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  1. Player Marco(STEAM_0:0:66009818) (Dick Suckin Goblin) said | PM from Major monkey: fucking lying hoe hope you get a splinter in your eye for that <21-05-2021 / 04:07:39> Player acheslcrlteEXE(STEAM_0:0:600472823) (NINJ4) said /ooc Marco fucking is white knighting the chick <21-05-2021 / 04:26:02> Player acheslcrlteEXE(STEAM_0:0:600472823) (NINJ4) said /ooc look at this simp https://imgur.com/a/jt2PDB6 <21-05-2021 / 04:30:18> Player major monkey the third(STEAM_0:0:600472823) (NINJ4) said /ooc ya grav gun her and put your massive rabbit dick in her <21-05-2021 / 04:36:02> Hello. I already verbally warned you after you pmed the player who called the sit "fucking lying hoe hope you get a splinter in your eye for that" for Player Toxicity. And then, 20 mins later, you were saying I was a "simp" and "white knighting" and then posted link of a image of me and the person in sitland. I did. I gave you a verbal warning 20 mins before. You should've stopped interacting with us after I gave you that warning. -1
  2. I banned you because you were being toxic during the sit even though I gave you a warning for Player Toxicity earlier that the day. You also kill bind not only once, but twice, while I was trying telling you why it's wrong to do so. It's only for a day and the ban was valid. I recommend using this time to take a break from the server and realize what you did wrong. DENIED.
  3. Marco Polo

    Ban APPEAL

    Hi, I am the mod that banned you. While in the sit, your mic was very loud and I couldn't hear the others so I asked you to stop talking 3 times, and when you finally stopped speaking over them, you left your mic on and was making noises into the mic. I now understand that I should've gagged you, but you were non compliant. But I will be unbanning you since I could've resolved it myself. ACCEPTED
  4. I don't think that's correct, since one of the default laws states "Do not attack other citizens except in self-defence"
  5. Hello, I'm the one who called the sit. The person I was shooting at, shot at me first. also, I don't think the "guns out in public" part is relevant, since the reasoning you gave me for arresting me was "from prespective you were murdering someone". it wasn't clear that I was shot at first, for that reason I would've said you should get a verbal. But then you left while I was showing the mod the video, which seemed like ltap. Here's the video btw https://streamable.com/qox8l5
  6. Marco Polo

    RDA Warn

  7. Thank you, I will go read the server rules after writing this reply, I'm used to just going to any kind of online community without reading the rules because I always thought the rules was mostly common sense, but me not reading them has recently bit me in the ass so ill make sure to read the rules from now on. I hope I don't cause anymore trouble in the future.
  8. A mod (name yike) told me that I am allowed to come back to the same area after I died only not during raids as cp. I was saying I only put one bounty on him. Maybe I misunderstood what yike meant.
  9. Edit: I've gone though the NLRs and now I know what have done is wrong. I came back to the same area after I died and arrested the person who I've died to or I've arrested before. I don't think I lied in the sit. Maybe I'm wrong but I think I was saying I had only put one bounty on him and I was replying to what he was saying to me though vc. I am sorry to the mod that made the sit and I am sorry to the person I annoyed.
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