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  1. Absolutely not. You sent an IP grabber to a Smod and also sent the same link into our discord where it could have possibly harmed several members of the community, I personally think that you shouldn't be welcomed back at all and deserve the punishment you have been dealt with. I will giving this a heavy -1 due to the reckless behavior as well as the fact that this appeal doesn't even seem like you tried to be sorry.
  2. Lewd

    Banned for MRDM

    I was told that the person who made the sit actually forgave you and no one else made a sit, this information was just given to me and I will be ACCEPTING this appeal!
  3. Lewd

    Banned for MRDM

    I wouldn't really push past that as a possibility to be honest with you, recent events can prove otherwise, I will wait for the fellow staff members to put their input and provide a Accept or Deny later.
  4. Lewd

    Banned for MRDM

    You were recently banned from our Discord server for toxicity, this is used as a possible motive.
  5. Lewd

    Banned for MRDM

    This doesn't explain why you went on top of the tunnel roof towards industrial and gunned people down, this was not a raid, it was clearly MassRDM, I was shown the death positions by TYZ 14 minutes ago and I can say you are clearly lying to avoid a ban.
  6. Lewd

    Banned for MRDM

    What I am being told was that Sixnut was "raiding" around fountain, gunning down quite a few people before a sit was made about it, the intention seems like it was just rdming for fun but the question is how did the other people who were clearly innocent get involved, it seems you clear had some intention to MassRdm.
  7. I believe that Jack was going more for "I don't know how this player is" or "I haven't spoke with them or hung out with this player so I don't know his tendecies." type of response, it seems that it was taken out of context rather than seen as this, honestly this is just what I think and I'll let the other staff look at this and determine their input but right now, I am -1 for sort of punishment, it just seems as if you're trying to attack Jack at this point.
  8. Hey please to meet! My name is Lewdtastic and after looking through the evidence I can safely say that I will be DENYING this appeal. The reason behind it is because you were enouraging people to watch a anime or hentai that involves cp you were also trying to defend it? Saying that its not cp and how its "Just a cartoon", its extremely disgusting. Have a good day!
  9. Hey there! So I'm the admin that issued the ban on you and it seems that the story is a bit mixed here. See I raided you because you randomly shot at me while I was just sitting on top of a roof in front of your base, this lead to me killing you first. As you can see here, I killed you and then you proceeded to come back during the raid twice, I even killed two other players who ran in. This is the very first shot, you hit me with an ak47 and I was wondering who shot me because I didn't see anyone around, this lead me to raiding you and you breaking nlr. As shown in this video, it does not show the intitial shot or kill, but the logs will back me up saying I killed you three times, now the other issue here is you came back just as I finished a raid so I didn't count it as NLR, but then just as I was about to turn the corner to tunnel, you shot and killed me, I also fail to believe your game crashed because you left just as I was gonna pull up the logs and speak with you about it, I fail to believe your game crashed just as you were pulled into a sit and think this ban was justified however, I shall wait for my fellow admins and mods to respond. Have a good day!
  10. You admit to the IRDM but not the non-compliance, the sad part is that the mod who banned you is no longer staff, there is a note from one of our mods that you were not compliant during a different sit, without any evidence or the mod himself being able to defend themselves, I will be ACCEPTING this appeal and reducing your ban to 12 hours as you have already served most of your punishment, see you soon!
  11. Lewd

    DDOS threat ban

    If you go out of your way to threaten them with a Ddos out of anger, it seems like you may need to relax and keep a cooler head, your appeal here doesn't seem to be very sincere either in my eyes, with this being said, I will be giving this a -1.
  12. Lewd


