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  1. No I mean if the Admins would deal with MRDMing cops sooner
  2. This wouldn't have happened if Admins were actually active on the server.
  3. I find it that mod's just will skip peoples sits like they are nothing and it is very aggravating
  4. The mod and the subject that I killed had sticks up their rear end and could not handle a joke that has been done to me multiple times in the past yet no mod ever takes any sits unless its for their friend, alas if you truly care for the server than you will realize this was complete and utter bullshit ban and I would like to request for my fellow friends who do not get their sits taken and get abused by mods to stand up and request a ban appeal as this server for as long as I have played it has been fun till lately when the mods and admins started abusing their powers *burp* in ways unimaginable.
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