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  1. Yeah I think a lot of people would agree with this. Printers shouldn't be insane and overpowered but they should still be worth the risk at least. Right now there isn't much point of using them. +1
  2. Yeah we do have the suggestions section but I thought about doing this still just in case people have minor suggestions or something they'd like to discuss on one mega thread instead of having to make their own. Feel free to use the suggestions tab if you'd rather it over my post though!
  3. What are some things you would like to see added/ removed from the server? This post is for open discussion regarding anything you would like to see changed about the server, whether it be a rule change, another job added, a change to crafting, literally anything you can think of. I just think it would be cool for the higher ups & server developer to have a post to look at to see what their common players like or do not like about the server. Thanks. Comment below!
  4. I wish I still lived with my parents lmaooo, paying rent & bills fucking suck. It is nice actually having my own place though not gonna cap.
  5. RAY RAY


    I would like to hear some more information from Blood Moon before +1/-1'ing your appeal. It does not seem you are including the whole story though because you were not banned for a single RDM. Your ban reason is Mass RDM + NITRP (No Intention to role play.) Mass RDM means that you killed at least 3 people without a reason to. I am neutral on this until I get some more information regarding your ban.
  6. lmfaooo ^ I'm a virgo, but hi santana
  7. "kilo you my pal for three years now and rubix i never crashed the server i just alt to play" -Rabbitgod420 If any higher ups want to look in the shoutbox he made more than 1 comment admitting to being an alt. I won't deny & close this just in case any other staff want to add their input, but its pretty clear cut he literally said hes an alt, plus Rubik had already confirmed he is too.
  8. Ahhh okay, if Rubik has already confirmed hes an alt I'm going to go ahead and -1 to an unban.
  9. Rabbitgod420 can you please provide more information. You wouldn't just randomly be accused of being an alt & perma banned unless Foul had some reasoning behind this. I would like to hear more information from Foul & you before providing any vote to this appeal. Thanks.
  10. Yeah if he votebanned you just for having dictator laws that's def VIP abuse, unless you made laws that go against the !motd but that doesn't seem to be the case,
  11. Lmaooo mans probably mad he got on and was instantly arrested for jaywalking or that he built a base and got rekt, that's funny as hell though
  12. -1 for the reasons above, I agree with my fellow staff members
  13. Agreed, I can't think of any reason to not give the cooks XP. +1
  14. Yeah I don't think it should be made a VIP only job, I just don't want someone with literally 2 minutes of play time to be able to hop on that job & use it to minge.
  15. Yeah your not wrong, might as well change to job name to "Mass RDMer" at this point because that's what it's used for 90% of the time it seems like lmfaoo.
  16. I think only players with at least like 2-3 hours of gametime on our server should be allowed to play as the demolitionist. This is probably the most commonly abused job, new people with foul intentions hop on the server and automatically become this job just to place bombs in the spawn tunnels or minge in some type of way. I think this can partly be avoided if we made it so they have played on the server for at least a little while and learn some rules before they can just hop on and instantly use this job to abuse it. Feel free to add any other jobs you think should have some type of time restriction added (maybe playing as a cop, or trisha too?) I would like to hear if y'all disagree/ agree with this and why. Thanks!
  17. Could you post a link to the video evidence you have please. At this point its kind of just a he said vs. she said situation, before I give my opinion I would like to see the video you have/ foul or malicious has to give me a better understanding of what happened. Thanks.
  18. -1 (unless you have more evidence proving it was Potless) As stated above, there is a glitch where the incorrect name comes up while looking at somebody else props/ textscreens. Because of that, your screenshot alone does not prove that the player you are reporting is really the one who put the sign up.
  19. I didn't know y'all weren't able to see the warrant logs, but I do think it would be good to give users/VIPs access to this, because like you said it would for sure reduce the amount of false sits that staff have to deal with. Hopefully we can get this changed! +1
  20. Why not? just wondering why you wouldn't want them added on. Thanks
  21. RAY RAY

    New Changelog

    Yeah I was thinking the same thing, I think it should be a option for players to turn off this feature if wanted. I mute people sometimes but mainly cause they are getting on my nerves at the moment, I don't necessarily want them to be permanently muted though even after I rejoin the next day
  22. +1 That would be pretty cool and like Shit Ass said making pvp/ firefights a lot more interesting. If we add this maybe we could add something like they have in a lot of FPS games where you can peek around the corner and shoot too
  23. Lmaoooo Waffle where are the dudes fishing? No picture, video, link or anything pops up
  24. Yeah I get what your saying, but the issue I'm running into with these sits is that cops arrest people if ANYTHING shows up illegal during the weapon check, but the !motd states it is only firearms that are default illegal (actual guns.. a knife isn't even a firearm.), and like you said, a lot more things than guns show up as illegal while weapon checking.
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