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  1. Everyone hung up on the attitude as if it's at all relevant to the story. This is not about haze's attitude. It's about goatnuts, unless I'm mistaken.
  2. Regarding account bans, this is true. However I said server bans. I'm fine with being wrong but don't jump to your feet to try and be right and bring up something irrelevant to the conversation and derail the thread, please.
  3. Discord server bans are not IP bans. They are account limited. What is the text you are getting when you attempt to join and can you show a screenshot of it? Have you tried joining under a different IP or from mobile discord?
  4. Discord authentication issue. I was removed from 2 discords I'm in because of it. It's not the first time it's happened. As a stopgap fix, be sure to enable 2fa. Other than that contact discord support.
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