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  2. Please do that man and -1 unban you should of not been spamming the props that's your fault man
  3. Okay fist of all you should not of been spamming props
  5. we are going to have to waite until a higher up sees this
  6. Just like I said when I went to sp him I saw that he was dead it could of been a glitch No that's not what I want I don't want anyone taking the blame you didn't do anything your are a great staff I made a simple mistake
  7. I really don't want any problems so I really hope I don't get demoted or anything like that it as a simple mistake next time I will try to ask people but I'm sorry I didn't think it would get like this and get a staff member a report I take the blame for this so dont punishe anyone's except me I just hope you guys could for give me
  8. I did not mean to cause this much trouble I was told that when someone is afk and hogging a job you can kick them. When I went to sp muscial I saw that he was dead and then I went to sp zeh and saw that he was dead so I was lioe okay we'll im just going too kick him so somebody else could become king it was a glitch and a simple mistake if I have to I will pay for printer so and etc I did mean to cause drama so if you guys could could for give me that would at be great .
  9. Why is there always problems with you ipug
  10. I'm not your just not listening I said all that in the shout box I'm not changing my story
  11. Did you not just here what I said it was in side then I told him to move it in front and 1 min after he did that you came and rdm me and a bunch of people
  12. That is true there is no evidence What it is going to say in logs is you killed a bunch of people
  13. No you saw the sign before you came I told him to put it where everyone could see it I now you saw it so don't start with that I banned you for mass rdm I now you saw the sign it was in front so everyone could see it so stop being a troll
  14. i was there and i jail ipug and he told me that he was trying to give the phones too people but the phones keep exploding and after that he did not do it again he made it seem like it was on accident
  15. We can't help you then you have to wait for a higher up to see this app sorry man
  16. I'm sorry chance if you feel that way but if you are a staff member your job is to protect the server not go breaking the rules I get it he is. A fan boy I am too. But you can not break the rules and do that I think neko made the right decision
  17. sorry lost I love your vids man but it's not cool when you bring cancer to this server I hope you understand where I am coming from and hope we can still be cool but I think you Need to Waite this ban out sorry man keep the ban Okay I agree with you he should of did something about it earlier but still I love lost in place but I would not let him go around and break all the rules just because he is a YouTuber does not mean he has special privileges And first of all in the stream tingle did not even know who he was And then tingle gives him a gun or a sword to kill people come on no he deserves that punishment we all trusted you tingle and you lead us down But I keep on watching and quarrel and angle see tingle doing this and you guys are not doing shit about it
  18. Come on tingle I thought you were ready for mod how could you do that -1 demote
  19. {GN} Isaac

    Ipug2 False Ban

    yes see is story is not adding up i extend the ban but i did not put that and im sorry but i did not false ban i was the one who took this guys sits and told him to come here to make this so pleas ipug man up to what you did please if i ever falsed banned somebody i would own up to it so do the same please
  20. Steve you are a great staff member when I first joined the server he always helped me and was always a good friend and he is my role model soon or later you will get admin but thanks for being there for me man
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