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  1. -1 This job is the exact kind of gmod store shovelware crap that we try to avoid having on the server. Also, moving to suggestions for you.
  2. mcdonalds wifi


    You were banned permanently for trying to alt to avoid a ban on this account. Your original account should not be banned on the forums. Use that account to appeal your ban please. Denied , kind of.
  3. I agree completely with your sentiment. I made the offer recently that any staff who just don't feel like doing shit and just want a chat tag can resign and I will buy them a month of supporter. Lol. I agree on the Isaac thing too. Guy is probably one of the most consistent and professional people on the whole staff team, just a little inactive lately.
  4. You know, you aren't wrong. The thing is, as Sugar has been saying, Demoting staff members left and right isn't going to make sits get taken any more often. I do think that a healthy balance can be achieved. A reshuffling, especially of the higher ranks is desperately needed. I legitimately hate the attitude of "Well I've hit Mod/Smod/Admin, I've won the game, I don't need to do shit anymore" and I fully understand where you guys are coming from on that. It's just that demoting these people won't make any more sits get taken. The problem was that sure we had a small, tight knit staff team that had some truly exceptional people on it, but literally nobody was successfully applying for staff unless they were friends with the right people, or they made a REALLY good application and had a great reputation on the server. The current idea, as sugar puts it, is that Tmods can only cause so much damage. If they're shit, they get demoted. If not, they can stick around. We probably need twice the number of staff we currently have to ensure sits are being taken at all times of the day.
  5. I mean you admitted to ARDM. This warn seems valid, you had no real reason to attack them so you never should have really killed him in the first place.
  6. mcdonalds wifi


    Can you explain what actually happened? Your videos really don't show much except for some unprofessionalism from boolin, who isn't the one being reported here.
  7. The bar was already set pretty high, and shocker, nobody succesfully applied for staff. How do you suggest we find these “q u a l i t y” staff members?
  8. And being needlessly inflammatory is? I don’t see you providing a better suggestion.
  9. Send me a discord PM. I won't put you on blast in public.
  10. Judging by your recent forums behaviour, Id say the chances arent great.
  11. People already complain (Rightfully) that sits aren't taken. We do only have 35 staff, and only a handful are actively taking sits right now. Any help we can get would be beneficial at this point.
  12. We are looking to recruit some new staff members and the bar for entry has been significantly lowered. Please apply if you can play regularly. Minges and toxic people need not apply still. I will also personally give 1 million ingame cash to the first 5 ACCEPTED staff applications. If you think you're up to the task, put in an application, and see where it takes you.
  13. It is a little annoying. I'd like an option to at least repick your bounty if the player in inaccesible. It's also kind of annoying how if the bounty is scrambled you have to wait another 3 minutes. You can still however use the bountylist swep, which was completely ignored by anybody with the golden list in the past.
  14. Good report. Consider it Accepted for Moist lollipop due to the video evidence. I'm not sure entirely about Sexy Potatos Rule though, the logs don't quite provide the same context. I'll leave that one up to the rest of the staff to offer some input in but I will ban Moist lollipop for 7 days due to the blatant evidence you provided.
  15. Denied Feel free to reapply in two weeks with an improved application
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