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  1. the long timer is useful because you gotta stay out of sight, but people usually hang around other people, so sometimes you gotta battle for longer than 30 seconds, however I definitely think being able to punch them would be useful to wake them up
  2. ok but I think you're either confused or something because you said you don't want permanent sweps which I agree I don't want that either but at the same time you claim that you also don't think it should expire? that's literally the opposite of permanent is expiration. I don't know if having them be permanent but just on cc's would be a good idea either as that's just permanent weapons but just for cc's I think personally sugar should've given more thought about the prestige system before implementing it, he said he kind of regretted the cc system because of how he didn't think ah
  3. you don't need to harrass him because he has an unpopular opinion guys
  4. I kind of like this idea, but I think it should be longer since you're prestiging for this, which takes a while to do, so maybe you unlock it for 1 week for every prestige point spent on something? So if you buy a long revolver for 3 prestige tokens you get it for 3 weeks, after which you gotta unlock again
  5. well that's how they ALREADY work, if u prestige an item u get it forever, however that's basically just permanent weapons, we're trying to figure out of how get your weapon but without it being permanent and brokenly op
  6. the only thing about this idea is we should make it obtainable for people who don't play on cc's that much like myself
  7. I just checked on the prestige and found that it says they're permanent however I would've done it differently so it's less op, the two ideas I had for prestige would be to either 1.) buying a prestige weapon lets you unlock it on your CC or 2.) (the method I would prefer) buying a prestige weapon adds that weapon to be able to be claimed whenever you get your login bonus, for example if you unlock the prestige piss swep everytime you get the daily reward you can be guaranteed a piss swep, if you have multiple prestige's you can be guaranteed at
  8. the thing is staff screen grab is useless because the only cheats that cant be caught by the anti-cheat are cheats that wouldn't be caught by screen grab either
  9. The server would likely jump up once summer comes around, most people are in exams and such. I think calling the server "dead server" isn't fair as this is the relative pattern that it was at before. It got really big during the first 2-3 months of the first lockdown because everything did and it isn't fair to compare today to that standard.
  10. the "rich" have broken the 1bil threshold, it's almost a lost cause
  11. but it's not the annabelle, it's a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG annabelle
  12. I don't think they'll be permanent weapons either as that's way too op and I make it very clear that I HATEE servers that use permanent weapons of any kind, that is why I don't like CC's because they're basically permanent combat+healing+manuever weapons so long as ur on ur cusotm class
  13. this is an already made swep frisco just compressed the texture, something that every weapon/pm has in regular titsrp done to it. Not really a community made swep but I like the enthusiasm.
  14. Hello! When I was first exploring this great server, my favorite thing to do was go look in lootboxes or processors for wacky and cool sweps that you would NEVER see any other booring server include such as the Master Sword, Dab, Dildo, Baby Thrower, etc. However after a while of experiencing the wacky 'n funny sweps they become something you get used to. However, when the Piss SWEP and the Lighter was added to the prestige shop, this gave me an interesting idea of what if we could add the wacky sweps to the prestige shop, that way they're not super broken but also encourage more people to pla
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