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  1. High quality post. I am ajax5206, and I endorse this introduction. +1
  2. No boombox logs. Already bad enough that we can't play earrape like the golden age. Don't make it more enforceable. We're not a serious RP server.
  3. STEAM_0:1:99696825 I will be vibing in my home like a good boy. I deserve the rank because I am ajax5206.
  4. Every other "chore" has a gain that you get out if it. If you do Quests, you get quest tokens out of it which you can redeem to get a prize. By having a friend forcetake you, you gain nothing except for a loss of fear that you are at risk of losing valuable items in your inventory. I disagree that it nudges players to not play on their CCs much. Everyone who has a CC plays it very frequently compared to normal jobs. What it might do is nudge a player towards playing less if you lose something valuable with no counterplay other than completing a chore.
  5. I find it funny that everyone who is defending force take are the ones who will have friends use force take on them every single day so they are immune to getting force taken almost all the time. It's not really a fun perk and it makes you have to stay a distance from someone whenever you are on your CC. It's silly that just by pressing E on Sixnut, I was able to get a prenerf darkrp leggy that was worth like 20 mil. Obv, that takes a lot of grind to earn, so why should it be loseable without any effort? Is it fun from a gameplay perspective to force players to store everything good in the bank? What does this add to the game? If you commit to doing this regularly, it's a chore.
  6. I think dying as the serial killer should demote you similar to spawn of h e l l. Also if you are arrested, it doesn't make sense that when you are released you are able to continue being a serial killer. I also think not kidnapping someone for X time duration should demote the player. Give the serial killer something like an Urge Timer where they have to kidnap and kill someone quickly or they will no longer be a serial killer. I mean isn't that how serial killers are? They get an urge to kill and as their urge gets stronger, they have to kill more frequently and frequently until they end up killing someone in an un-ideal situation and get caught. Right now there's nothing stopping a serial killer from camping at a corner of a map for hours and just bludgeoning anyone who comes nearby.
  7. wtf they have a processing fee? that's just straight up evil
  8. ajax5206

    50MIL Giveaway

    Biden will win, but Trump will contest results. The election will go to the supreme court. Coin-toss from there. jk. Kanye will win.
  9. I think everyone wants a better tickrate, but it seems to be more of a technical problem
  10. +1 but I don't think you should even be able to party defend if you're not on doors.
  11. ajax5206

    Crafting Bug

    if you equip and then inventory it, the item shows up correctly. but you would have to do it individually for every single one
  12. Right. So the other evidence I can provide apart from what’s already included is that in the beginning of the sit, Legs stated in chat that he had been banned for this before and he said “[ban me for 1 week]” Now if he didn’t intentionally kill me from behind without party binding, I don’t know why he would be so fast to accept the 1w. Rugrat ended up convincing Legs that he was giving him a warn and not a ban despite Legs and I initally agreeing that he deserved the ban. Legs also admitted to getting punished for this before so I have no idea why Rugrat said this was Legs’ first offense in the sit. Towards the end of the sit, he kept spamming his bind saying “suck my balls ****** [party bind]” so theres his attitude since you asked. :/ i also want to remind that jewann was basing in the base that Legs RDM’d me to protect.
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