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  1. Haven’t heard anything negative from you from anyone, I’m willing to give another chance +1
  2. +1 this ain’t too bad just don’t be saying stuff like that
  3. CP is definitely balanced Rn, although I would agree with making them allowed to do more things other than just fine players for doing stupid shit like jaywalking
  4. Ok so you come on the server and a moderator finds an issue with your steam ID, they propose a solution and ASK you to relog and you refuse. Listen to staff members next time and maybe stuff like this won’t happen, your not above them or the server. -1
  5. i updated it i didnt ban you mate. tmod cant ban for 3 days.
  6. I was on that day and had about 4-5 sits made about it, I also get this issue sometimes a relogging seems to sometimes work for me otherwise your going to have to cope. You can also request they remove whatever accessory or player model it is just for a second then put it back on, that could fix it.
  7. Well regardless of what happened and why you had to leave, you still rrdmed then left which is technically LTAP even if you didn’t mean to avoid the punishment. It seems like you got off here lightly anyways… -1
  8. Without video evidence there’s really no way to prove what happened and can’t just take your word on it, if there was a recording it would make things ten times easier but with the evidence present right now I don’t think that an outcome can be reached in your favour.
  9. I was afk during this, but from the evidence provided it looks like you did what you did with intention and is failrp, sorry mate going to have to -1
  10. look, you did RDM and then leave the server which is RDM/IRDM and then leave which comes under LTAP, you killed two people and then left the server and it says that on your ban so i will be going -1 although i do understand your confusion. Next time make sure the person did shoot you and that i wasnt someone else.
  11. Alright with the permission of jewann I not only DENY this but seeing as though you’ve just been banned for MRDM and are now attempting to appeal a valid ban I’m going to extend it to two weeks.
  12. Ok so you mass rdm then just happen to go, “oh yeah nah I’m done for the night lemme hop off”. Seriously? -1
  13. He hadn’t done anything and was running towards people, hadn’t kissed anybody, didn’t have the kiss swep out (he said he didn’t and you didn’t object), hadn’t done anything yet you fined him for disturbing the peace. Fine him or arrest him when he’s gone through with it. -1
  14. I personally find the comment disgusting and even under the influence or narcotics or alcohol shouldn’t be an excuse for anyone to think that what you said is even remotely okay. For the moment I will be going +1 until other staff reply and make my decision vicariously. I feel like you do deserve a second chance but I think you should heavily monitored for any sort of joke/kind of issue that’s similar.
  15. i think making gas mask able to block gas grenade and meth fumes would be sick and maybe just make it cost more, also, you cant see what colour people make their own personal accessories to my knowledge and i feel that would be a good fix.
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