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  1. im being as honest as i can be maybe i cant show that in any other way then just saying it but its true.
  2. i did not find anything funny about it i just found that when i went into the sit that it was some kind of joke but i was dumb to think of it as that i was wrong to make a joke out of something so serious
  3. i did not paste it i typed it in and before i even thought of it i clicked enter not fully understanding the meaning of it and i shall the warn and or ban and did not reflect on it at the time
  4. to answer what i think i meant i thought that i meant well to be honest that well admins just groom your hair but that was dumb of me to think
  5. i mean that in my mind i thought that fuel was just warning him for something he shouldnt have then i said it and then i got banned for it even though i had no idea what was wrong about it i take full responsible for what i said i just hope that you can forgive me i love tits rp with a passion and id hate to not be able to play it again
  6. yes i know but i thought fuel was just being a little salty at the time i didnt think at the time that it was anything bad and that fuel was just very wrong but i was very wrong to think that way.
  7. and also wasnt i supposed to get warned the first time for that kind of stuff? another admin told my friend that
  8. plz just think it over if you must ban me permantly then so be it but plz just think about it ill answer any question you may have
  9. i did not know the content that was given to me in the slightest and to be completely honest a perma ban for that seems very harsh but a week ban is fair like ive been on that server for a while now i would never say something like that i was just being a dumbass like always.
  10. well i gtg but plz find in your heart that i never meant to do it if it affended anyone im very srry enjoy your night gn
  11. i never said that they said that they were grooming me i just felt that way plus i thought all of this was a joke honestly
  12. also to answer your question about me saying it right after my friend got told not to thats cause i sent it right when he got warned and or banned i would never mean to make pedopilic remarks
  13. Plz understand that i never meant to make any remarks of pedopillia in the slighted and i would never do such a thing plz help me out here and understand thx.
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