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  1. this isn't urgent at all but it kind of bugs me so I hope it gets fixed!
  2. Title pretty much says it all. If you were arrested with an AK-47 for example and you escape prison, when you escape prison then you escape with any previous weapons or items you've had! However this won't apply to waiting out your sentence because it makes sense that the police wouldn't confiscated your guns upon release. Very minor suggestion.
  3. I personally have never been able to reproduce this myself however I have seen it happen to other people. +1
  4. I actually really really like how Serial Killer is so I don't really like these ideas, I don't see the purpose of making him ANOTHER Mass RDM class, we already have more of those. Serial Killer is basically just a super powerful Cultist which is what I want because unlike you maniacs I don't play a boring CC 24/7. I do wish though that Serial Killer could actually CHOOSE his disguise so he can disguise better because the random CC models he gets basically give him away so easily.
  5. Yes! I agree! A lot of rules in the MOTD (including this one) need to be clarified because I don't think I have EVER seen someone EVER obey this rule!
  6. Hey I like the idea of giving Serial Killer new options however I think this suggestion goes against fundamentally what the job is supposed to do and if these get added would completely ruin my enjoyment of playing Serial Killer, which is one of my favorite jobs in TitsRP. I agree with having a slowdown cap, that should definitely be implemented however I don't like the syringe idea, basically that would be like a better tranq gun which already is kind of annoying if you don't expect it so having a instant knockout version of that would be pretty annoying, PLUS you need a bludgeon anyways to pick up bodies so it makes more sense to give him his super powerful bludgeon. This is not a very good idea at all. First of all, 10 minutes is a long time and I think waiting 10 minutes would be so damn boring nobody would bother playing Serial Killer, especially since people find the current 3-5 minute kidnap cooldown boring. Also the 2 hour cool down PER PERSON is actually really good because if you fail your kidnap or succeed, you can IMMEDIATELY go get another victim if you want, you don't have to wait a cooldown to kidnap a completely different person like you do with the regular bludgeon. I think a better implementation of this would be to have the cooldown be based on player count, for example: low population: 30 minute cooldown mid population: 1 hour cooldown high population: 2 hour cooldown This, literally is the opposite of what this class is meant to be doing. You're a Serial Killer not a Terrorist. We already have many jobs that can kill whoever they want (Terrorist, Abomination, Pissed Pig, Shark and Sewer Monster) and we also have many other jobs that can RDM other classes (Chucky, Michaeal Myers, Grim Reaper, Mayor Assassin, etc) so having ANOTHER job run around and kill people is kind of pointless. The purpose of Serial Killer is to sneak around and kidnap and murder people who are either alone or when nobody else is paying attention, if you're running out into the open and grabbign people and then wondering why you died, it's not because Serial Killer is bad (I think he's actually pretty powerful if you know what you're doing) it's because you're not playing optimally. That's literally what the Serial Killer already does? Except only while the victim is still kidnapped and able to be rescued. This is an interesting idea that might be cool for some of the other kidnap jobs (for example the aliens who will probe you in that chair) but it doesn't make sense for the Serial Killer. The Serial Killer isn't kidnapping people to have them as their pets, he's kidnapping them to EAT THEM!!! Are you talking about the same person? If I recall correctly there's no kidnap cooldown as a Serial Killer if it's a different person each time, Or are you referring to the time that they wake up till? In that case it's already been shortened and Sugar Tits said himself he wants it to be longer so that you actually have to hide and protect the body, and I have had situations where I was hiding the body while their friends were raiding my base trying to free their friend but then there are other times where they're knocked out and cannot do anything. This is a pretty good idea!
  7. Or you just have an opinion. This community is very nice I will make a part 2 with older examples soon!
  8. if you're playing the job correctly you shouldn't NEED to kidnap the same guy over and over. There's no reason to harrass the same guy as Serial Killer just go where nobody is looking and kidnap the people walking alone with no witnesses nearby, that way you won't get slowed either.
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