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  1. +1, great idea Cobaselic Seriously though the VIP event is annoying as hell. I think it should be an opt-in rather than an opt-out event.
  2. If this happenned the kingdom would never be based in again by anybody with half a brain. I do agree that the kingdom is kind of impossible to raid now with the new dupes we've developed lately. I would support 5 seconds of invinicibility after leaving the portal perhaps, but I don't think making it teleport you somewhere random in the kingdom would be a good idea or even feasible. This would mean that basing in the kingdom would either be reduced to building individual structures around the place, which is an incredibly shitty way to base. And randomly teleporting would mean there is a good chance that someone just gets spawned inside a prop or even inside your base. I don't think this is the way to go in fixing the kingdoms issues.
  3. I don't even think theres 50 different rules to break. If you can reach 50 warns without breaking the same rule twice, you deserve a medal.
  4. Because along the way somewhere people forget that it's a privilege, not a right to play on the server. If you aren't interested in contributing anything of value to roleplay, then you should lose the privilege to take part, plain and simple. People fucking around because they don't give a shit is exactly the problem.
  5. I agree with the education over punishment thing more than most people. I'm probably one of the most leniant mods, and if I feel that something is genuinely an opportunity to understand the rules better for a player I take it. I however have no patience for people who simply refuse to learn their lesson. I disagree with the notion that after being banned 5 times in 6 months a player simply doesn't understand the rules. The problem is that they do understand the rules, but simply don't give a shit. This attitude is the worst thing for the server, because when newer players see people who have been around a while and who are known in the community breaking every rule they can get away with, they just follow their example. Before I was staff, and players spoke more candidly with me, I often spoke to very well known members of the community who I will not name who see the staff as a joke. They discuss their various techniques for manipulating staff members into giving them more leniant punishments. One player who is now permabanned bragged openly to me about how the only fun he had was ruining the experiences of other players, and how he knew exactly how to lie his way out of trouble. I simply don't see a need to tolerate this kind of behavior.
  6. I don't think anyone gets warned, or banned for that matter for a simple mistake. 90% of the time staff are willing to let people off with a verbal warning if they legitimately didn't know something was against the rules, or had a simple misunderstanding. Why should the playerbase at large have to put up with people who know damn well better, but choose to ignore the rules and do as they please? I don't know anything about that specific situation with Bruhther, but it sounds completely out of line with the moderation policies in that context. Either way, I don't see a reason to tolerate people who keep breaking the exact same rules because they think that the rules don't apply to them for some reason.
  7. It just doesn't seem to be utilised. I talked to some of the other staff today and the general consensus was that most of the time people forget to check peoples bans before they issue another ban. I believe walter told me that ideally the punishment for being banned for the same offence should double each time or something along the lines of that.
  8. Education is getting warned. Getting a short ban is education. Continuing to minge and ruin other people's day because you feel like it, despite being banned multiple times for the exact same shit is just indicative of someone who has nothing to contribute to the server.
  9. As a trial mod, I've run into a lot of people who are just chronic offenders. I see people who have been banned 20 times in the past year running around causing issues, and at absolute maximum they can get a 2 week ban. I think if you've shown that you're a player who despite knowing better and having been given plenty of chances in the past, just wants to ruin the game for others you should just be permabanned for your next offence.
  10. I figured this was a meme report making fun of that guy who commented on noiz's appeal and got rep bombed into oblivion and I don't blame anyone else for thinking the same thing.
  11. Denied. Will look into extending the ban for the MRDM.
  12. This ban appeal was closed yesterday by fuel but I think it got re-opened as he retired. Pls close for me. Denied
  13. This is a video of rage hacking. This player did not care if they got caught. You can pinpoint the moments where noiz is holding his aim lock key. He wasn't trying to get caught, he just didn't realise he was being spectated.
  14. I just posted the embedded version so you don't have to go over to youtube to watch it, make it a little easier to see on the thread.
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