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  1. you votebanned me for mass rdm when i had a kos if loitering sign on my base and i had it all recorded seems like a common theme for you spindloo
  2. lmao you arnt a staff you dont get to decide what is and isnt a false voteban of your own discretion i have video proof which youve seen
  3. BulkMagician

    mass rdm

    multiple players were massing with sbc cannons at the time this player with no raid advert shot a sbc cannon into pd and killed multiple people
  4. after i votebanned a player for mrdming a bunch of cops with no advert this guy got mad and votebanned me out of spite
  5. cmarti (STEAM_0:0:128104370) Vote was successful (peepo bozo who tries to votekick people) exact ban quote
  6. player falsely votebanned me after i tried to voteban a player who raided pd with no advert as necromancer and killed me while i was mayor, was antagonized by a player named kios cum slut who was saying voteban me
  7. do you think youd be able to share with us your wise xp gaining ways
  8. yes this was a pretty stupid thing for a mod to do in the sit i heard "if you lose you get a verbal," as if it were directed at me for raiding correctly. very poor admining!
  9. i forgot my in game name is now BOBO OFF THEM BENZOS
  10. hey this player had been harassing me after i killed a cop friend of his with a hit he rdmed me multiiple times, raided with him and his buddy, then spawn camped me and blew up my base with a raid nlr timer still active
  11. this idea could actually be pretty good
  12. i believe a change should be made reducing the sound area of the minions fart swep, because its really only used to spam and people enjoy doing it for hours at a time. reducing the sound area would help everyone out
  13. rdmed the mayor as cp, which i shouldn't have done, but i feel like i should not have gotten banned
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