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  1. In-game name: Comrade Goldfish SteamID: STEAM_0:1:584995898 Your plans for Halloween: Prob just gonna hang with my friends
  2. -1 The reason there is 1 shipwreck diver is because there would be too much competition of people looking for shipwreck lockers. Adding more shipwreck lockers to compensate would just award people playing by themselves. I think this decision was made by the developers for a reason and should stay.
  3. I was one of the people who was involved in the raid and after using about 2 C4 and 4 Mat Bombs Chigga decided to FDA to his front doors lock them and replace his dupe. There should be more punishments for people who decide to do this as the person who did this knew of the rules and admitted it to staff. One of the punishments should be losing all your loot inside the base because staff cant reimburse us for the stuff we lost during the raid to continue raiding the base.
  4. Well first off let me say that you never game me a verbal since I was not around the base when it was deleted. I actually thought I deleted my dupe and just replaced it. Now the main reason I appeal this is because while I admit to killing the cop who came through the checkpoint the first time which was RDM the cop decides to come back and attack me and my party members while breaking NLR 2 more times. You seem to have never checked damage logs because if you did it would of shown that the cop 1. Broke NLR and 2. Attacked us first
  5. I mean the CP start to run in and shoot at me and my party members so yes we kill them. I do not have access to logs unfortunately. Raid Lord did not give me a chance to even defend myself.
  6. Clip of end of sit - https://streamable.com/fi44zi Clip of base before text screens - https://streamable.com/i9b9de
  7. Goldfish

    Ban Appeal

    I am not going to argue. I was not trying to crash the server. I hope you get promoted to admin.
  8. Goldfish

    Ban Appeal

    I made another appeal because I like playing on this server on my downtime when not being a smod on Imperial RP. Also I am clown of the year for that name "poopy fart pants" I think this was around the time when I was being mingy as a cop. Thanks for reading this appeal
  9. I kept spawning in the same prop because it was not working the way I wanted to props to clip together but yeah I guess it did go off. I think it went off earlier before when I was in my apartment and some one just said to chill out.
  10. I am not lying please provide any evidence you have.
  11. Everything you said was true its just I was not paying attention when I got teleported and then with no word I was banned by Isaac in like 5 seconds. They kicked me before for testing out my base dupe in the street to show my friend but that is about it. I am not a former staff member, I am a current one and play on your server to have fun while not on Imperial.
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