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  1. I do do this, but not as a CC, playing as a tiny, low gravity necromancer jumping around using a dab swep is much more fun than being a weeaboo model with every swep on the server on my cc 24/7
  2. god I so so so so wish people actually did this, (I don't consider sitting at fountain/rooftops all day with a "bar" or "hospital" dupe doing nothing all day roleplay)
  3. honestly still kind of said the bear's and babies got removed, they were iconic you know? Also I guess we're never getting that Chris Hansen job now
  4. garnet gaming literally has a bad r word swep and hasn't been banned so I don't think this is a major issue, plus it's a nod to a better time before kdawg got high off doordash and replaced the bear's with minnions
  5. by saying "it's going to" the game isn't even out bro it's in closed beta, you're technically correct but this just seems like a WELL ACTUALLY kind of awnser. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT OMG
  6. this is correct! CS:GO runs on the same engine as Garry's Mod does, whereas S&Box is going to run on the same engine as Half-Life: Alyx and Dota 2
  7. I am massive +1, they used to be balanced because they were much easier to obtain but now that they're quite rare and even harder to obtain through grinding then I think the lootbox should be buffed to reflect that
  8. didn't you get permabanned? when did you get back? what? lmao?
  9. who was the 69th, 420th and 1337th user?
  10. I mean yes? you you wouldn't be able to go shopping again if they didn't
  11. no your topic will be better than anything i'm going to make, mostly i'm writting a suggestion post (big surprise) and I want some old videos to contrast with new ones, whereas this post is pure nostalgia goodness
  12. yes i'm making a forum post about old titsrp compared to today and having as much footage of awesome moments from back in the day would be really useful
  13. these were a joy to watch, can you find any more from these good ol' days?
  14. what do you mean? doge is more popular now than ever before!
  15. you could also get some of the silolletes for the classes for your tattoo, like the wireframe characters that appear when loading into the server
  16. her uselessness is her purpose, she's designed to be laughed at
  17. no I could've sworn you did I remember you going on some new guys forum post where he was asking for donations to buy vip and you were like "imagine not getting vip for free from the Christmas event LMAO LOSER" or something like that
  18. I thought you said previously that you got it from the christmas update they do every year, WHICH IS IT OMG SILVER
  19. they can equip melee and misc sweps but even ignoring that it shouldn't destroy your items, just not let you use them!
  20. you've accomplished what my father couldn't
  21. I don't entirely think it's a server bug (I may be wrong) but I know that a similar issue occurs in other DarkRP sand Sandbox servers, though the video seems to be a bit extreme so maybe it could be something else. Either way, 1.) Default HL2/GMod has a maximum timer that you can hold items with the gravity gun, I think it's something unrealistically high but I do know it exists, so maybe the server is somehow altering this value 2.) High lag/ping can cause you to drop the item because during a lag spike (which can sometimes be small and unnoticable) the server is unable to verify that the user is "holding" the object and drops it
  22. honestly I feel like even though both sides made really good arguments I don't think sugar tits is gonna change the rule, I mean he hasn't responded to either side I think he's hoping to keep the ban
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