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  1. In-game name: TheGrapeWarrior SteamID: STEAM_0:0:87858822 Your plans for Halloween: u
  2. There is a search menu of the players and when they joined. The first people joined on January 22, 2015. There is no #1, so that makes #2 with Tits the first account. I don't think an old #1 ever existed, I'm pretty sure it started at #2 with Sugar, because he is the one that set up the website and of course joined it first. But there are like 5 people that joined on January 22 and they all start from Tits at 2.
  3. How was I implying that I don’t? I simply said man has small brain
  4. I need it cus I wanna get my bands up
  5. STEAM_0:0:87858822 Spending time with my family and girlfriend I have many hours on the server, would be cool to have supporter
  6. TheGrapeWarrior TheGrapeWarrior#1523 Going to a party
  7. Someone is mad that they got double pumped this isn't an exploit
  8. Honestly there's nothing to do on the server anymore, once you have based and gotten your cc, you have most likely gotten in a gang with max level, already got most of your own personal levels, and bought a lot from the big spenders shop. I think there should be better guns and maybe you have to use copious amounts of DarkRP money to buy it, otherwise what is there to work for? There should be some kind of perk to playing a lot or else your just a normal person, and your work means time and effort means nothing. Even if its changing it so people can buy custom content that's not just a reskin, or being able to buy a gun that isn't a normal obtainable gun that costs like 100mil from the server that does more damage and stays on your CC, something needs to be added so we have something to play for again, because for now its just reskins and models and most people have way too many of those already.
  9. For all the ooga booga brains that don’t understand: Blacnova said I set my profile picture on discord to a picture of him, it wasn’t a picture of him and he only said this to get me banned. I got unbanned but there is still no punishment out on blacnova for purposely trying to get me banned for no reason.
  10. Your Steam Name: TheGrapeWarrior Your ingame name: TheGrapeWarrior Your Steam Profile/SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheGrapeWarrior/ Who are you reporting? (Name, Steam ID & Discord ID if possible): Blacnova | https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198092550696/ | blacnova#6969 Why are you reporting said player? Said I was using a picture of himself as my profile picture on discord to get me banned from the discord. I obviously wasn't using his picture and I had even said in one of the chats who it was. Evidence: After I called him a chimp for getting me banned: https://gyazo.com/c1cd672c60ccf8d9440d14bde45e1423 When he got me banned: https://gyazo.com/88014f430a14847e5e22353870faf14e
  11. You Mass RDMed Navarog and I after I told you to stop MULTIPLE TIMES. You then proceeded to cuff me and when I said I was finally going to call a sit you cuffed me AGAIN. I never even provoked you as chat logs will prove and Equinox will vouch for, also the higher ups have chat logs so if they want to they can look through the chat logs and see how you are lying. You could have gotten banned FOR A WEEK, but no I just wanted you gone for an HOUR so that you wouldn't be annoying as fuck and I could play.
  12. Meanwhile Caleb still has screenshots of what you said and what you are still saying. Stop lying, go change and actually fix yourself, go get help.
  13. No, you are not different at all, what are you saying? What you have said to Caleb completely contradicts this. You didn't try to right your wrongs at all, you are the exact same person you were, and you are showing it here.
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