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  1. Ravengem


    So, I guess I got perma'd. I had done a round of rdming through C4 and some other weapons on my (main) account and I guess I should of assumed I couldn't outrun my consequences. I made this other account in effort to better myself than my former self, through correction and criticisms in-game and the community. I suppose that comes across a bit malicious regardless and I'm not sure if this means I'm permanently locked out both; I wouldn't be surprised. PS: In regards to the rdm spree, yeah I did it for the thrill, I was stupid and reckless. I can't justify my behavior, further, clearly. I still had a great experience nonetheless. IDK if I can appeal for this, but I know I won't be looked at the same way ever again. You can't outrun your past, I guess
  2. Can I ask for the suga dollars instead?
  3. I couldn't find my steam ID, it just says STEAM_0:0:0 but here's the link to my profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199107513163/ I wouldn't mind having it I think I "deserve" this because I'm going on a 16 hour drive up to my Dad for the holiday that just got tests back saying he needs a heart and kidney transplant and because I only see him once or twice a year.
  4. Ravengem


    Hi all, I go by Ravengem in-game and I'm non-binary so please refer to me as they if you address me (please) and one of my favorite quotes is "What are you doing step bro?" Side note: why do aussies sound so funny?
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