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  1. Enough gmod Signing out of forums, left the discord a while ago. I will try to move on to other things like hobbies and such. For example, this month was the most successful month of my music career. I made a total of $1.59! For business inquiries (custom content, serious only) feel free to shoot a message out to [email protected] I will not respond to most Discord private messages! Who would’ve thought a game full of furries, homosexuals, and social outcasts would have such a negative impact on me. It pains me to see myself slowly inching towards all of those things. Goodbye for a while. “See you in the next life. If not then, maybe in a half-life.” -Jackson hl2 dyln2000, in the flesh, the official chemical signing off
  2. I use Precision Rotate all the time when I am building in singleplayer, it’s just so useful and I wish the server had it. TileBuild is something else, though. It’s just too heavy, if you want to build something with it just go into singleplayer. I use NoCollideWorld often when I’m building, I would like to see it added but it could be abused easily. Maybe limit it to supporter?
  3. I dunno if this has anything to do with it, but the c_hands of my gun was just missing texture.
  4. Please stop posting in this font, mobile users cannot read
  5. This has been an issue for me for months. Almost none of the map’s decals are loading, including the lambda insignias wherever a secret spot is (pd vault, jail vent, window room) None of the graffiti or posters can be seen, but when I load the map up in single player everything works fine. Please fix
  6. Bump?? it’s been like 4 days
  7. Minecraft Chicken pet does not give LVL1 Lootbox upon level up, that is its only perk
  8. Gang: lambdacore Ingame name: cheesecake3704 Steam id: STEAM_0:0:176956777
  9. This not about Xiers being bad staff, everyone will make mistakes. It is about NAFO being able to get away with so much just by false accusations. it happened yesterday
  10. I just reopen the quests menu and then it lets me claim.
  11. I'm guessing that means this appeal is accepted ?
  12. I get that. Thanks so much Venderson. I will obey you in the future
  13. +1 for police suggestion.
  14. I get that. I’m not trying to excuse what I did but I was in a call with a couple friends (andy, dababy gaming) and we were essentially fooling around. The other party brought up the fact that I was repeatedly RDMing Andy, which is true but we were 1v1ing and it was all in good fun. I wanted Venderson to know, so I asked repeatedly to bring Andy but he did not and he did not pay attention to me. Thats what I saw, I might be wrong but in the end it’s up to him if I stay banned.
  15. So I need to make another post about the warn instead?
  16. ‘Near’ the black market NPC there is a farm house with a grow zone and a forest. There’s a sewer entrance in the forest, and when you enter the cereal monster is to the right.
  17. The shark should be an actual threat, similar to the sewer lord. Right now he is just a slow fat chunk of meat waiting to be randomly killed
  18. The bible and the poop thrower deal damage, not the hobo boot
  19. it is no different…
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