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  1. i am sniffing you

  2. Since April 11th. I want to add that when I did this I sent him a link to a video (that I did not make) that I got from another user called Mads that was spread around a year ago which had his home address. I thought he knew about so I sent it to him as a joke through pm's. Everything that has happened I now realize was immature and childish. Again I am very sorry for what happened and I should've known better but I have taken the time to grow and admit my wrongs and correct them.
  3. A drain gang member and a fellow twerk enjoyer. +1 for Greatest Player of The Year
  4. I dont see why we should feel any slight bit of pity for you. Play with your homies on another game while u wait out ur ban, man. U did it to urself and ur ban is almost over regardless ! -1
  5. Hello Swaggerpass, it seems as though the person who votebanned you was Bart Man: Bart Man (STEAM_0:1:77331190) started a voteban against swaggerpass (STEAM_0:1:119037328) for the following reason: 'destroyed tilling plots mid raid and said it was before it was mid raid' Here is my problem with this report. You are NOT allowed to destroy entities of any sort before getting raided and doing so will result in a warn. You made a mistake, but Bart Man made an even graver mistake by vote banning you over a situation that could've been resolved in game. EDIT: So, I've thought about this and just tried to wrap my head around this unusual situation. So, you're trying to appeal a vote ban which you theoretically could do since a vote ban was way beyond hyperbolical from his part over what the situation is. On the other hand, you destroyed your entities and proceeded to set up a whole protocol in place because you were worried you were going to get raided/was getting raided. A worry is not a threat. Even if he had C4'd your base it doesn't make it acceptable for you to destroy your entities. Once you're raided, you're done. It appears to me that Bart Man indeed had the actual intention to raid you since he called the voteban over you destroying your entities rather than you killing him, so I will let other staff members reply and see how they feel about this, but I feel it's appropriate we hear both sides before coming to a conclusion. Until next edit, neutral
  6. b3nz

    Ban Appeal

    I find it satirical, maybe even cynical that you'd go and try to appeal the unappealable. You see how it goes for others and you think it'll go any different for you? I apologize Quas but you single-handedly walked yourself into this and you will wait your time out like everyone else has. There is no ifs, ands or buts and there is absolutely no room for all the "we didn't have intentions" because one look at your warn list and ban list is enough to know what intentions you carry. -1
  7. I would've thought you would post something that makes you look good, but, it doesn't. It in fact makes you look really bad, because the clip itself shows the things you got banned for. No second chances is true, but what chance is he going to get by being insta-killed after being rez'd over and over? By the negligent behavior you show in your appeal (close minded, not willing to cooperate, etc) it's clear for us to see that we KNOW how you got banned. You are very nutty, you never posted the whole recording and what happened from there on afterwards. I want you to post the video of the sit on from afterwards as well, and I want you to back up your statement that WE were belittling you in anyway. You spoke over us even after an Admin explaining to you that you should've known better because your comrade nutterz recently got banned for doing the same thing. I recommend you take some of your free time and invest it into reading the appeal with nutterz and seeing how this "epic trololo prank!" went for him, because it went the same for you as it will for everyone else who does it! You will have a week to think about WHY you got banned and trust me, you'll get it at one point. If one week isn't enough, then that's on you bud. -1 for unban.
  8. I don't know why you upload parts of the first sit, have you forgotten the last? We had to bring in 3 senior moderators so that you'd listen... You rdm'd me before getting banned and we had to keep you in sitland for over 20 minutes to which you replied "i'm gonna smoke a bowl idc". You were being non compliant, and your attitude was nonetheless disgusting. I don't owe you a single apology for I am not the one who can't play the game without getting banned to save their life. This has not been our first rodeo with you and I will let Jeff, Kio, and Jay Walker comment on their findings when they were in the sit with me when we banned you. Sit tight and be safe!
  9. i will say the same thing i said to the other staff members and i'll address the elephant in the room if u will. while you CAN use the cat supporter model and crouch to avoid explosive damage (+ stalker box) , that maneuver has been able to be done with a plethora of different models that have been in the server previously. i am not condoning the behavior, but it is nothing new. i agree that the behavior is unacceptable and nobody should be using any type of model with broken hitboxes to their advantage, but i think a ban would be appropiate if ure able to dig up any more evidence of the events HAPPENING. right now what im seeing is a confession from dyln on Discord but i want to see when the exploiting happened.
  10. b3nz

    Exld Ban Appeal

    I will no longer banter with u on something that is clear for us to see. U seek women's attention on an online server. And u took it a step too far. it's not ok but it's also not defendable so idk why we're still here arguing on something very very crystal clear. How you slippin when you the one mopping? You try to clean up ur act but ure just proving me right bc u say shit like "sit on me" to online girls LMAO
  11. b3nz

    Exld Ban Appeal

    multiple people already have spoken up about u and are gonna continue to do so under this thread, i provided evidence where in the span of 3 days you continued to message me and pm me in game on why i wasnt replying to you, you also have said things to Brisky and I saying to "sit on you." u wanting to clear ur name is cool and all but if u have a kid on the way then dont put a 16 year old in the same sentence as a closet slut. only twisted individuals say that outloud. lmao. you also knew i wasn't going to be okay with ur comments so u proceeded to say this last night when i was offline, but unlucky you i received screenshots of what u said and we can post them right here rn! "hard doubt she's 18." she's a kid for sure"
  12. b3nz

    Nanako ban appeal

    lol how does someone ask of u to be racist but i wish u wouldve put more detail. with what i just read idk if ure gonna do it again or not but i'll give u the benefit of the doubt. be good ! +1
  13. if he wanted a sit he obv wasnt joking, thats my output on that. lol
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