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  1. Based on the title, you probably know where this is going. Based on years of observation and lurking, I believe that there are too many slots on TitsRP. I understand that it was a long time goal of Sugar's for the server to be optimized for 128 people, but in my opinion, the current optics do not justify 128 slots. I understand that schools are gradually going into summer break and that the server should (emphasize the should) see more activity, but what about the other 10 months of the year? Having the server sit at 45-68/128 for 10 months out of the year looks really bad and actively drives away potential new players. If you were a new player, which server would you likely want to join? The half full 64/128 server or a server that seems buzzing with 78/90? Human psychology would favor the 78/90. If you go on gametracker and track TitsRP's stats, for the past 30 days, the server hasn't cracked 96 players (75% capacity!) during peak times. Actually, I'll paste the following link: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ In conclusion, 128 slots is too large for the current state of the server. I believe that 90 slots is the sweet spot for our community. Feel free to discuss what you all think.
  2. Hello TitsRP! It's Makoto. I'm returning to the server after a very long haitus. For those of you that don't know me, I'll briefly introduce myself. I've been playing on this server on and off since March 2017. I was a staff member for a very brief period (April 2018 - June 2018) before getting bored of it. I'm also the man who at one point accounted for 65% (give or take) of all the anime models on the server. If you hate anime models, you would have hated the server 3-4 years ago when I was my most active. Nowadays, I'll likely only have time to come during some weeknights (depending on how my day at work went) and weekends (weekend for me = Sun. and Mon.) . You'll likely see me either roaming around on my CC or as an Alien kissing everyone. Based on my most recent session on the server, I can see that not much has changed overall (in a good way). I hope to have good old TitsRP style fun with you all.
  3. That's basically Mayor's orders. Yes the law said x, but the Mayor can say in pd group chat to not arrest y because he wanted him in the PD. Since the Mayor can fire cp, there's an incentive to not disobey the Mayor's orders.
  4. Based on the subject line, you should know what this is about. If you didn't know, Rigbe got perma-banned off some complete bs. I'm not going into details. If you want to talk about that, dm me @Rastaman Vibrations #3318 on Discord. Moving on, this is aimed at the upper administration (Doc, Big Heart, Walter the Assaulter, Sugar) who in my humble opinion have made a terrible call. Big Heart and Doc, I'm not sure what your roles were in this (if you even had one). I honestly think you two were along for the ride on this one. You two get a minor pass (for now). Sugar, I already spoke to you. Nothing more needs to be said. I know how you feel on this subject and respect you for even taking the time to respond to my inquiry. That just leaves you Walter. In my mind, you're the mastermind behind this whole thing. You probably called the meeting that decided Rigbe's fate. I'm about 98% sure that Sugar wouldn't go out of his way to do this kind of thing. I knew two days ago when you were all over our group that something was off. Something about the way you were interacting with us was strange. Mainly because before then you NEVER gave any of us that kind of attention. For you to come out of the blue acting like you want to be a part of what we were doing seemed odd at worst. Gut feelings are usually spot on and I was right in my assumption. That fake mask you put on to try and hide your little "investigation" may have fooled some people, but you couldn't fool me. This decision is a complete 360 from many months ago at the height of a different situation involving Rigbe (you were out there defending him if I remember correctly). If you felt that he was that kind of person, why not just let him know. Why be a snake and go through all of this? To what end? I'm not going to go speculate anything. There have been other suspicious perma bans over the past few months as well, but those I won't get into. Other users can surely do that. Feel free to use this DISCUSSION thread to discuss your grievances. All I know is that there's something rotten in the state of TitsRP. The higher up the staff chain you go, the more rancid the smell. Walter, if you have anything to say that contradicts my conspiracy theory, by all means, please share it. Either here, or dm me on Discord (@Rastaman Vibrations #3318). But please, spare me the cliches. ("He's been warned about this in the past." "He has a history.") I don't want cliches. I want answers. I know what's most likely going to happen though. This thread will either be locked or deleted. I'll most likely receive a forum ban. Those actions would confirm my suspicions. Final words: Free my man Rigbe. He's not that kind of person. We all know that. #FreeRigbe
  5. You are free to explain why you think it shouldn't be changed rather than just rant that you dont like the idea. My suggestion is simply because I do see and have seen people do what the op explains and think that it really doesn't have any requiremennnt in terms of skill if you think lowering rate of fire of the arrest baton is a bad idea that would lead me to belive you're the type of person who would just spam arrest baton while running towards them, which imo isn't rewarding gameplay. Instead if the fire rate is slightly lowered it will be more punishing to players that just run around spamming it. It is not a nerf to most cops and adds a little more skill based gameplay to the job. Like Wilmer said in a corridor or in a corner this would be most noticable since for example if you surprise the raider but miss you are punished for it but you are still rewarded for hitting it. Unskilled gameplay is something I do not like and I think you should be punished for making mistakes, with an exception being that you spend a dumb amount of money on one life to get to be unskilled. Tbh, I forgot that the op was about baton rushing. Making a rule about it is pointless imo since TitsRP is a server where you have to be wanted for the arrest baton to even work. I see new players try to only use the arrest baton and they learn VERY quickly it doesn't work. The wanted stick timer already keeps baton rushing in check since you have to aim at the right person. As for cuff rushing, insta cuffs are more widespread and even with the nerfs to the distance, are some times more effective than getting in a firefight you know you'll lose. Also, adding a rule like that could potentially make the cps more trigger-happy than they already can be. Most cps I see on the server try to arrest first (for the money), and I can see a rule like this shifting the behavior to a "shoot first, ask questions later" mentality.
