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  1. Susan B. Anthony


    Still waiting on the ddos my guy.
  2. Alright my guy I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and say you had a legitimate reason to go had to go but you did break nlr so all I'm gonna do for ya is reduce your ban by half (make sure you read our motd using !motd) make sure to read over what fuel said^^ ACCEPTED ban reduced to 12 hours
  3. I wasn't staff at the time but it seems you're taking accountability of your actions. However alting during a ban is a no no so I'm with Silver on Two week ban reduction.
  4. I'm gonna disagree with Mav here. I want da pee pee swep!1
  5. Lmao I'm a dumb ass and didn't see the option in the cc editor my fault
  6. No the perk as it says give your custom class a permanent weapon slot
  7. Nah that just rearranges the weapons you have in your hot-bar. Thanks though
  8. Today (about 20 mins ago) I purchased the custom class weapon slot from the suga shop and it doesn't seem to be loading to my class/account proof of purchase I've tried re-logging and killing myself in game but nothing works. Also i tried buying it again and it just says I already have this bought here Thank you in advance for the help!
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