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  1. We've had a discussion on this exact job a while ago, while not completely a bad idea our server perfers to try and be more custom rather than gmodstore city, however we sometimes will let the really good ones in like zero's meth addon that we use, bludgeons, admin tickets, etc. The general conclusion that we came on the last post was "it WOULD be interested but in the addons current state it isn't as optimized and compatible with our current systems that we would need it to be to add it in".
  2. someone literally went from application to accepted under 6 hours, i've never seen that happen before, can we put the fact that we need more staff members any more bluntly? APPLY AND I MAY CONSIDER PUTTING A HALT ON YOUR MOM JOKES EVERY 5 SECONDS IN OOC
  3. maybe just make it say "randomly remove your bounty x times" or "randomly hack away your bounty x times" or something?
  4. if we're gonna prevent actual jobs from using food if /size then should we prevent small cc models from using food aswell?
  5. sharks can /size, it can be very funny seeing a giant shark crawling on land, I agree that maybe we shouldn't allow legendaries to be used on /size but restricting all items will make it way more annoying and way more useless then it already is. I am -1 to making them do less damage because of the following reasons: 1.) unlike CC's everyone technically has access to a job that can /size if they have the perk 2.) You can only /size on weird and stupid jobs, I personally don't see why people act like their the most op thing ever compared to small anime models who have access to an entire cc loadout, at most you can expect maybe a gun or like an annoying shovel or something.
  6. yes, I have encountered these issues on my end, I hope they get fixed sometime.
  7. +1 this would solve so many problems and make it so while on grace period you can actually build/prepare since you cannot kill mayor or raid pd so it stops annoyances but +1 please dear god add this
  8. Massive -1 to this as it will just cause massive amounts of confusion and unnecessary conflict. Instead I think that we should buff the earnings of the bank owner and guards as I understand it was really OP back in 2017 but the good thing about that is that people actually played bank guard and triedf their hardest to defend it because if they didn't they weren't making bank that day. +1 to everything else however another problem I see is that people will use the bank to store items that have 0 value to them like lootboxes and such to not pay the tax, maybe instead have it whenever the bank gets raided the tax to store items gets increased and the bank owner gets 50% of that tax or something
  9. I don't know if it's constant, I think MAYBE you have to have it spawned in the world when you change because that deletes it but there is a code in the server where if your sacrifice table gets destroyed it lets you spawn it again
  10. I am bad at chess but sometimes I feel guilty and play with him anyways, to bad the chess system sucks and breaks every SINGLE game
  11. I agree, I think talents should be implemented in the same way that !level talents were in the sense that the OP talents cost alot of points and the non-op ones are dirt cheap, I think that some should definitely be reworked because stuff like 'Persuasive fine' and 'Wow' are just so dare I say useless that not even my MEME gang can use them
  12. While I personally wish that we had a system to remove really old warns if you don't aquire another warn in x amount of time while being active on the server, we currently don't have that system in place so as it stands unless any of those warns are invalid and you can provide proof you're just going to have to stick in the dangerzone
  13. yeah I don't know what the others are talking about, it's a darkrp server what do you expect?
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