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  1. Bro kit kats homie. Them hoes slap so hard like everyone loves them i dont know how they make chocolate but dat shit slaps. chocolate slaps. the krunch slaps.
  2. So you can trust me because I had looked over the motd to make sure the past mistakes that I did would never i mean like never would happen again. I know my warns look bad and it may seem like I wont change but i truly will because this ban has made me self reflect on myself on how I could do better and not make dumbass mistakes that are easy to follow (sorry for the language). I just like to fool around alot in the server but it has to stop because i know everyone likes to have fun to and dont want some guy to ruin there experience especially new players i want them to have fun aswell and make sure they get the best experience they can get. Im sorry and i will never make anymore dumb mistakes like this again.
  3. this is dope who made this?
  4. yeah i thought this to but yeah if you kept getting rdmed then i think you shouldnt have got banned
  5. Please let me know if this will get unbanned but i understand i wasnt playing the correct way and that its an rp when you die so you cant go back.
  6. Thank you so much succ!
  7. Thank you so much suicideblue!! I appreciate it!
  8. hey sorry for responding so late, but um i actually do not remember since it was so long ago.
  9. I truly have changed i have learned not to failrp and follow the servers rules but i guess i can wait longer if none of the admins think so! Thank you for the feedback Fuel.
  10. Your Steam Name:Tuffie Your in-game name:i think it was snicks at the time Your SteamID:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198853339146/ Why were you warned/banned?:cc scaaming twice Why should you be unwarned/unbanned?:i should be unbanned because i am sorry for being an idiot and scamming twice So i am writing an appeal because i want to get unbanned from probably the best servers on dark rp. Im here today and i want to say sorry, you may ask why am i saying sorry. Im saying sorry because i cc scammed 2 people on the server. I was just really poor in the game and needed money but i shouldve never did it. I got banned forever and i just really wanna get unbanned. Im wanna just say sorry again to the admins and the 2 people i took money from. I will never do it again and play the server correctly. Please read this admins thank you for your time. 😞 Who warned/banned you and for how long?:forever, succ the zucc Evidence: none
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