  6. Here we go again. Another complaint about the CPs allegedly being "too op". First it was the Juggernaut nerf, then Insta-cuffs, now you're going after arrest batons?! Let's be honest here, this is just an attempt to further nerf the cps so that raiders and other criminals can run around with impunity. You said adding realism to arresting? How about adding realism to raiding? The way a lot of people "raid" isn't realistic either. But I digress. The rate of fire for the arrest baton? Seriously? You're grasping at straws at this point.
  7. im talking about all the small models that should have a fixed model, like most of rastman's models are small models if not all, and they should have fixed POV, im not saying 1 model should, and im not saying only rastman's models should, im saying all the small models that have POV as the normal height models When I import these models, raiding isn't on my mind. I bring them in because I like the way they look. That being said, it used to be that you'd get a notification as to whether or not the model can raid. As for the noodle bowl model, I had to talk Sugar into importing it for me. If it's that big an issue, I can always take the price off of it and make it so that the only way to get it for me to manually add people to it.
  8. This has been in the works for the past few weeks. I've rapidly gotten bored of the server to the point of wanting to log off within 20 minutes of me logging in. I no longer take sits (haven't in like a week and a half) and don't really spend much time on the server anymore. It's only going to get worse, so I believe it's in both my best interests and the server's best interests if I resign. I'll still be around, just not as much. I'd like to thank Neko for accepting my app and the staff team for making my experience enjoyable. Being on the other side has been quite an eye opening experience and one that I'm glad I had. With that being said, I officially resign from my position as a mod on TitsRP.
  9. Nope. He's Sp0oky (his old name b4 he changed it)
  10. Press F to pay respects https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1382273676
  11. Holy shit. It really sucks to see you go. You've been around since forever. As for what's going on........ everything lasts for a time. Nothing lasts forever. The light will eventually show up at the end of the tunnel.
  12. I remember you. I teleported and jailed you after you went on a stabbing spree in the fountain. You killed me twice, Grape once, and damaged one other person. Luckily for you, I don't have any screenshots or anything with damage and death logs. However, based on what you've said (you admit to basically running around killing people) I'm strongly -1 for unban.
  13. Your Steam Name: Rastaman Vibrations Your ingame name: Makoto Your Steam Profile/SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/RasVibrations/ Why were you banned?: Rda in a sit | Votekicking with staff on | Lmao gg tho, I'll give you props for stepping forward Why should you be unbanned?: This isn't really an appeal. This is just my chance for me to give my side of the story since my gmod decided to crash on me and not allow me to. Basically a guy (FaZe Cool Kid) and I had beef that started over one rdm. We get in a sit and I literally arrest him during the sit. The staff who took the sit killed me for it and that was the end of it. For the next like 30 mins or so, me and this guy are at war. He shoots me on sight, I arrest and jail him on sight. I even do it in spawn when he's verbally abusing the staff member who took the original sit. I literally arrest him like 3 times in spawn in front of a mod and well.... got away with it. I literally arrested and jailed this dude like 8 times. Eventually we have another sit. During this sit, I get a warn. I had cuffed FaZe and was jailed. I was unjailed so I could uncuff him. He kills me afterward and gets warned for RDM in a sit. After we get returned, he was vote demoting me several times. I retaliate and vote demote him. I also vote kick him. The vote kick is ignored and I get a free kick. Too easy tbh xD. He returns to the server and vote demotes me again. I respond with a voteban. It gets stopped. Dindu finally tp and jails him. I think that's the end of my troubles and that I've gotten away with a gross amount of trolling. I'm proven wrong when Dindu finally brings me. I admit to everything I've done because honestly, I was laughing irl about it and how I basically got away with it. Dindu goes into investigation mode. Before the investigation can be launched, my GMOD screen goes black (or as I was later told, I was banned). I'm writing this just to tell my side of the story. I don't expect anything out of this. This is basically a story of massive rule breaking (Mass RDA, Abuse of voteban) and how I got away with it for over an hour. I never expected to be able to do so much and get away with it. FaZe, if you're reading this I was never angry with you. I basically decided to massively troll you. Nothing was done for a while so it escalated even beyond my expectations. This image describes how I felt https://i.imgur.com/6kNPCr6.png. That's basically my side of the story. I'll be back in 6 days. (or on my next day off, whichever is first) Who banned you? Dindu Nuffinz Evidence: Post videos, screenshots, anything that can help. Numerous screenshots help, a decently lengthed video helps too.
  14. You're absolutely right. Most people want to do their crimes with impunity, and when faced with a powerful police force will cry "op", "nerf this". The handcuff nerf has tipped the scales in a way I honestly don't think Sugar thought through. There are minges out there who attempt to attack cps after they have handcuffed someone even if they arent rp related just to "fuck the police". However, since they can no longer be handcuffed within 6 seconds, they'll probably be killed. In fact, that's exactly what I'll do. During the 6 second handcuff cooldown, I'll use lethal force for every crime I see. When the sit happens and the mod asks why I didn't attempt to arrest, I'll say I couldn't because of the 6 second handcuff cooldown. I encourage everyone who plays as cp to take that approach. The whole cuffing thing prevented a lot of lethal force being used, but I guess criminals outgun the cops. We'll see what happens.
  15. I agree. What's the point of the Lawyer job if it can't even do what it's advertised to do?
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