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  1. btw he changed his name after i made this to Boring Cunts
  2. so we were just messing around since no mods were on. and Agent Harry was a bird and shitting on people as a bird makes the player KOS. after shitting on bum tumbler he calls a votekick for rdmx2 and I got suspicious that bum tumbler didn't do anything because i knew that agent harry was a bird shitting on people. so the votekick passes and i probably shouldn't have but I started a votekick on Agent Harry for false kick. i have copied and pasted these logs. idk if this is REAL evidence but here you go. Player bum tumbler (PD Commander) (STEAM_0:0:620717928) killed Agent Harry (Bird) (STEAM_0:1:47040411) with weapon tfcss_sl8 (was 1st time) Player bum tumbler (PD Commander) (STEAM_0:0:620717928) killed Agent Harry (Bird) (STEAM_0:1:47040411) with weapon handcuffsinhand (was 2nd time) | Agent Harry started a votekick against bum tumbler (rdm x3) then this was moments after the 2nd kill
  3. so. i was playing batman going around doing my normal business. after a few ties i get a notification in chat that ministry wants to kick me because "false cuffing as batman." as you know batman can only cuff/tie people when a notifcation/red glow is on his screen. and i also have like an entire server as witnesses but if you don't do witnesses even here i actually do have evidence too.
  4. Not Me IM NOT the MILK MAN that he's talking about
  5. Where the sign is green and the beer is shitty
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