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  1. okay im sorry, i didnt know you couldnt post blurr peoples faces or have them as pfps.
  2. Did you even read what I just responded. I wasn't lying I was getting on the same page as him. I was making sure he knew what was going before the sit, and I apologize for my toxicity.
  3. Just because I told Green to say that I was raiding him doesn't mean that I wasn't raiding. I was telling him that to get him on the same page with me. Also, we started the raid and Green deleted the dupe and my friend in discord told me that we were just gonna buy the processors off of him. This was before I killed Regen.
  4. Why did you set that as your profile picture? -As a joke for comedic reasons. -I believe the actions I took did not violate the rules because I did not post anything in the discord. It was my profile picture. -No it won't happen again and I realized I was in the wrong.
  5. EVIDENCE This was my discord pic at the time of the ban.
  6. noahwastaken


    you sound stupid, Loli banned me for six days originally but once i explained it to him bc the sit was rushed he reduced it to two days. I have been banned for basically two days, i just wanna get unbanned get back on and play.
  7. noahwastaken


    I could just report you guys for player targeting and rdm like multiple staff have told me to, but i just wanna get back on the server.
  8. noahwastaken


    As I said earlier, I was not next to the base. I was watching them set up their barricades nowhere near my base, they tried to initiate the raid by rdming me. So since I was rdm'd I went to my base and fought them and they killed me. I do not have proof of the rdm because I was not thinking about clipping me getting rdmd because it was the heat of the moment. These players were player targeting me all day and trying to get sits on me and get me banned.
  9. noahwastaken


    meant to quote this. ^
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