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  1. I agree that rp is not a main thing on the server. but everyday I have been rping as a lawyer I have had at least 10-20 great rp interactions and conversations. maybe people didn’t play it when it was first added but if there was some actual use for it and the court like I’m suggesting than I think a lot more would use it.
  2. Yeah that’s a good idea I also think it would cut down on rdm a lot and create a lot of new scenarios and situations for rp
  3. Yeah I heard that but In the past couple days I have been rping as one a lot of different situations and good rp has been made so I think it would be utilized a lot more now.
  4. I have been RPing as mr.Johnson who is a lawyer, and I find that most people enjoyed it and thought it was fun and I think it would be great to have an actual working court system and lawyer role to add another level of rp so that the court in the mayor building won’t go unused and jail being the only way to get out of something even if you didn’t do it.
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