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  1. I think it was added to help differentiate actual raiders from random people who want to join the kingdom as alot of people complained about getting killed when they only want to visit and vice-versa, however I agree that the advert should be removed, I personally believe instead of FORCING players to do things like adverting we should instead of the game/server automatically handle those things for example hitmen.
  2. raiding/defending aren't the only uses of a weapon in the game, I don't mean to sound snarky when I say that but yeah I agree it is almost useless during a raid but if you're at fountain and see a kidnapper just chuck a shovel at them for an almost instakill, being chased by a cop just throw a shovel at them, etc.
  3. You can throw a shovel decently far and depending on the scenerio you're in you may not have time to even notice that you're about to have a shovel thrown at you before it's to late, with the exception of sniper rifles (which is what they're designed for) when you take damage from a gun you atleast have a couple of seconds to react before you die
  4. Ok so I know this is going to be controversial but i'm going to be honest here and say the following about the shovel and why I think it should be nerfed slightly because in it's current state it is extremely powerful 1.) Any class (including small models like pets) can get it almost at will through the entities tab for just 60$ making it extremely easy to use and replenish in battle 2.) while it's not useful in "raiding" during roleplay encounters it can be extremely broken as it does a ton of damage especially when thrown and even if they miss they can just buy a new one 3.) It feels unfun to fight against, it's not intended to be used in PvP and instead used in farming but it does waaay to much damage and people don't like to admit it but be honest I see a ton of people running around fountain with shovels instakilling kidnappers before they even know what was going on. My suggested fixes: 1.) Simply remove the ability to throw the shovel similar to the axe and picaxe [this one i'm neutral if it gets added or not] 2.) Massively reduce the damage it deals when being thrown and increase the cooldown for buying it since if you're using it for it's intended purpose the cooldown would rarely be an issue 3.) Reduce the insanely powerful throwing range and speed the thing has
  5. succ the zucc: joking about things people cannot control isn't funny like being women i'm triggered every admin: -1 if I cannot insult women why do I live?
  6. supermarioben2


    11pm-2am is the holy time, it's novelty shant be ruined
  7. I agree with this to an extent however we also have to remember that people do appeal permabans, while it's very unlikely it does happen for example that console randomly banning for entering certain commands. On the flip size, if Mr. Money bags gets his 50th warn but has 100mil in his account I could see the want to disperse that back into the community, so I am +1 for this idea but it depends on how it's implemented
  8. this shouldn't be classified as urgent, this isn't a urgent issue at most a medium
  9. I think it was very demanding serverside though so i think that's why it got changed
  10. I tried to auction my items but he told me "these are literal trash nobody is going to want to buy them" which lead me to take my potato elsewhere
  11. I am not 100% sure but I think if the mayor is already dead it automatically demotes the mayor and lets the revolters win
  12. i'm not really referring to a map like rockford or evocity as I think it's way to far of a stretch then the kind of map titsrp is built around, i'm thinking of maps more like locality or underground or a custom one around that, basically maps similar and inspired by downtown but like not downtown but new buildings
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