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  1. i like your tf2 pfp

  2. Guns / Explosives / Items / SWEPs: [Remote Control Bomb] + Can Be Detonated Using Your Keyboard + Same DMG And AOE Area As Timebomb + Breaks Props The Same Way The C4 Does - Expensive (250k+ For Each) [Taser] + Turns Someone Into A Ragdoll The Same Way Kidnapping Works + May Replace The Stun Gun + Fast Reload - Below Average Accuracy - Short Range - Can Only Hold A Round For Each Magazine - Has A 1/25 Chance To Do Its Effect [SMAW] + Good Damage And AOE Area + Can Be Used To Break Props The Same Way Trisha's Launcher Works + Instabreaks Vehicles + Has A Linear Path, Like A Rocket Launcher Should Have - Expensive (250k+ For Just The Gun) - Expensive Ammo (75k For each Rocket) [Walmart(tm) Fan] (Joke) + Pushes People Away From You - Does 10 DMG, So People Can Kill You If They Get Affected - If People Die From Fall Damage Because Of It, You Might Get Reported For RDM [Tactical Nuke] (Joke) + Kills Everyone In The Server - It Is Extremely Expensive To Buy (10Mill+ Each) - You'll Almost Always Get Banned For MRDM [Radar Gun] + It Can Be Used Just To See What Speed Is A Vehicle Going At + Default Weapon On The Highway Patrol Job - Doesn't Cause Damage If You M1 While Aiming At Someone [Shoplifting SWEP] + Can Be Used For Stealing Either On A Weapon Or A Food Shelf. + Default SWEP On The Shoplifter - You're AOS After Stealing An Item - You're KOS By The Shop Owner If They Catch You [Golden Guns] + Gives Extra Expensiveness And Bling To Any Gun You Want - Its Only A Skin, It Doesn't Has Any Extra Traits [Health Packs] + Works The Same Way As Armor Packs But Heals You Instead Of Giving You Armor - Is A Bit More Expensive Than Armor Packs (1.2k Each) [Master Pickaxe] + Can Swing 1.5x Faster Than The Regular Pickaxe + Its The Default Item Of The Miner [Master Axe] + Can Swing 1.5k Faster Than The Regular Axe + It Is The Default Item Of The Lumberjack [Master Fishing Pole] + Can Catch A Fish 2.5 seconds Faster + Can Catch Rarer Loot More Easily + Is The Default Item Of The Fisher Materials: [Gold] + Used To Give Some Bling To Your Guns, Turning Them Into Their Golden Variant - Its Hard To Find Entities: [Food Shelf] + It Can Be Used To Sell Food Shipments / Separate Food Shipments Jobs: [MAP] + Has Almost All The Same Items As The Pedo + Its Not AOS As The Pedo + Isn't KOS To Pissed Babies + Can Stalk Pissed Babies - If He's Stalking Any Pissed Baby, Hes AOS - Doesn't Have Kidnapping SWEP [Highway Patrol] + Has Basic Cop Items (Arrest Baton, Handcuffs, Stun Stick. ETC) + Has A Radar Gun, Which He Can See Vehicle's Speed - Doesn't Have Any Weapon [Miner] + Has A Special Pickaxe That Can Swing At 1.5x The Speed Of A Normal Pickaxe [Lumberjack] + Has A Special Axe That Can Swing At 1.5x The Speed Of A Normal Axe [Chemist] + Can Fill A Chem Barrel 1.5x Faster [Shoplifter] + Steals From Entity, Weapon And Food Shelves - Is AOS If He's Caught Stealing - Is KOS If He's Caught Stealing By The Shelf Owner [Supermarket Clerk] + Has A Food Shelf, Which He Can Sell Any Kind Of Food Items + Can Buy Food Shipments And Separate Food Shipments To Supply Himself Or Its Shelf - By Default, He Doesn't Have Any Weapon [Earraper] (Joke) + He Is Like The Hobo, He Can Micspam + While Micspamming, He Can Earrape - Cannot Earrape On Boomboxes, Like Everyone Else - If He's Earraping, He Is KOS By Anyone [Furry] + Has By Default A KISS Swep + He Can Kiss Other Furries Aswell As Pets, Master Pets, Doges, Mr Sniffies, Pigs, Police K9, And Any Job Or CC That Has An Animal Model - If He's Caught Kissing Either A Pet, A Master Pet, A Doge, A Pig Or A Police K9, He's AOS - If He Kisses Anyone That Isn't A Furry Or Any Animal Job, The Victim Can Kill You After The Kissing [Mass RDMr] (Joke) + Can KOS Anyone - He Is By Default KOS By Anyone - Can Only Use Fists To Kill - Any Use Of Weapons Will Be Considered Actual RDM [Builder] + He Can Build On The Street + Annoying Him While He’s Building Is AOS [AFK] + Cannot Get Killed By Anyone (He Can Bypass Terror Attacks, Timed Out Muggings, The Abomination And Any Job That Can KOS Anyone) + Cannot Be Kidnapped Or Arrested - If He’s Moving, Hes KOS To Everyone [Fisher] + Has By Default A Fishing Pole That Can Catch A Fish 2.5 Seconds Faster And Have A Higher Chance To Catch Rare Stuff + While Fishing, He Cannot Get Kidnapped - Cannot Fight Anyone While He’s Fishing [Locksmith] + Can Be Paid To Lockpick Houses + He Can Legally Lockpick Buildings As Long As He Has Been Paid To Lockpick It [Life Insurance Fraudster] + Is Actively Trying To Get Him Killed + If Someone Kills You, They Have To Pay You 5k For The Insurance - Cannot Start Fights With Someone To Get Himself Killed - He Shouldn’t Defend Himself - He’s AOS If He’s Blatantly Trying To Get Himself Killed Laws: [Speed Limit] - Going Over 45 MPH On The Street And Stopping Is A 2k Fine - Going Over 45 On A Street And Don’t Stopping Is AOS [Opening Fire On Public Spaces] - As It Name Implies, If You Shoot In A Public Space Or In A Building, It’ll Be A 5k Fine Or AOS
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