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  1. b3nz


    noiz himself said he didnt want to come back to tits the day fuel banned him , he himself said he did not want to come back at all so idk !!!
  2. b3nz

    Ban appeal

    i don't think at this point in time someone should still think pedo jokes are funny. while i do agree with the education > punishment agenda, sometimes education should come from urself and understanding what it means to joke without crossing those lines +1 for unban, but wait out your week.
  3. b3nz

    Bug Scenario

    i'd definitely be an assassin bug. they r cool fellas
  4. b3nz

    Mass Nlr

    this was unprofessional, sloppy, and misspelled. just wait out ur time bruh. -1
  5. be good, everything that had to be said was said, i just wouldnt trust u as a staff member anymore personally . +1
  6. i think aliens r real but obv not as depicted in movies and such. i think they'd be another species, like an animal. just like how we have not explored 80% of the sea , our galaxy has many mysteries we have yet 2 discover
  7. idk what you thought you accomplished with saying that about someone who's passed (that was also a member of our community mind you.) i want to see what you have to argue about that. sometimes you just have 2 stop pushing those levels of fucked up to try and be "funny" because once you do something like this, you just look bad as a person. and rn, you look horrible. there is truthfully no need and no intention to unban you at this moment. play stupid games, win stupid prizes. -1
  8. ppl look at porn everyday. nothing 2 get too upset about. although posting it on the ooc for the world to see is worthy of rolling up a newspaper and hitting you on the head with it, not a perma ban imo. +1 for unban
  9. there's room for a second chance here imo. i have seen the person you are today and you have reinvented your image. while what you did was absolutely unprofessional and ridiculous to say the least, i think i would want you to get unbanned WITH probation to see if you really changed. +1 for unban w/ probation
  10. you shouldn't let frustration get to you in a sit. being in a sit is like defending your ground in a sense, and you want to show professionalism, yet you killed the other player, only proving the point to the admin that you are indeed doing the things you are accused of doing. i think you need these days to rethink your choices, so that next time you come back as a better player with a better skill set. -1 for unban
  11. some sweps are too quiet, some are too loud, it's unbalanced most of the time. i agree w this
  12. I have to clearly agree that Undying should've taken that sit and tried to help you instead of doubting himself and what he's qualified for. When we apply for moderator, we have to give our all, and get through even the sits that we find most complex. I also believe, that with more practice and confidence, Undying can get to where he needs to be. I know the process can be tedious and you most certainly have to be a leader to do what it takes as a moderator, but it should be no excuse to not take the sit + he was also the only person online. Harassment and homophobia are
  13. your behavior that could be deemed as harassment in game includes titsrp, but is not limited to it. no one wants users in game that behave like that. the whole internet is left, sure, but at least these people will be in one less place where the person affected won't have to see them. they have a right to. everyone has a right to privacy, and if they trusted someone with showing them what was personal to them, it's not only against our rules to circulate users images, it's child's play to do something so immature lol. the damage harassment does to users
  14. if ure as reformed as u say u are, i'm all for ur unban, just remember you can always get banned again, so dont test ur luck. be good and behave. +1 for unban
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