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  1. hello there, i dont normally like to report people or even come onto the threads but tonight a sit of mine was handled so improperly it really bothered me. This is what happened, so i was in my base with my friends a guy named Not_Phantom kept breaking NLR coming into my base trying to kill me, he tried a total of 6 times and succeeded in killing me once. My sit was taken by starlight who is new and had just logged onto the server. He did not have log so he brought deck who had about 1 hour and 45 mins on the server. I told him my issue, I even submitted logs to starlight and deck in both copy paste in the chat (ALL 6 LOGS AS WELL AS ME PMING NOT_PHANTOM TO STOP COMING BACK OR I WOULD REPORT) as well as photograph I took. He claimed he couldnt see any logs, and then went afk for a number of minutes. After being in admin area for 20 minutes and nothing being done (not_phantom was never even contacted about this sit or brought) not_phantomended up leaving while the 2 admins did absolutely nothing. I provided all logs and all that and deck told me that "Staff will not take logs from any player". Which is ridiculous because than what's the point of user submitted evidence such as video and all that both in-game and on the forums. I asked them to just bring him so we could talk it out, and they denied all my requests. I basically sat in adminland for almost 20 minutes with nothing getting done and i ended up leaving due to how unhappy i was. I would like to request that deck and other trial admins are retrained with the NLR tools and with how they take sits as this has never happened before. anyways, deck please dont take it personally like i said but you guys really messed this one up. this was the most textbook massnlr case ive ever seen in my life, and with 30 minutes absolutely nothing got done. thanks have a goodnight here is the photo evidence i submitted of not_phantom breaking NLR 6 times. https://imgur.com/a/mIBAkww here is deck claiming staff cant take any logs or evidence from players https://imgur.com/a/CBxAoOt
  2. pls just remove his warn. we spoke in game and we have resolved things. this thread has been up for like weeks bro. thanks have a good night
  3. press control F and type "target" you will see 4 results, every one of them is from you. you was constantly sitting watching my base and mine alone, thats why ur fences only extended at most over the crosswalk ONLY at my base. and thats why you said "Ill get rid of some of the fences if the kidnapping slows down". you knew what you were doing. im really trying to be mature and civil here but unfortunately you think attacking the only person saying you should get your warn removed is a good idea so i fear your beyond peace and decency. your ego is so hurt youve totally forgotten this is for rdm, and gone off a tangent that has nearly derailed the entire thread https://imgur.com/tzX8tPl no matter witch way you put it, obviously you have no interest in dissolving this, and to be honest, i dont really care what happens to you, you should be grateful im even replying now to be honest, after the way you are treating this. this is all i have to say about it. Have a good night.
  4. Alright guy, I have said everything I need to say. I even say you should get warn removed. Not sure why you are so upset. anyways thanks to the staff team for helping me with this issue, you guys are fantastic. have wonderful day
  5. hello there, i am the Nutterz, while i am normally a pretty lax guy, ill do my best to be thrurough and take my time with this cause I think theres a bow that needs to be tied here All this bs started when venderson began putting fences only around my base, and constantly watching it trying to kill us non-stop. I did my best to message him and be nice just to chill things out you know, however this man was not chilled out He got so caught up in watching us, he rdmed me, by accident or whatever he says, his response did change a lot (first i shot him first, then i was kidnapping, then it was an accident). the problem is that after being told he needed to remove the fences (by a staff member in a sit, i think sunbae?), he did this. So while I dont know how accidental that really is, I do actually think he should be unwarned. I think hes learned his lesson here, hes not the server hero he thinks he is and he just needs to chill out and have a good time. I have been trying to make peaceful situation with venderson for a long time unfortunately, and i think this is good opportunity to do so. However I have 1 big issue, immediately after being warned, he began to actually threaten me in PMs, and I got scared because I thought he was going to DDOS me or something...either way Venderson lets just chill out man, we can be cool. You have been on the titsrp gmod server for a while it seems and you know the rules, im not disputing that, but that doesnt change the fact your attitude is poo poo. So I think the warn should be removed, and peace should be made but you need to rethink your god complex. Here is the screenshot of him threatening me after the warn was issued (i believe by an admin named fireborn) https://imgur.com/QNkBm8i I do believe this is unacceptable behavior especially from somebody who proclaims themselves as a long time user of your server. Thanks and have a wonderful day
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