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  1. also happens with spirit caller knife
  2. +1 I suggested having physgunnable plots like procs 3 months ago, as well. https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/14019-let-tilling-plots-be-physgunned/ It makes too much sense to adjust from a quality of life perspective, so it probably won't get changed in the foreseeable future.
  3. why would anyone use health injector over health food
  4. In regard to the token situation. I think there should be a cut-off date where all tokens a player has in bank and inventory will get cut in half. There's just too much supply floating around.
  5. Only reason I played on this server was back in 2017 some guy in ooc said "who wants me to buy them vip" I said "ill suck your dick if you give me vip" and he bought VIP for like 5 people with his credit card. One of those 5 people were me. You gotta understand VIP costed more back then. It was actually something to grind through and not a token you would attain through only a few hours on the server.
  6. Your opinions are invalid due to these statements. Stop making meta suggestions if you don't know basics.
  7. that is literally the definition of P2W idk what youre saying. Custom content is probably the biggest differentiator for the server. Nobody wants to play bland jobs like Doge or John Cena. People want to grind and get cool stuff that they aren't able to easily obtain. It was at its peak back when everything wasn't a braindead reskin. Bacta grenade was introduced when NotBillCosby added it to the CC editor. We got throwable plushies when Isaac added his egg swep. People were motivated to keep basing and keep up with getting the new fun items. (houndeye healing, goku swep, superman swep) Who knows what new things we're missing because Sugar is too afraid to balance stuff. You couldn't even add a fidget spinner to the CC editor now. That's how dull it's gotten. oof Of course nobody will want to base with so much money freely flowing around. The ideal CC build has barely changed and people have more money than they can spend.
  8. okay but like people actually don't base anymore. me and the boys were trying to raid all day and we peaked at like 3 raidable bases per hour of active searching. It's a Friday night and it's not like people aren't playing on the server. maybe part of the reason is that everyone has too much money. When a darkrp whale (and irl whale) has ~1 billion, they spend more in CC editor thereby giving sellers 10s of millions, they give away more to hobos, and people have the funds they need to get the stuff they want (legendaries, CC slots, etc). If the token situation really screwed the economy, it was too late to fix that by simply removing new tokens. Now the whales are the only ones with tons of tokens reserved, and they amassed such a wealth with those tokens before, that is unobtainable to match unless you no-life it. There's just too much capital flowing around to make people want to base. I really don't see this getting fixed unless the printer buff you made is decent and that there is an addition of a sort of prestige mode where you get some special perks in exchange for spending XXX million out of the economy. Why not improve the party system? Make people want to base together. Give them a bonus of some kind that makes them want to base more than they did before. Or just fix the UI for parties. It's worse now than it was in 2017 on that old map. I'd rather not have VR Chat all the time
  9. What you were critiquing was the process of basing and raiding. The idea of shooting behind your one-way props and trying to defend with whatever you got and raiding through investing in 100s of thousands of darkrp worth of C4 and timebombs to get the spoils of war has been the essence of this server for so long. The only real shift that happened this year was the viability of makeshift timebombs and the removal of punting for C4s. This ease or difficulty of raiding isn't the reason people aren't even trying to base because people were basing in the same meta. For new players, basing is really disadvantageous. The first thing a new player will do is make a scuffed base, and then buy the spawnable printers and proc. I doubt that would buy a bitminer right away since it's a fairly high investment for a fresh account. Then as a new player: you see that you have a mini printer that barely prints enough to make back its purchasing & failsafe costs you have a regular printer that is printing nothing compared to the costs of acquiring the Custom Classes that everyone else has. You also don't know to use a "Printer Speed Upgrade (SUPER)" because you've never seen one you have a processor that is dropping you shipment of trash guns that you're not sure what to do with. You see that you have to manually walk to the general buyer NPC every time to sell (because you're not in a gang) If we buffed the printing rates of printers and nerfed the quantities of processors, wouldn't this be a better incentive to base? If there's a consensus that raiding is OP, bring back maze dupes so the basers have that to fall back on. If everyone is using makeshift timebombs and C4s anyways it shouldn't make that much of a difference.
  10. I mean that's been said since I started playing in 2017 when they were actually OP (not nearly as much anymore). I don't think that's why a lot less people are basing compared to before. CCs haven't really changed at all these past few months, but basing is practically dead now.
  11. nobody bases anymore. how to fix? the obvious answer is to unban the people who would actually base, but we know that's not happening. maybe nerf procs and buff printers? Basing with printers feels more tangible than getting items that you sell from your inventory. Maybe that would help bring it back?
  12. https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/13479-escaping-jail-bug/
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