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  1. extinct is right if u just bind a key to last weapon used even if this gets added to the game will be faster.
  2. Malicious STEAM_0:0:178115266 Malicious Playing with embers mother (love you ember) xxx
  3. there's no point in that no ones gay enough to see if someone has a gun license stop talking retard -1
  4. i've tried to do this quest many times over the couple of weeks it's a random quest you can only do with pig which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't i'm 2/6 i've tried it about 10times with people in the same area with me within a chunk radius no and it's a really low percent for it to work.
  5. no was banned for a week (extend to perma for lean)
  6. I agree would be a amazing feature to be added into the game +1.
  7. i think his proof alone should be able to cover mine and also cobaselics allegations.
  8. also tried this to me yesterday during when i was in the rdm zone 5times consecutively taking my bounty and tried to claim it during me being in spawn and dying in the rdm zone which he failed over and over again which is why he kept trying.
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