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  1. You actually can't kill them if they run away and or resist arrest, you can try stunning them and then try to cuff and arrest them, but you can't kill them for that -1 For the staff member getting punished
  2. Really nice suggestions, and the post is very well made, i wish suga added the graffiti and leap sweps, which are my fav ones out of this list +1
  3. I love how he said "thank you" after you told him "nice rrdm" Evidence is pretty clear how he intentionally did it ACCEPTED (I'll join titsrp right now to warn him)
  4. Do you have video evidence of it happening though?
  5. "Good morning TItsRP! And welcome to RadioFart! Where we think that farts are funny!" *proceeds to play beethoven 5th movement fart cover* I think its actually an awesome idea, imagine having a podcast or a player radio station on titsrp
  6. It seems kinda weird to me that your GMOD crashed in the sit, but it could happen, and i've read Zesty's response, and i'd say i can give you a +1 for you getting unbanned, just, dont rdm people for no reason tho.
  7. -1 For you getting unbanned Harassing is a pretty stupid thing to do
  8. You crossed the line with that, it might be funny for you, but also, it could be extremely offensive to everyone else. Specially when you joke about someone that commited suicide -1
  9. Info about it: > Similar to the SK Bludgeon > Uses the kissing swep as a model, because it looks like if it was gonna grab the victim and vore it > If you hit someone either in the front, back or practically anywhere, you ragdoll it, and then, if you press e on the ragdoll, you can vore it. > When you have your victim in your belly, you're KOS > It is pretty apparent when you have a victim in your belly, your belly is bigger, something is squirming inside and there can be heard someone screaming for help > It takes 90 seconds to fully digest the vi
  10. I actually think this idea is so fucking good, it needs to be added, imagine commiting mass vore
  11. I believe what you've done is stupid, you said the hard r as a staff member, you noclip abused and entered someone's base, you tried chargebacking something, and you even tried alting twice. this is a fat -1 from me
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