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  1. Hope you get the time one day to rework them, and the way they mingle with physics, some customizability would be nice as well, as i often build shops with themes
  2. It is, if you want , i will show you in discord, your send you a recording, the supplier only containes the 3 weapon shelf. not the other one
  3. Today I will explain my reason, as to why the gun selling standing in the server should be tweaked, some minor problems, and some major. *MINOR BUG TO START WITH* To begin, there is a bug right now. So, as we all know, you get two options when you spawn in a shelf, ("Entity Shelf") and the larger one ("Entity Shelf2") But, when playing supplier, I found that there is no way for me to have a second shelf, ONLY on gun dealer, and black market dealer, are you able to have that second shelf. They are lagging as shit and there are better shelve mods, I dont think this one needs anymore explaining, they dont act right around other props, they lag, cant change the prices without taking it out of shelf, and they dont look good at all.
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