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  1. At first i was really baffled to see you getting banned for anon-ing "make sure to never give Binary a chance to report you they will! (trans karen)", but now i understand why you got banned, you are an old player with a lot of time in the server, you should know what you can or cannot do, if someone feels offended that you have called him the f word, you should say sorry, as i said again, you are an old player, you have years of experience on this server, and even if the rules and staff team had changed, you should've adapted to those changes. big -1 for you getting unbanned or even your ban being reduced
  2. i mean, most of the darkrp servers i played have that feature, but i dont really enjoy it myself
  3. I dont know nearly anything about the backend and code of this server or steam alltogether, but i can say that having the steamid "STEAM_0" isnt something normal, and if staff members have told you to relog to fix that issue, you should've listened to them -1
  4. The staff member that did ban you is currently removed from our community, either way i'd say that you deserve a second chance, 2 years is a lot of time to change, just dont do stupid stuff like that .w. +1 for you getting unbanned
  5. I'm pretty sure that the staff member that did ban you isn't staff anymore, either way please don't do pedo accusations, it tarnishes the reputation of people and it isnt poggers to call someone that +1 for you getting unbanned (might change vote if theres more behind your punishment)
  6. Forwarding this to other staff members for insight
  7. Why would you even consider calling a sit to kill your target in sitland??? Fat -1
  8. Will be forwarding to a Rust admin
  9. Mass Anything is usually 5-7 days, depending on the staff member's judgement and the player's attitude
  10. I am the banning staff member
  11. I'll give this a -1
  12. Alright this is getting a bit pointless to argue, its 2am, im tired and today i had a bit of a rough day today, ill just shut up and take the ban, sorry for wasting your time guys
  13. I admit that asking people around if they are black, and if they say yes kill them is a stupid idea, but everyone but that victim that did call a sit on me didnt seem to care about me doing that Didn't this server have a education > punishment policy? i know the vast majority of the rules, but don't tell me that this "if you rdm people that dont mind getting killed and they dont call a sit, but you rdm someone that does care getting killed and they do call a sit and you get banned for mass RDM" rule is common sense when all this time, i never seen anyone use or even discuss about it, if that rule is written somewhere in any rule list or an admin+ said it was that way, show it to me and ill shut up and take the ban
  14. From all the time i played on this server, all the staff members that i've encountered relied on the "only punish if someone calls a sit about it" rule, i have never seen any mod get a sit request from just a single person for singular RDM and the RDMr getting banned because in logs it said that he did mass RDM, What if that RDMr just was killing his friends constantly with them consenting and he gets banned for that?
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