also think Quick Farm would work for this as well, although it does seem a bit weird since you're not farming/fishing anything but it does make sense. +1
  15. The Problem: The enchantment known as "Shooting a player uncuffs them immediately" is extremely busted when properly used in a gang/party. It can effectively free your friend (or just annoy a random police) by INSTANTLY uncuffing anybody who is cuffed with little to no risk ask there is no maximum range that this enchantment can be used from. You could be on a rooftop guarding your teammates during a revolt or terrorist attack and knowing the average IQ of the TitsRP player, it's very unlikely that the person on the roof would by arrested before the original criminal can escape. This can be very frustrating for the police involved and potentially cuffed people who take damage when not expecting too. The Solution: The simplest way to nerf the enchantment without removing it or doing anything that would make it useless, I would suggest changing "Shooting a player uncuffs them immediately" into A "Shooting a player has a % chance to uncuff them immediately" OR B "Shooting a player within % units uncuffs them immediately". Both of these Solutions already exist in other enchantments, so transferring them to this one seems pretty doable. The Explanation/Implementation: Both option A and option B fix the most important issue with this enchantment, consistency with little risk. Option A means that you are not 100% guaranteed to INSTANTLY AND IMMEDIATELY free your friend, meaning it can still be a very useful tool in your arsenal, while still preventing it from entering the minge territory (especially since you can put this enchantment on a gun like the Tranq, which does basically zero damage). The alternative, Option B, still makes it so that you can free the cuffed person INSTANTLY, however you have to be much closer to said person, meaning it's less likely you'll be able to do it from half-way across the map. I personally think Option B is the best one, since it changes the enchantment the least while still fixing its biggest issue. In my opinion, on this server if you're going to be able to do something as impactful as free someone out of cuffs, you should be at least within the vicinity the police and not LITERALLY half-way across the map. Thanks for reading another one of my dumb suggestion posts, please tell b0ne, malicious and mori to stop trolling me.
  16. This is very cool Do I have permission to take and add this information to the official titsrp wiki? I will credit you of course!
  17. This is very cool Do I have permission to take and add this information to the official titsrp wiki? I will credit you of course!
  18. In-game name: Lil Bimby SteamID: STEAM_0:1:105412358 Your plans for Halloween: Resurrecting a goon army to take over the server!!!! MUAHAHAAHAHAHHAHA
  19. Just because "good people" were banned or they didn't do it a lot or make a lot of money doing it doesn't mean they didn't exploit. I don't think the people who are currently banned should be unbanned, it's VERY clear in both the punishment guidelines AND the server rules that exploiting can result in a punishment if abused and/or not properly reported. HOWEVER, I DO NOT think that this deserves a permanent ban, I think maybe a year ban would suffice as a permanent ban for something minor like this exploit was seems a bit over reactionary.
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