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  1. The sit was about me. I brought him because I died for no reason. I have him a warning for RDM. This would be different if he was trying to get rid of the bomb and had people chasing him, but that's not the case. He just stood there.
  2. I was RDMd by him, passing by. I did not want to be randomly killed by an ignorant cop refusing to accept a punishment. I was RDMd, and, even if you want to shift the blame onto the person planting the C4, the fact remains that I was killed for no reason. The punishment was fitting. Even though it wasn't your bomb, you picked it up and you should've been more careful with it.
  3. As a cop class, you picked up someone else's C4 Explosive and took it into a group of 3 people, while I was passing by. You didn't make any effort to remove it from the premises, you rather stood there while you held it with your grav gun. If HellenKellerRat was trying to raid a base, he was completely in the right. And you would be, too, if you killed the raider and attempted to get the C4 Explosive away from those people rather than flinging it around like a first-grader and 13 sharpie highlighters starched together. You RDMd me and 3 others with someone else's C4. You're lucky you got off without a ban. -1
  4. This pretty much sums it up. You easily could've killed Pookie for it, instead of calling a sit. The argument I've left on your other "report" can work perfectly fine in this situation. You're mad that he slapped you, so you fined him. Then you called a sit. Earlier, I felt like I needed to be more professional about your and haze's reports, but I'm just gonna say it. You've got to be bullshitting us. -1 (im on mobile, no color)
  5. dyln

    Ban Appeal

    "You don't need to listen to him, he's inferior!" You threatened to ddos someone, although I agree with you wanting to play for Christmas break. But you did threaten do ddos someone. But it is one of the best servers to play on. Even though you got minimum punishment, Dream Minecraft hath forgiveth thee for thine sins. +1, Dextend to 2 weeks.
  6. I've said what needs to be said.
  7. ARDM is where someone tried to kill you, but failed in doing so. In this case, he wasn't trying to kill you. He hit you with a book. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ please read
  8. dyln

    Alex's Ban Appeal

    From what toosii said, looks like you were banned a whle back, but on the other hand, you were cheating in a video game. Neutral
  9. - You didn't include many details about the circumstances, making Tyz need to supply additional evidence. This clearly indicates you only want to show one side of the dispute without revealing all the situation. "A clear misunderstanding without malice" also exhibits that you never took into consideration the harm caused unto the victim of your infraction. It seems like your desire to remove the warn is solely for the sake of "because I want a clean record," though there are countless others getting their first warn after doing stuff you just did. You're no different from them. The warn was completely valid, and a "simple misunderstanding" is not what happened here. You broke a rule and there is no refuting that. Your punishment was just, and for such a motd-hitler (no offense) like you, this is most definitely out of the ordinary to appeal this clear infraction, not only because you seem to follow rules to a point, but because you would ridicule and intentionally call out others for not doing so. If you were the victim, you would do everything in your power to make sure the cop would get maximum punishment. For this, -1 for warn appeal. You're lost in your ego.
  10. There's really not much else to say. Someone doing this is just asking to get banned. +1
  11. Not much else to say, I'm just thinking we should contact these people and tell them what they did wrong before warning them. +1
  12. I agree with most things here but the age requirement. Most of my argument is in the thread in Discord.
  13. I agree with this one. I think there should be more space to build instead of pre-made buildings. +1
  14. In-game name: marshal5 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:176956777 Your plans for Halloween: candy
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