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  1. I'm not bored, nor am I trying to be or wanting to be a victim. I'm holding him accountable to his actions, plus he raided my base and blasted down my door after using noclip as well.
  2. https://discord.com/channels/247434867527122945/247434867527122945/1011091878025908314 just to show through logs that this was present way before I changed to the “big boy” cc
  3. Example for my reply to you Cobaselic I'm still on the server and someone named the CC "Fucker" this time around.
  4. My job name Good question, that was the CC which is actually named "Big Boy" and got renamed by a supporter. I had zero association with the name of the class, for on my menu it shows as "Big Boy" when I select the Custom Class.
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