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  1. Cherimuff

    Ban Appeal

    I myself have a hard time taking this unironically. Despite what you did, you were banned permanently. I am going neutral on this. Neutral
  2. Some video of me demonstrating how you can overcome a stun gun
  3. From what I'm seeing, I'm going with a -1 Associating children with sexual activity is not good. Very not good.
  4. I would have warned or advised against it, but if this ban (or warn) was for a single rdm, and you rdmd marshal, then everything was done by protocol. Though it may, by opinion, be in bad taste; it still is under right reasoning I think. -1
  5. The evidence clearly shows that he used crosswalks, no jaywalking here! -1 for warn appeal, overcharged a bounty
  6. The sit was: "Lin Davis rdmd me and he has something to tell you as well" I bring you in, I tp lin davis. Lin davis (probably fearing he's breaking the rules) goes, "Sorry Uhhhhh I have a target on you?" Then you scream, "THERE WAS NO RDM! KILL HIM NOW, KILL HIM NOW! QUICKLY, KILL HIM NOW!" I made sure he didn't because he shouldn't break the rules with you, this is an innocent player. You then say, "alright listen, there was no rdm. How could you do this, you are in sitland ruining this man's roleplay experience" I tell you that you can't make sits like this, for a roleplay reason. You say "Technically I could" (disregarding my statement). He says "if you are in sitland I could ask you to come" (which he didn't do, he made a sit with false rp reasoning). I continue to tell him and he says "sure I can! SAYS WHO", then as I'm speaking, interrupts me, does says who in chat. I tell him he can't make false sits like this (he could have asked and I would have been down for it, but he didn't ask, he made a false sit instead to entrap me). I explain to him that if others needed my help he would be getting in the way of that, and of course he argued against that as well. I told him to not try to find away around it because he kept justifying himself. He explains that because he was doing Lin Davis a favor that it was okay and that he has never done this before. In the middle of pretending to have anything else to say, he decides it isn't worth his time, says don't care didn't ask while I'm trying to educate him on this, then he kills himself to leave the sit. I brought him back, he says, "you're not gonna ego trip on me, I can just fucking leave, there's no punishment to avoid this sit" I return him telling him that he can't and shouldn't do things like that and the way he's behaving is disrespectful. He then sends me several pms telling me something along the lines of Don't ego me, don't lecture, I know the rules. I don't have these logs, but I know you guys do. In the pms I stayed composed and told him that regardless you are expected to follow the rules. Anyway though this was a huge fuckup on his behalf I would have banned him for longer for his willingness to loophole out of an issue and be so adamant to any Tmod, Mod, Senior Mod, or Admins' ruling. I tried to educate him, he called it a lecture. I told him to follow the rules, he said I was ego-tripping him. There is nothing about this appeal that I agree with. This is a big -1 Imo, but I will always leave it up to whoever else has something to say.
  7. Every mod I know has a lot of days playtime, that should be a requirement. Days of playtime makes experience, the only reason why I may be a slightly good mod is because of how much I've heard the rules over and over echoed through playing so damn much. I agree that mod apps should be more demanding.
  8. The Player cuffing was accident, it was a typo for the current edit.
  9. These are all uncategorized tweaks that I had thought of in no specific order, just thoughts that make you go "hey that's not a bad idea". Please reply and tell me what part you like the most, just quote what you like <3. Additionally, if any edits are made in the same day or within 12 hours, the next entries will not be dated. 2:30 PM 11/20/2021 Master Pet Model Pool - All Eveelutions For Models Simply add all pet models to master pet model pool "Notifiers" (to help obey rules easier) "player breaking the rules? Do @ and write a detailed report." Arrest Notify: "You've been fined, don't kill them, NLR!" "You've killed a cop that cuffed a player! Make sure you /y party assist!" Offline Notifying System "{player} is now back online for {reason}, make a sit with them? Saves logs of this player when noted Improbable: Voice Recognition (for ease of warning) Wooden Prop Barricading They are props so they count toward prop limit They are breakable so they work great against raiders They provide immersion and new potential for bases Shorter Bounty Hunter Scramble Duration Or even reduced to [none] Pocket Written Material As in papers that are signed and written on using the /write command Keeps all text data? Pet Bark Tweak I don't like the alan bark Jigsaw TP Fix Jigsaw can be shot as soon as he appears; temporary invulnerability? Master Pet Damage Tweak For immersion and difference from regular pet Russian Roulette and Bleed be added to CC editor No harm, I like them Kingdom No Taxes If in kingdom for some amount of time, do not get taxed by mayor Mayor MOTD advising note That if you become mayor a requirement or some advising to read the motd be due 10:20 PM 11/21/2021 Breach Spaz shouldn't break down reinforced doors Official Map to use and know where things are Lightsaber Hit Fix Police Alarm Tweak That if a cop is raiding with a police alarm up, it notifies cops instead of it being broken into, that they should help their police friends! Trish Launcher Tweak Tweak to being a small AOE effect so that shooting a stacked prop with a negative value will destroy to multiple layered wall (people can build up a stacked wall with a negative value that doesn't go past center point) Kidnap Tweak Add a talisman to make the time the kidnapped is, longer. Some way to increase kidnapped time (but not by too much) Paranormal Investigator and Ghost Job Freddy Krueger Job Food collision with props So that we can put food on tables Right clicking the give money function in the E menu opens an 'enter custom amount' menu Talisman or Perk to speed up harvest processing speed Librarian Job (see more underneath) Writable Books (can be pocketed) Style of books can be changed from book to clipboard to etc Bookshelves (to sell and replicate books for money) Computer (just has some dumb minigames you can play by paying money) Useless Perk to read names of items from far away Player Loans Once player has amount of money, goes into other players account instantly Cannot have more than 1 loan active at a time Cannot take a loan without 24 hours playtime Rep would be included in this loan system 12:40 AM 11/23/2021 Money Request Board ENT Enter ANY amount, if a player presses e on the "give" piece, it goes directly into the requesting players account Will prompt if money amount exceeds certain amount This would be excellent for tipping or rp bases like strip clubs, open mics, other player hosted rp events Accelerate all plant growth by 2x in suga shop You already have materials galore, seems fair to me Camera to hide ALL Hud, for proper photos and more. irritating to take photos and HUD is in the way. I'll add more sometime else, dated a properly formatted like this.
  10. can you please make a single suggestion post instead of about 10 just compile all of ur ideas into 1

    1. Cherimuff


      starting now sure

  11. Check out my other job post
  12. Just to reexport logs if you hadn't taken any action against the player
  13. It would also be players that stand still, as in sleeping. So if you are like farming and standing still, freddy will appear and whoop your ass.
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