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  1. I believe to fix this you need to buy the skip in suga shop! (It's like 200k)
  2. Kingdom can be raided by any group of 2 people. 15 Cereal and using king's assassin allows you to teleport the king and take his job with assassin.
  3. https://medal.tv/clips/71107065/d1337m3oKqFE?invite=cr-MSx5NFEsMzQwODIxODgs
  4. Does this enchantment work with the gang talent that revives you once with a countdown of 5 minutes?
  5. In-game name:Fireborn SteamID:STEAM_0:0:162810392 Your plans for Halloween: I plan on going out with some friends for Halloween.
  6. I am also going to -1 this appeal. Just as Koda said crossfire is RDM and I believe warns are a good way for teaching. I don't believe a verbal would be right because of how the sit went and you have plenty of time played on the server.
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