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  1. Well I try not to be. I have some anger issues, developed from a family member, but I'm currently working on it. So it's a work in progress. I also have autisim and don't have many social skills from constantly being bullied growling up. This is not intended as an excuse, but I've been trying to improve all these things. it's just not easy being how I was raised. Still maybe hunting him down might not have been the best thing, but what I did still doesn't justify what he's done and the way he kept it going for so long. Even after asking 4 or more times to stop. You can't just dismiss that?
  2. Uh well..After just spending 10mil to get an item for a CC. You get eager to earn some money again. So I was determined to win in the scratch offs first of all. I Just wanted to earn some money, without having to constantly have to fight determine raiders. I was going to just win in scratch offs and then hang out in the diner by the tunnel, but I origainally had no intention of hunting this guy dowm. Doc I just wanted to win 7.5K at least and I throughout this time I was also watching the top right corner for kills. Since the doors weren't broken, followed by door opening, and I so happened to
  3. 4 Videos are shown below, with a detailed description of the videos, since I believed that they required an explanation. Along with a copied and pasted, word for word log entry of the attack, which is what I viewed the video 1 PD. Video 1: https://streamable.com/h5zct9 - In this video, it shows I had only gotten attacked once during scratch offs, which I checked the !slogs to see who it was and it showed: "23:25:13 Player Money Maker Props (EventHorizon) attacked Megabyte Me (Agent 666) with [NULL Entity]. New Health: 97". Secondly, it also shows that throughout the vid
  4. Then I apologize. I must have been misinformed. If I don't have enough evidence for this case, then feel free to close it. I'm fine with this one being closed. I'm just tired of getting harassed and bullied by people, who thinks it's okay to bully people in real life or even over the internet, not realizing how much it might effect them. They don't know the life the person of who their bullying or what the person went though throughout their life. I'm smart enough to know that this kind of behavior should not be tolerated in real life or especially over the internet. I don't need the college c
  5. Pt 1 (Before Sit) - https://streamable.com/0jgfh1 Pt 2 (Before and Sit) - https://streamable.com/y9d5sk Pt 3 (Right After Sit) - https://streamable.com/a6nw61
  6. Tyz is actually a moderator, whiich mods aren't allowed to handle harrassment cases. I've been told this by him and other mods. Only a Senior Moderator or Admin can handle this kinda thing
  7. https://streamable.com/gboth4 - StreetyFr Report Pt 1 https://streamable.com/ota67s - StreetyFr Report Pt 2
  8. Check your PMs and respond when you finish reading it.


  9. I remember having somewhere over 1K of Suga last night, right before I logged off at 5:30 am CST, but now I somehow have 704 Suga, Not that long ago, I attempted to make a Police CC, but it didn't work due to an incorrect selected model, not being one of the Police based ones. On the second attempt to recreate a Police CC I received another error saying I didn't have enough Suga, which is why I've created this ticket. Now, looked back at my Steam images and I don't know if this was a glitch, but this image timestamped on "Tue Dec 29 03:41:29 2020" I had 3,507 Suga, which I can pro
  10. Hello, I just got a CC a few days ago, which I'm practically still a beginner with how to use it. What's currently going on is that I accidently added the wrong item to my CC. I accidently bought the Butterfly Knife w/o the Case Hardened, which was not the one I wanted. Later I found the Butterfly Knife | Case Hardened and bought it for my CC, hoping that it would either replace the old one or the old one could somehow be deleted. Apparently, I was wrong for both parts. Can someone please assist me if possible on deleting the single Butterfly Knife?
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