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  1. It’s not really that big of a challenge to fight the natural goons, most of them get stuck inside each other when they spawn so they can’t move around at all. Maybe disable collisions between them? Also, if the Bugbait is gonna be able to control goons then the hobo job will have a new purpose
  2. I would love to see Bugbait on the CC editor.
  3. armor does not belong in the rdm zone
  4. There is no evidence submitted other than discord screenshots of me playing my character and then stating an obvious fact To quote the REPORTS SECTION OF THE FORUMS (you know, the thing that you hopefully read before posting this,) "Everyone in this server is innocent until proven guilty. If you don't have full evidence that supports punishment, we can't help you." Not complying with these guidelines and giving this report a +1 is a clear sign of bias. No report submitted by ME with such a small amount of evidence would never go through. Consider that for a second before responding, please.
  5. (he is too afraid to reply)
  6. dyln

    Missing CC?

    if your cc has the same name of another class (like ‘hobo’ or someone else’s cc name, it won’t show up in the f4 menu. Change the CC name and relog, it should show
  7. 1. look at door 2. /ao [name] 3. success
  8. This specific forum ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES evidence. The burden of proof is on the ACCUSER so I don’t know why you made this in the first place. You have no logs, you have no video, you have no screenshots. Warlach shouldn’t be the one posting evidence here, it should be YOU
  9. dyln


    Yes a staff member told me to make this into a report, but my main goal was to just get them removed, I know Rubik is a very busy man because of the server change and all of these updates. My 2 new false bans (cheating, false voteban) are the only thing stopping me from getting the verified, besides getting merely +27 rep.
  10. dyln


    if you need a longer clip just call me on the discoord dyln#2000 i will screenshare all you need
  11. This is a very thoughtful post, if this were added people could finally get a way to broadcast racism ANONYMOUSLY. i don’t think there should be an anonymous broadcast because it could be used for racism
  12. I cannot live without this game so that is not an option
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