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  1. F. Your araragi model is in good hands now though.

  2. Sewer said it's already in the works which it isn't.
  3. no https://clips.twitch.tv/ShinyZealousPenguinDeIlluminati
  4. Okay so what say you in your defense ? How is the warn false?
  5. doing great ignoring smelly's sits wby
  6. Sugar actually already has this in the works as I brought this to his attention during one of his streams
  7. Pretty sure he's referring to your ban history and not your warn history, and yes your ban history has a lot to do with the length of the ban.
  8. Yeah I don't have logs of someone pulling a gun on you sadly so I saw only what the logs could show which looked to me like MRDM. However I'm a understanding person and seeing how you just started playing on our server again I'm all for a second chance. ACCEPTED please read our motd either on our forums or in game using "!motd" in chat for anything your unsure or just don't' know.
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