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  1. -1 on Piss swep, Adds no Roleplay value, only a shitpost value. Taunts and emotes are mainly going to be used for shitposts
  2. Im 89% sure this doesn't work with the Admin Stick either and typically when you use a deployable (such as a grenade) your game automatically defaults to the adminstick for whatever reason (If that part could be fixed over the last inv that'd be amazing)
  3. Theres this wonderful app called Tinder for things like this.
  4. Anyone Remember the Wonka Bar?
  5. Vexxy

    OG's Appeal

    So.. I dont think you should return, A permanant ban needs to be permanent. -1
  6. However you were on a roof when you killed them and they were at the fountain, Not taking any actions towards you, Not even moving as they were looking at the ground.
  7. Bountylist allows Bounty Hunters to change their target at will by typing the command again. They did not initiate combat, you did. I told you during the sit that Being Hunted is not cause for KOS.
  8. So you killed them why then? if you didn't know why'd you jump the gun and start the fight?
  9. I told you during the sit, You cannot just shoot people because you have been told someone is hunting you. Even if they have a bounty on you, you cant just straight shoot them. its almost like shooting a hitman that has hit accepted despite you being the only person they are going towards, unless they shoot you or make attempts at your life, you cant just spray them down because a text on your screen appears saying "You are being hunted" You could've also avoided the warn because the Bounty hunter wanted their legendary weapon back in turn for the warn and was willing to forego the punishment for their weapon back.
  10. So my current stance on this is. To Hxnnesy: You are a minor and Chose to send nudes, he wasn't forcing or persuading you to do so. If however there was manipulation involved you opted to take an approach that would involve your nudes being sent on your own actions, Despite you full knowing he's 18 and you are considered a minor in the united states of america. To Umbra: [Redacted Statement]
  11. Health Injectors are a relic of the past, They Give 25% health instantly and are almost dirt cheap to craft, If there was a way to increase the amount of charges the Health Injector has allowing multiple uses I feel would give a more interesting dynamic to combat by injecting yourself with Health instead of pulling out a bacta and tossing it half hazardly and getting 33% Rare Finder Talisman should display your current and buffed chances to get a rare Gem/Oak. and stacking multiple should increase those odds. There should be a sort of indicator for how much wood you should chop to get the next rare oak/gem, Because going off blind odds and being unsure makes me not want to farm anything but chems. (Give Rare Metal and Oak a Guarenteed chance after so much wood gathered) Using the Rare Finder Talisman Should give 2 Chems More Often. Fix Damage TP Talisman from not working at all. Remove Demolitionist, No one really uses the job for its intended purpose and I rather not have to guess if someones gonna mass rdm when they become the job. These are some ideas I had.
  12. Basing is only super profitable and worth if: You got More then 3+/person procs You have a super stash of printers Farming Meth for 4 hours straight with super friends to defend you. You get the idea. Basing is not enjoyable solo and if you're basing with friends then no one can raid you easily because the moment they peak they explode. from a wall of gunfire. Exceptions are obviously there however you get where im pointing the blame at, theres alot that could be done to promote basing again. However I dont hold these ideas.
  13. So. Wiremod is an issue application for the sake of how many things can be exploited to either create issues for Players or the server and 99% of the time Both. If wiremod gets added a whole new ruleset needs to be added, Admins and Senior mods need to look over the entire addon to look over potential rules to create for it as to not abuse players rights and to not create loopholes for other rules. If its Staff only then we're seeking players only becoming staff for the benefit of Wiremod and not for the sake of helping the server. Application based could mean Anything is allowed because anything you apply it to is considered an application. Wiremod is too unstable and needs severe vetting to be implemented on a server this late into its lifespan -1
  14. Also pretty sus that you just joined today and suddenly have an issue with me and mainly me. Talking shit about staff when you just joined 'Today' imagine.
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