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  1. -1 I think the pros outway the cons, you're not supposed to be able to raid the mayor during grace period the only exception I might be willing to agree on is allowing jails to be lockpicked since you can be arrested during graceperiod
  2. i've seen reports for this 'bug' (which is more of an oversight) all the way back in 2017, basically when you unbox there is a server unbox and the thing you see is your client trying to match the server, but sometimes if you have really high ping or you lag or something it will look like you unboxed one thing while you really unboxed another, it's almost always a item right next to the pin anyway so that's the cause.
  3. I would personally love this feature however I think it needs something to prevent it from being abused because when you rejoin the server all your xp cooldowns reset
  4. I love chaos SO SO MUCH, like I wish they added new effects to make the wabbajack more chaotic, but I don't think there is a need to give abomination weapons when there is ANOTHER mass rdm class that alreadh has weapons. Abomination is supposed to be a meme, but that doesn't meme he has to be weak!
  5. NO, people hate fighting terrorist because of all the different weapons we have on the server, if they wanna mass rdm with actual decent weapons they should be a terrorist
  6. I mostly agree with this, it can sometimes be annoying that a abomination can come from anywhere he has ALOT of disadvantages such as His job is AOS and he is KOS when rampaging He is very big, has a large hitbox and shows everyone on the map wwhere he is A very long cooldown until he can rampage again He is resticted to a melee weapon (a literal dildo) +1 for more HP, this is what the terrorist should be
  7. the new weapon stand display upgrade is awesome, however in it's current state it displays two different amounts of cash for each gun, the amount that it's worth (like the amount the general buyer will buy it for) and the amount that the seller is selling the gun for. I have seen alot of new players get confused when they think they're buying a 400$ gun but it's actually being sold for 1000$. I think simply not displaying the general buyer price will simply be enough to fix this.
  8. supermarioben2


    I think the reason for your old name is the fact that you last posted in 2015, and it may be using your old forum/steam name:
  9. add back mercenary, destroyer of worlds, darth vader, pokemon trainer and indiana jones
  10. these have been an issue since it's implementation, +1 plz fix
  11. personally I like all the dumb sweps he has, it is one of the things that made me really enjoy the server when I first found it to be chased by a dildo, spoon, brick 'n shit wielding madman teletubby. I personally think the BIGGEST problem is that the aids make you KOS but does like 5 damage a second which almost always simply results in your death, literally the ONLY time i've ever successfully stalked someone is if they were afk or they had let me, I think this is an oversight especially since literally everyone on the server has a gun on them and if they don't they can equip one from their inventory. I think the range and damage of the stalk should be greater so you could for example stand on a roof and stalk someone at fountain like real stalkers OR maybe make the effects WORSE so it's harder to figure out who is stalking you. The disguise swep doesn't work out to well either because although it is useful and really fun, the person who's stalking you can almost always be simply "whoever is looking at me".
  12. supermarioben2

    AFK Call

    if the server isn't full, afk players are barely an issue other than having annoying bounty targets in spawn, other than that it makes the server look more full which might attract more players who search through most active, if the server gets close to being full however then yeah it should kick
  13. Ok I have no idea why but for whatever reason theres a model with broken hitboxes or broken blood decals tyz is almost ALWAYS using it, poor guy
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