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  1. it fr be tough out there, shout out to the boys in blue/red/purple putting in work making it possible to play
  2. -1 bad idea, would force people to do something and people don't like being forced to do stuff. would be a bad first impression when they join
  3. Referring to this post Kinda awhile ago, stopped keeping ya'll updated due to thread being closed, me joining the military, going SpecOps, going over seas, etc but here is an update <3 It finally happened boys, over the past 3 months i went from Silver 4 to Gold Nova Master!
  4. Workshop TOS doesn't require you to ask the owner for permission but very honorable move!
  5. *Staff should always conduct a sit or at minimum talk to the individual prior to giving a punishment. *Crossfire is still considered RDM and if someone is careless enough to crossfire three people they should be punished. *Not taking precautions is why this is considered careless behavior. *Friends killing eachother does not add to the RP environment so it is frowned upon. *To add to the careless factor, it was right outside of spawn which is a high-pop area. *Giving a punishment to a crime with no victims is not necessary and a waste of time and man power. With this information stated above I am accepting this ban appeal, main reason being we don't know if the rdm'd players wanted this user reprimanded. With this being said I want the players to take further action to prevent cross fire, take it somewhere else on the map with minimal population or create an arena. The staff member's actions have been noted and the deficiency will be corrected, thank you. I will lower the ban time and change the reason to RDM instead of MassRDM.
  6. Nice and thoughtful post; however, this player is not special and if we treat him as so we would have to treat others the same.
  7. MassRDM intentional or not defaults to one week. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. This is the case because more often then not even in unintentional cases the user was being careless or not having enough attention to detail as to prevent their actions. After reading what you stated I feel you could have used your problem solving skills to realize you were in a high-pop area and using an explosive instead of a blowtorch or a lockpick could have lead to cross-firing many people.
  8. First game I ever played was Panzer General , i would sit on senior fantasmas lap as he would play and kinda play along too.
  9. maybe add a note to the ban appeal template that states ban appeals are for "if you truly think you did nothing wrong or the punishment was too much" and not "knowing what you did was wrong and your ban was just so you are asking for forgiveness"
  10. You are not special, wait out your punishment.
  11. Closing report due to the comment above, this is a side effect of a solution to a bigger problem, just don't become the chair.
  12. Here is the discussion I have already had on this topic. If the ban is longer than a day then I would agree it is too much but if anything other than that I don't feel this appeal should be accepted. Sugar has put in extra effort to prevent random reports so obviously this is something the community should be against. The staff member did what he was supposed to, hopefully all the staff follow Griffin's example. -1, form not completed.('staff who banned' line not filled in)
  13. Ban Appeal Accepted/Closed. Staff deficiency was corrected.
  14. -1 wasting moderators time. +1 change ban reason to abusing report system This would also mean the user who is banned should be unbanned and the user who called the sit is the one who should be banned.
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