    You were banned on 2020-10-05, which dates back to almost a year if I'm correct, this appeal seems fairly sincere and you don't have any previous warns/bans for Toxicity, in all honesty, it seems like you may have learned the error of your ways which is good! I just hope you can hold your end of the bargain to avoid this type of behavior again. I'll give this appeal a +1 for the ban to be lifted, don't let me down. It has come to my attention about your previous record and odd tendencies, such as your perma ban. Also with your responses to others comments, it almost seems like you are trying to ACT like you changed, so with the new information given to me, I will be changing my mind and giving this appeal a -1. It does seem you do not have a place in this community my friend.
  13. So during this time where you were banned instead of warned for Failrp, the staff in question was actually demoted for this exact reason, the punishment has already been givin out before this report was made so an additional punishment will not be given however, I will ACCEPT this report to acknowledge this. Thank you!
  14. This was pretty great.
  15. This is pretty much as good as a report goes, this report shall be ACCEPTED and the player shall be punished, thank you for the evidence!
  16. You seem pretty honest with this appeal but your not really a new player, sometimes you can mess around with people and they let it slide because it's funny or this happens, saying this tho, I am happy to reduce your ban to 2 day however not take it away completely, that's just me tho, I will allow my other mods reply to this.
  17. Lewd

    naaVy request

    No, I'm sorry but the pure fact you would even send something as disgusting and putrid as that is just not right and I think you're where you're supposed to be my friend, I am going to -1 this appeal, I don't have much more to say because Coba summed it up.
  18. Lewd

    Ban Appeal

    Hey there! Name is Lewdtastic the Smod that banned you! So you were warned once for making an awful joke after someone who was underaged revealed their age so I spoke with my superiors and my fellow Smod's on what to do about you! The judgement was to give you a warning and if you were to make another joke or even an accusation you were gone, now I fully understand where you may feel insulted or even wrong'd when I didn't take the two others into a sit and spoke with them about their use of langauge but they were talked to shortly after your ban due to major toxicity levels with your friend Eshay who was still in game. Posted below is my evidence of what brought us here. https://gyazo.com/1e33aa82706c37fb657057c1abfaff90 https://gyazo.com/0435ff8803cd14f34c73c4e333fb120c https://gyazo.com/4548329a33744ba1ef868c354f30f96e https://gyazo.com/adf0751358a22b71ffe6139ce8474640 I am going to let my fellow mods determine the rest here.
  19. Hotline is a gang that's very chill and is meant to be a group with people who don't really care to much about pvp and like to have fun, you are not expected to be good at pvp or be good at anything really, just don't be a dunce or go against guidelines, upon joining the group you just have to abide by a couple of rules listed down below. 1. Racism is not tolerated, don't be an idiot and try to loophole either, be a decent human being. 2. While a bit of toxicity is allowed don't make a massive scene, drama is annoying and we aren't that type of group. 3. If you have beef with a rival gang, let it go, we're just here to chill at the end of the day. 4. We are family at this point, if you have some issues with another gang member, bring it to a Officer or higher so that we may settle it properly. 5. No and I mean absolutely no jokes of pedophilic nature or hints to that sort of stuff, any joke of this will result in an instant ban from the gang. As an added bonus to joining Hotline, you will be able to use the Gang CC which has a rare model known as Killa, this means you get a rare model! (not really) Just remember that at the end of the day, we are just here to have fun, make jokes and laugh, hopefully you will consider joining and have a good day!
  20. In-game name: Lewdtastic SteamID: STEAM_0:1:93170943 Something fun you'll be doing during Summer: Going to Reno, Nevada to gamble, party and have a good time.
  21. I know Queso's voice very well, he's a good friend to me but saying stuff like this isn't tolerated just because you're a well known player however! I don't think this deserves a week ban, this is Toxicity or Vulgarity at best which should have been a warn or if this was a continued offense like if he has a warn for this already it should have been like 1-3 days, I'm going to +1 this for a shorten'd ban to 2 days at best.
  22. Looking at the logs and seeing that you acknowledged that you didn't expect people to die means you had some sort of intent, despite whatever could be said, you should not throw a C4 randomly because the chances of it killing someone is still very high, in conclusion I will be DENYING this appeal. Next time don't throw an explosive in an area with lots of people in it.
  23. It's been four days already and no new responses from either side so I will be DENYING on the account of failure to provide evidence.
  24. Hey there I'm Lewd the Smod that banned you, I looked into this further because I felt something was really off and I noticed that the logs I uploaded were actually wrong except two of them, you were banned for MassRDM for killing three people not several people, it was a mistake on my end however you still commited MassRDM, I will be ACCEPTING this and I will reduce your ban to 1 day for my mistake and again I apologize for this.
  25. Is there any type of logs for this or something? Any evidence? From others perspective this just feels like an argument more than an appeal.
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